How to stop feeling dizzy

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How to stop feeling dizzy

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How to stop feeling dizzy



How to stop feeling dizzy

I have been using this drug for a very long time, since I already had problems with hormones, and I have been cured now on maintenance therapy. If you need a good, high-quality phyto-remedy for the thyroid gland, then I definitely recommend endocrinol.

It is not always right to use hormones for thyroid gland disorders, it is so inconvenient and even in some cases dangerous that if there is an opportunity to be cured by hormonal means – go for it. hormones only as a last resort. My experience with the use of endocrinol in subclinical hypothyroidism.

I treated the thyroid gland for a very long time because of unqualified doctors, but as a result hormones returned to normal and now I use these capsules only as a preventive measure. What is so good endocrinol? Share what I know and how I was treated

My overweight problems turned out to be a simple root – thyroid hormones. Endocrinol would be appointed by my gynecologist-endocrinologist as a supportive agent after the end of the main

Everything is good with this endocrinol, but for me there is one small minus … However, he does not

The drug helps to monitor the health of the thyroid gland, using it for prevention, thanks to which I keep hormones and my health under control. The price is quite adequate, the manufacturer is known, I have no questions about the quality of the drug.

The hormones produced by the thyroid are responsible for a bunch of different body functions and problems with them can cause a lot of trouble. Endocrinol contributes to the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, the drug helped me, I advise!

The problems with the shield began, it was tired, constantly wanted to sleep. Saw hormonal prescribed by a doctor. He gained a lot of weight, but health is more important, so the first thing to do was to heal. As soon as the tests became positive, I was looking for a drug that was not hormonal and that would help me continue to maintain normal thyroid function. I preferred Endocrinol with white labret. I take courses several times a year, tests are good. All the excess killogrames already gone, and thanks to a non-hormonal drug, they are no longer recruited. I feel good.

I consider Endocrinol one of the best means to maintain thyroid. I have been taking courses for 3 years already, for 2-3 months a course and then a break.

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