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Driving a vehicle requires not only increased attention from the driver. Get behind the wheel can only a person who has certain health indicators. Therefore, the driver’s medical board is an important condition for obtaining or replacing rights.

When and why need a medical commission

Examination by doctors in a medical institution is required in a number of cases. In 2019, a driver’s license is necessary for those who:

  • having a driver’s license, had a serious illness, which imposes restrictions on driving vehicles;
  • comes to the traffic police MREO to replace the driver’s license, which is no longer valid due to the passing of the statute of limitations;
  • He was deprived of the driver’s license and went to the police to recover the documents;
  • enters a driving school for driving instruction;
  • retrained in another category;
  • wants to work as a driver (for employment).

In the presence of a number of diseases, the driver will have to undergo a regular medical examination. The certificate of the passed medical examination in this case should be available to the person as a document confirming the visit to the doctors. It may request the traffic police inspectors. Other cases where a document may be required are not listed in the legislation. So it is safe to give a negative answer to the question, for example, whether you need to undergo a medical examination for rights when changing your last name.

The legislative framework

Legislation strictly regulates the examination of the driver at the medical board. Some nuances on this issue can be found in the following legal documents:

The listed acts indicate the need for doctors to undergo medical support for road safety.

Mandatory medical examination at enterprises

The most stringent requirements of the law imposes professional drivers. In employment, applicants will have to re-pass a medical examination for rights. Additional examination by a doctor is provided before each departure. For violating such requirements, the culprit faces serious fines.

Neither the duration of the trip, nor its purpose, nor the size of the organization — does not affect the need for a medical commission to drive a car when the driver works at a motor company — similar requirements are even imposed on individual entrepreneurs (Article 213 of the Labor Code).

Innovations in the legal framework

Legislation in the field of driver’s medical certification is constantly changing. According to current requirements, which entered into force in 2016-2017, the medical board for drivers is held in licensed medical centers, in which special driver cards are issued for this purpose, which are subject to registration with the traffic police.

The form of the health certificate has also changed. All this allows the state to more closely control the order of medical certification, identify false documents and punish those who violate the laws. On the other hand, drivers no longer need to pass doctors again when changing their last name or to recover lost documents.

The procedure for passing medical board

Before passing a medical examination for a driver’s license, a citizen must choose a licensed clinic. By modern standards, only state medical institutions with a full staff of qualified doctors have the right to engage in medical certification. It is not necessary to contact the hospital at the place of registration. Binding to the address is valid only when passing the examination in the narcological and psychiatric dispensary.

  1. A citizen who wants to pass a commission is registered with a doctor and brings a package of documents.
  2. In the hospital, a card is entered into it, where doctors will enter all the necessary information about the driver’s health.
  3. In the process of passing the medical examination, it will be necessary to submit documents that the person is not registered in the drug and mental hospital.
  4. As the examination progresses, medical examiners may order additional tests and tests.
  5. After a detour of specialists, the doctor-therapist writes out the desired document, allowing to obtain an admission to driving.

In general, the procedure for passing a medical examination in 2019 is common to all clinics, but may vary slightly based on the desired category of driver’s license and the health restrictions of the applicant for the right to drive.

Required documents

Before the medical examination, the driver must prepare a package of documents. It necessarily includes:

  • passport;
  • military registration document or registration certificate (for persons liable for military service);
  • driver’s license (if such a document is available);
  • matte photographs 3×4 cm (2 pieces).

Some clinics may require additional documents. Therefore, what documents are needed for the medical examination, you should check with the registrar by phone during an appointment.

Types and frequency of inspection

The legislation provides for several types of physical examinations, each of which has its own frequency.

  1. Passage of a medical examination for a driver’s license is required once upon admission to a driving school.
  2. Routine medical examination passes any driver during the replacement of rights. Periodicity – every 10 years.
  3. The extraordinary periods of passage of the medical board by the drivers are provided during the activation of additional categories, the restoration of rights after the withdrawal of the document by the court or in employment by the driver.

The total duration of a medical certificate for drivers is 12 months. However, professional drivers will have to undergo regular check-ups (once every 2 years) and pre-trip medical certification by a doctor.

Some categories of drivers need to be examined annually: professional drivers under the age of 21 and with serious health restrictions, which are recorded by a doctor in the medical card and driver’s documents. And you should also be prepared for the fact that during the medical board the doctor will prescribe additional research to the driver. It is possible to clarify whether it is necessary to pass tests, at the therapist after examination by all specialists.

Survey before the flight

Inspection of the driver by a doctor before going on a flight is a mandatory measure at all motor transport enterprises. It allows you to identify sick employees, remove from work drivers who have allowed themselves the ingestion of alcohol or drugs. In general, this measure significantly reduces the likelihood of emergency on the road due to the fault of a tired or sick chauffeur, who sat behind the wheel in an unsuitable state.

Today, every road transport company must have a medical officer on staff who conducts a medical examination of vehicle drivers and puts a special stamp on travel logs or similar documents. Any problems identified are recorded in a special journal, and the driver, who has a contraindication to driving, is suspended from the flight.

The procedure for conducting regular medical examinations at enterprises is controlled by the state through various checks. Violating organizations are threatened with fines, so most enterprises monitor their drivers in accordance with all the requirements of the law.

Where to go

Medical examination should be held in any medical institution with a state license. It is also easy to pass a medical examination in another city, but only if the citizen has documents about the absence of mental problems and the absence of drug addiction. These documents are written out by the doctor in the relevant dispensary exclusively at the place of registration of the driver. By choosing an institution where you can pass a medical examination for a driver’s license, you can check his license, qualifications of doctors and other documents on the Roszdravnadzor website.

What kind of doctors you need to visit

What doctors need to pass for the driver’s medical board in 2019 depends on a number of factors, the main of which is the category VU. Persons applying for the rights of group A, B, M (and relevant subgroups) will have to undergo an inspection:

  • at the therapist;
  • an eye specialist;
  • by a neurologist (prescribed by a general practitioner).

Also, the therapist may prescribe additional tests. In addition, all citizens for a driver’s commission must pass a psychiatrist and a narcologist. Drivers wishing to obtain rights with categories C, D, T, in addition to these doctors, should visit:

In addition, electroencephalography is to be done. EEG for the driver’s commission is necessarily done before the visit to the therapist. If during the examination in the drug dispensary the medical board specialists have any suspicions, the doctor has the right to prescribe a urine test for the presence of psychoactive substances and a blood serum test to determine the transferrin fraction (CDT).

Who will not pass the medical examination

The legislation defines a list of diagnoses with which driving is contraindicated. Therefore, when identifying these diseases, the doctor will not write out the document required by the driver. To date, the passage of the medical examination is likely to end in vain for those who are prone to:

  • serious diseases of the auditory and visual organs;
  • a number of somatic pathologies;
  • non-driving defects in limbs and general physical development;
  • spontaneous sudden seizure;
  • hypertensive disease of high degree;
  • some pathologies of the cardiovascular system;
  • severe vestibular disorders;
  • mental retardation and mental disorders;
  • alcoholism and drug addiction;
  • damage to the central nervous system due to injury.

How to pass a urine test for alcohol

This rather vague list allows medical board doctors to make decisions on their own, guided primarily by the results of the driver’s examination. Therefore, in most cases, the certificate is written out, but a note about the limitations is placed in the document by the doctor. Doctors refuse to provide a document only in case of serious illnesses, having most people understand that they cannot control the machine.

Cost of medical examination

Medical examination is carried out on a fee basis. The cost of the driver’s medical examination in 2019 is about 3,000 rubles, including visits to dispensaries. In general, a little less for medical certification will have to pay those who receive the rights for the first time, as well as drivers of retirement age. A more expensive physical examination will cost professional drivers who are arranged by drivers.

What threatens for the lack of a document

Permanent availability of a document from the clinic is necessary only for drivers with health restrictions. About this during the commission, the doctor puts the appropriate mark in the documents of the driver.

If drivers of vehicles with health restrictions do not provide a medical document to the traffic police inspector, this equates to management without rights. For such an offense provides for liability in the form of a monetary penalty of 5 to 15 thousand rubles. And also the police can evacuate the car to a car pound.

Many people are interested in whether medical certificates are checked in the traffic police during the paperwork? It is possible that MREO employees will check the driver’s certificate in the database. If a forgery is revealed, the culprit faces a fine of up to 50 thousand rubles. Serious sanctions and unscheduled commissions with such a violation are waiting for the medical institution.

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