I need a counselor

The most famous and sexy spy of Russia, and now a respected official – Advisor to the President of the state “Fondservisbank” Anna Chapman showed all her natural charms, exposing herself to the popular men’s magazine Maxim.

I need a counselor

So Anna Chapman was awarded another title in her phenomenal life, she also became the girl on the cover of a glossy magazine.

Many men waited for this red-haired beast to finally undress in some candid photo shoot, and finally, after a long silence, Anna Chapman decided not only to give an interview, talking about her men, love for flirting and future plans for life, but also show your perfect, seductive body, no wonder because it is called nothing but an agent 90-60-90.

I need a counselor

Looking at erotic photos with an ex-spy, you realize that in order to excite patriotism in Russians, Anna Vasilievna Chapman did much more than our national football team, hockey team, the Marusya car and the Bulava rocket together.

When asked about which men are more popular with our famous spy – Russians, English or American – experienced Anna did not hesitate to reply to the editor of “Maxim”:

– Seduction, just like love and friendship, is the same everywhere. Most men fall into three categories: primitive, who need only sex; smarter, who want to be loved, and the last group – those who not only want to be loved, they still need this love to be the biggest and most beautiful feeling in your life. With such hardest, but this is my favorite category.

In addition, Anna’s sexy said that in her life she had to fall in love more than once and do innocent nonsense: “I will answer this way: even if I surely knew that the world would end tomorrow, I still would have planted an apple tree today.” An ideal novel assures Chapman – “not without a share of romanticism, hopelessness, deep sadness, overwhelming joy, pleasure and disappointment, quarrels and reconciliations, as well as a certain uniqueness of relations and, maybe, even the impossibility of their existence”.

According to these words, it is clear that Anna has not only deep knowledge in the subject of love, but also a rather sharp mind, which also pleases – the girl is not only beautiful, but also intelligent.

Then Chapman told about what she would like and plans to do in the future:

“With what I have dreamed all my life, to open interesting creative projects, to invest my soul in them, to help realize the talents of my team, to make people happy.

Well, the most interesting thing is to answer the question: “What will you definitely never miss American?” Chapman replies without thinking at all:

“I have no bad memories left.” I think we always attract people like ourselves, so I lived beautifully. I am always looking for the best qualities in my friends and enjoy them to the maximum. Same with the places. And with a way of life.

In addition, it will be appropriate to recall that on October 18, Dmitry Medvedev presented the highest state awards to employees of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), including the intelligence officers sent in July to the colleagues of Anna Chapman.

With the first interview and definitely the first erotic photo session of Anna Chapman with a gun, you will be able to buy the new Maxima number from October 21 – you will definitely not get past such a cover!

How do you like an outright photo session of the main mystery woman in Russia?

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