Hypnosis for addiction

Address: Samara, Green, 10 | Guerrilla, 130 | Guerrilla, 130 – 1 floor | Victory, 90 – 1st floor | Sergey Lazo, 33 | Ulyanovskaya 68 | South Highway 18 | Victory Street, 90 | South Highway 10 | Sergey Lazo Street 33

Phone: 7-846-268-08-12, 7-846-268-08-10, 7-846-268-00-64, 7-846-268-08-11, 7-846-995-79-47, 7-846-995-79-49, 7-846-950-66-64, 7-846-333-28-17, 7-846-266-05-45, 7-846-266-05-39, 7-846-995-79-48

The official website of the Samara Regional Drug Dispensary:


There is an anonymous “hot line” for dependents and their relatives in the health facility “Samara Oblast Narcological Dispensary”. You can get psychological support and find out where to undergo treatment and rehabilitation.

Phone number: 8-800-505-61-28. The call in Russia is free.

We provide our clients with the following types of inpatient and outpatient services (in

  • Treatment of alcohol and drug addiction in inpatient and outpatient settings;
  • Plasmopheresis, ozone therapy, physiotherapy;
  • Relief of withdrawal symptoms of alcohol and drug addiction;
  • Rehabilitation of patients with drug addiction, alcoholism (classes with a psychologist, psychotherapist: psychotherapeutic correction of a person); sauna, massage, fitness equipment.

Hypnosis for addiction

A new word in the world of narcology:

  • Implantation of long-acting opiate receptor blockers Prodetokson;
  • The introduction of the drug "Vivitrol" for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Psychotherapy (all types of coding, hypnosis, psychotherapeutic personality correction);
  • Classes with a psychologist (computer testing, psychodiagnostics);
  • Upon admission to treatment, the psychologist necessarily evaluates the motive that led the patient to a narcologist. If the treatment is formal and the patient starts it only at the insistence of the parents or in order to reduce the dose of the drug (rejuvenate), then the effect of the treatment will be short-term. If a young man has a sincere desire to recover, then he will be given not only medical but also maximum psychological assistance. Along with psychologists, an Orthodox priest participates in this work, weekly visiting hospital patients. Narcologists regularly hold meetings and conversations with the parents of their patients, who also urgently need information and moral support. At these meetings, they learn about the essence of drug addiction, about further treatment, and set up for the long-term rehabilitation of their loved ones. Indeed, for the rehabilitation of a patient with drug addiction it takes from 3-6 months to 2-3 years.

Preventive activities

The main, most important areas of preventive work are:

  • the fight against common negative social phenomena conducive to the introduction of psychoactive substances, especially child neglect;
  • the formation, especially in children, of a conscious attitude towards one’s health, the laying down of sustainable life bases and values, including the use of psychoactive substances;
  • organization of individual and group work with young people, adolescents by the joint efforts of physicians, the Family Center, employees of the internal affairs bodies.

To implement these measures, the regional drug treatment clinic and the regional Center for Medical Prevention recommends:

  • organize the holding of the International Day against Drug Abuse in conjunction with the media with the involvement of key specialists (doctors), famous figures, parents;
  • to hold lectures, conversations in groups, with patients in hospitals and clinics, children’s and adult sanatoriums, pharmacies;
  • issue the “Health Corners”, sanitary bulletins, sanitary newspapers, anti-drug posters;
  • organize the reception of drug users and those who want to get advice and help in the rejection of drugs;
  • organize the submission of information about the International Day against Drug Abuse in public transport, trade institutions (using the local radio broadcasting network, posters, leaflets).

Medical examination by a psychiatrist-narcologist for admission to carrying a weapon, driving a vehicle, and also for employment, residents of Samara can go to one of the nine specified addresses. Residents of Novokuybyshevsk and Chapaevsk are being examined in the local unit of the Samara Regional Drug Treatment Clinic. With you need to take only a passport. All addresses are listed below.

For residents of Samara

Samara, Victory Street, 90

Samara, Guerrilla Street, 130

Samara, Ulyanovskaya Street, 68

Samara, Green Street, 10

Samara, Sergey Lazo Street, 33

Samara, Partizanskaya street, house 19, 1st floor, room number 75

Samara, Dybenko street, 23, 1st floor, room 67

Samara, Novo-Vokzalnaya street, 27, 3rd floor, room No. 73

Samara, Novo-Sadovaya Street, 139, 2nd floor, room 31

For residents of Novokuybyshevsk

Novokuibyshevsk, Klara Zetkin Street, 24

For residents of Chapaevsk

Chapayevsk, Medical Street, 3


Scherban Andrey ValerievichChief Physician of the Samara Regional Drug Dispensary

tel. (846) 266-05-39

Fax (846) 266-05-45

Hypnosis for addiction

The main building of the Samara Regional Clinical Cardiology Clinic

Address: Samara, st. Aerodromnaya 43 Travel by public transport to the bus station "Aurora"

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