I feel so tired

Here is a weird question I occasionally receive in my mail. Well, if many novice cyclists are so interested in the topic of mileage, why not disclose it in more detail.

In general, apparently, there is no limit to human capabilities. The Guinness Book reports on the Slovenian cyclist Marko Balo, who traveled 890 kilometers in 24 hours. The average speed was about 40 km / h.

The network has very little information about this record. They write that the distance was covered by him without a single stop, which is surprising, given the natural needs. In 2009, Marco collected $ 20,000 at Kikstarter to publish his book about his records, but he didn’t get a tenth of the required amount.

I feel so tired

But let’s leave the heroes and move on to ordinary people. If a person who bought a bicycle spends some time adapting the body to a specific load, then in my opinion, in a couple of weeks he can freely drive 50km on asphalt.

This is a very approximate figure, it depends on personal data. But in general, it is necessary to proceed from the fact that a simple novice cyclist is able to spend three hours in the saddle, pedaling. Passing 15-20 kilometers per hour, we arrive at an average distance of 50 km.

I think that this distance should be considered as a kind of exam on the body’s readiness for exertion. As soon as 50 km of steel is just an ordinary walk for you, and you return home only with mild fatigue, it means you can start thinking about more.

I always repeat to all my readers about the need to comply with the rules regarding the safety of the knee joints, do not ignore it. The bike is not as harmless and useful as it is presented.

The next day’s distance can be considered 100 km. For those who are not yet a regular visitor of this site, I can recommend practical advice on how to overcome this distance in one day by bike.

It is not much more complicated here, you just need to have some kind of base in the form of a general reel for the season and the right approach to food and technology. The main thing – never put yourself some installations at an average speed, this is the lot of those who train. Just roll at a comfortable speed, make halts as soon as you feel the need.

I feel so tired

When I started to ride a bike, the figures like 200km in one day seemed fantastic to me. But literally in half a year I already stormed this distance myself, and at the finish I could not say that I was deadly tired.

200 km in the environment of active cyclists is a kind of section between simple enthusiastic amateurs, and those who train. There are amateur cycling marathons, called brevets, I wrote about them in my article “How I drove 315 km in a day.”

I think I’m not mistaken if I say that the question “How much can I ride a bike a day” will be 200-400km for a trained person. Anything more requires a much higher physical level.

At the same time I want to ask my readers who have already traveled at least 100 kilometers: what prevents you from driving two hundred, and is there any such interest at all?

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The database was covered with a copper basin, all the comments for today are gone. # 128577;

I drove from Surgut to the Far East 9700 km 3 weeks

The official marathon so far traveled only 300 km. This year. On the league. Out of 14 hours –

Sasha, still advising energy gels, they insert them even cooler – consider pure glucose.

Ace-B, yes, social sphere taxat with terrible force. I completely agree.

Of the forbidden – amphetamine)) Of the relatively legal – Phenibut, for example. In Russia, alas, it is forbidden, but the result is a great success.

I have a girl friend I live in Switzerland, this year I got hooked on a bicycle somewhere from May, she was rolling 2-3 times a week with

50 km., Then 100-120 km. It is on mountainous terrain and on entry-level mountain. A week ago, she was given a 95 year old shosser, though it used to be a professional who used to ride it, so the good one. Yesterday she drove him 200 km. in the mountains and wants more # 128578; So the main thing is to skate and that’s it. # 128578;

This year, for the first time, I drove 100km per day (107 was released, with more than half on rather unpleasant soils + in the afternoon the heat was above 30 degrees in the shade). So, I think, it’s already physically interfering with driving 200km on the asphalt. Perhaps the milestone will be overcome in the next season with proper rolling and having a good company. I can not say that there is a great interest – I think that for a non-sportsman the distance of 100-150km / day on a bicycle is more than enough in all respects. Personally, I don’t see any additional health benefits from 200+ distances – quite often, on the contrary, harm will already go. And it will take much longer to do this (both for the preparation and for such trips themselves).

Victor, of course I know about the gels, there were a few pieces, but they ran out, I had to sell them on the way …

I have 72 km, 36 km from home and a halt for a couple of minutes, the Makhachkala-Sulak highway. Here I will order a large star in metalworking, the teeth of 60 or so will be 90 km. For now, I don’t have a lot of time – the fear of breakage is so far from home, for this is a pleasure bike, not MTB. # 128578;

Prviet! Half of the summer was about signed on to your site)) He became an active cyclist around the end of spring this year, bought a lot because he was tired of dependence on buses, and the money to travel too much began to leave, and the student has every penny registered)) I walk on foot to practically only the premises, college, home, shop … I have forgotten how to walk)) The dream of cycling to Europe is becoming more and more intense! Your articles are very helpful! Considering that just around 20-50km just rolls back and forth on business every day, at the beginning I began to roll small distances around the city, gradually increasing them. Then, in the middle of July, my first hundred came to pass!))) To the village and back 110 km. The average speed was 20k / h, back 15-18k / h. Then after 2 weeks I went to the nearest town. 152km. Your articles helped me get ready) Lots of water (5 liters) Lots of snacks, nuts, well, one full meal. The road damn awful … like on a washboard all the way. I drove 11 hours. The average speed was 13k / h ((Zad was sick terribly … Since he wasn’t going to spend the night in the steppe, it was necessary to get to the city by any means. At the end, I rolled on "morally strong-willed" … But I did it!)) Next summer with friends, if everything it turns out, we are going to go to Russia to Omsk, 400km)) And now the study has begun, there will be no long distances, there is no time. But next summer … !!)) I am also going to roll in the winter for study and business))

Den, keep it up! To roll on the moral-volitional – this is really cool. # 128578; At home after a shower, you feel reborn.

Twice in the summer I could only make 90 km per day. There were two main problems: food and overheating. Food – necessarily a hot lunch on the burner in the middle of the way. I make a bundle soup with potatoes and lentils (source of protein). I can go for a visit (before the meal) no more than 40 km. After 10 km – hunger. After another 10, I’ve stopped “rolling” and starting to go for “moral-volitional”. But even after lunch, there are difficulties, despite the specially reduced rate of movement. Probably need training. Overheating – while riding periodically on the move chills and the head begins to think poorly, although it bakes terribly.

I really wanted this summer to break out of the night in one, but did not have time to learn everything and collect equipment. Tent out stitched himself – hammock tent. Fun stuff –

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