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Because of their indecision and inability to pick up the signals that a girl gives, many guys have probably lost several magical and exciting evenings in their lives. Perhaps you also suspect that some person has an unequivocal interest to you? How to check it?

Do girls want sex

In this matter, you can not even doubt – many girls really love sex. It’s just that not every one of them decides to say so directly for some reason. Well, it is also important to note that if the partner does not bring physical pleasure to the girl, and she has to, for example, simulate orgasms, then there is a high probability that she will avoid intimate intimacy with him. But, of course, this does not mean that she does not like sex.

How often do girls want sex

In general, it all depends on the degree of excitement of the girl and her temperament. Particularly temperamental persons are ready to come into contact with his beloved and several times a day. In general, if a girl by nature is not too loving, unlike you, then you can solve this problem if you learn to excite your partner. Some guys require regular sexual intercourse from their lovers, not taking into account the fact that temperaments may not coincide. If you really want to be with this girl, then you need to thoroughly examine her passions, and understand what can wake up her sexuality and what can excite her. Otherwise, misunderstanding and alienation may occur in the relationship.

At what age women want sex most

According to most scientists, the flowering of female sexuality begins at the age of thirty and up to about forty. For many, this process takes longer – often it depends on the partner who is nearby. Although, of course, there are some girls who are incredibly temperamental at the age of twenty, but this is not a very common occurrence. Often, after twenty, they are just beginning to learn all the advantages of intimate life and understand what they like about sex and what they don’t. A clear awareness of this issue and the formation of bias often still occurs by the age of thirty or a little earlier.

5 signs that a woman wants a man

Often a woman hints to a man that is ready for intimate closeness with him, but he may simply not catch these hints. Pay attention to the interlocutor’s behavior – it is quite possible that she is trying to signal you about her sexual interest.

1. She openly speaks on intimate topics.

She is not confused by your questions and reasoning on intimate topics. Moreover, she can initiate such conversations herself. Do not even doubt that you are not indifferent to this woman, if she is open to you in such topics. It can be about experiencing it or your sexual experience, possible sexual fantasies and preferences, discussing some frank episode in the film and the like. If she is not particularly embarrassed, arguing on such topics, and you clearly see that she is in good spirits, then this can really mean that you are interesting to her.

2. vulgar jokes and coquetry

In the case of vulgar jokes, it can be both your words and hers. If you joke on intimate topics, the girl responds positively to this and strongly supports the joke. Even more multi-speaking sign, if the interlocutor herself initiates such humor. Also, she, for sure, hints at intimate intimacy, if you noticed that the girl clearly flirts with you. In general, any intimate talk, humorous or serious, implies that a woman likes you, and she sees you as a sexual partner. An exception may be cases where you know that your interlocutor behaves with almost everyone, and does not mean anything behind her words – she just likes to discuss spicy topics or put people in an awkward position.

3. The girl touches you

However, the sympathy of the girl can be understood without words – it is enough to pay attention to her gestures and the position of the hands. If a girl periodically strokes herself, for example, on the neck, on the leg, or on any other part of the body, then there is a very high probability that she is positioned for closer communication. Also, the moment when the interlocutor constantly touches her hair, curls her locks on her finger and the like can be a sign of rapprochement. And yet, of course, there are exceptions. The interlocutor can pull the hair unconsciously, out of habit. Please note that if a girl does this even when communicating with her friends on neutral topics, then it is possible that this gesture does not mean anything special. In addition, many girls like to touch their hair immediately after a visit to the hairdresser, thus, as if getting used to changes in appearance (even if they are unobtrusive to outsiders).

4. Looking for privacy with you

She wants to be alone with you, and you notice it. How can this be expressed. If you went to the balcony or went to another room, being in a big company, and the girl followed you, then it clearly indicates that she wants to be alone with you with some of the ensuing consequences. You can also invite a girl for a date by inviting her to choose a place to hang out. If she likes a very intimate atmosphere, this may be an obvious hint of intimacy with you. An example would be a quiet and cozy coffee house, the last row of the cinema, dinner at home. The last option is the most multi-spoken. By inviting a man home or, visiting him, a woman assumes that this may lead to an intimate relationship.

5. The girl hints at closeness or openly suggests

Perhaps this is the most obvious of all possible options. If a girl tells you openly that she wants to have sex with you, then perhaps this is the way it is, and if your desires are mutual, then you don’t have to do a lot of work. Unfortunately, for many men, this development most often happens only in their fantasies, or only if the woman is in a drunken state. Please note that in the second case, you should be extremely careful – you should agree on sex only if it is about your lover and you have a stable relationship with her, in other cases it is fraught with consequences. Not every person gives the consequences of his words in a drunken state, and the version with a drunken girl falls into this category. If you do not want to have problems later, it is better to refrain from such a proposal, no matter how hard it may be.

How to determine that the girl is excited and ready

If you do not notice in time that the girl is already excited, you can lose intimate intimacy with her. Some individuals, not finding a response to their appeals, seem to “burn out” and then they are quite difficult to “start up again”. Paying attention to some external signs, you, of course, do not miss the right moment.

Kiss. Many girls are excited already at the kissing stages, and, surely, you yourself have noticed this more than once. So how does it usually look like? When you kiss her, she can’t tear herself away from you, pats you on the back and the neck, lets her claws out a little. If you are faced with such a situation, you can be sure that the girl is set to further developments.

Sight. Excited women, of course, in a special way look at the object of their desire. her pupils are dilated, her gaze is fixed, a smile is playing on her lips. She can periodically fix her hair, touch her lips, flirty her eyes to the side. With her gaze she tries to seduce you.

Pose. The girl tries to take the most seductive position, showing the partner their most advantageous sides. She also tries to lean in your direction with her body – if you sit next to her, she practically clings to you.

Initiative. She herself is ready to initiate hugs and kisses with you. If it comes from your side, then she actively responds to all caresses. She also constantly tries to touch you, hold back her touch.

Intimate topics. She eagerly speaks with you on intimate topics, independently starting or supporting them with pleasure.

She wants to be alone. She directly invites you to spend time alone at home or at your place. It can also be hints: “It’s so noisy here, even my head ached, to find a quieter place.” Or during embraces: “Okay, let’s not attract public attention, now we are clearly in the wrong place.” By the way, in the case of the last sentence, not every young person reacts in a timely manner, and suggests moving to a more suitable place, often the guys do not catch the hint, and even take offense that the companion interrupts the embrace.

Mood. She responds positively to virtually any of your cues and jokes, laughing defiantly or smiling. In general, during your intercourse, the smile almost never leaves her mouth, and you understand that she feels good and comfortable in your society.

She feels hot. And this happens in the literal sense, and it clearly shows or speaks about it. She can take off her jacket, staying in one blouse, explaining that to the above reason. That is, subconsciously or consciously, she is trying to get rid of excess clothing. She can also fan herself with a piece of paper or simply state that she is "all hot."

It is important to understand that all these signs may appear, both from scratch and through your participation. In the first version of the development of the situation, you can assume that you are very lucky – usually this happens often at the initial stages of a relationship or acquaintance. Over time, in order for a girl to get excited, you will often have to make some efforts.

What to do if a girl really wants you right now

Weigh the pros and cons

Of course, the majority of young people are flattering the attention of other girls, and a rare male representative will give up sex if a pretty person offers to spend a few hours together or a night. And yet, no matter how flattering you would be to have such a proposal, it makes sense to weigh the pros and cons of everything well. It is possible that at the moment of a frank and tempting sentence you do not even think that it carries you more negative consequences than positive ones, but still it is important to maintain prudence in any situation.

Do you like the girl. So, for a start, it is important to determine if this girl is really pretty and you could assume that she will become your life partner for at least a period? Why does it matter a lot? At least for the reason that very few girls go to intimacy, not expecting that this will result in something at least more or less serious. She may, out of pride, not admit it to you, but is it really so? What does it threaten you with? If a potential sexual partner actually attracts you a little, and subsequently you are not in the mood for an affair with her, then this can bring you many unpleasant consequences. She will tell about your “dishonesty” to a common acquaintance or your next girlfriend, she will start chasing you, expressing her disappointment and the like. Of course, if a girl is very proud, then such a development of events may not happen, but think carefully about whether you are ready to take risks. On the whole, it is important to understand that your partner can be very impressionable and amorous, and even if she does not make claims to you, it does not mean at all that you will not hurt her. For many guys, this is already a sufficient argument not to enter into a relationship that has no prospects.

Your age. Of course, your age and the age of the girl with whom you are planning to have an intimate relationship is of considerable importance. If this person is a minor, then with all the desire, it is better to abandon such a relationship. It is possible that the girl will not have any complaints to you at all, however this does not mean that her relatives will differ in the same loyalty if they find out that you had sexual contact. Keep in mind that later you can get not only a stained reputation, but an surreal criminal term. The argument that everything happened by mutual agreement would not be valid in this situation.

Family status. It is necessary to take into account not only your own marital status – it is also important whether there are serious relationships in the life of a potential partner. As you, for certain, you understand with what good such a novel will not end if you or your mistress do not wish to break the already existing family ties. Very rarely, betrayal goes unnoticed and frost has a negative effect on family life. In addition, you should determine for yourself whether your partner deserves such an attitude, and whether you would be ashamed of her, your children (if any) and other relatives if the link on the side is revealed. It is also important to remember that the reaction of a spouse or a regular partner of a possible mistress can be very unpredictable, and turn into very serious problems for you.

All possible consequences. An intimate relationship can have quite a few consequences, and it’s not a fact that you will all like them. Consider some of the negative ones.

  • Unwanted pregnancy. If you use contraception or your partner takes hormones – it still can not be an absolute guarantee that pregnancy is excluded. Keep this in mind when deciding on a casual connection.
  • A statement to the police. If we are talking about a casual partner for whom you have no further plans, then be prepared for the fact that the upset girl will tell the police that she was raped by you – for sure, you know that such cases are not at all uncommon. Especially at risk guys who prefer rough sex.
  • Disintegration of the family, if you are married. Perhaps there is not even need a detailed explanation. Even if the wife forgives you, it does not mean that she will forget about treason – at the most unexpected moment for you, she may decide that she still cannot live with you after what happened. Even if she does not immediately know about your misconduct, you will never have a guarantee that this will continue.

Where to invite a girl if this is the first time

If you have the first time to enter into intimacy with your beloved, it is important to create favorable conditions for this. The further development of the relationship often depends on how the first sex of the couple goes, and it is in your power to make everything so favorable for you.

To his home. When is this appropriate? You live alone, and behind the wall there will be no mother, younger brother or roommate. Such a development is able to embarrass and repel any girl. If you have established an independent life, dust does not curl around the corners of your apartment and as a whole the home creates a very positive impression, then you may well set up the first intimate meeting at home. Surely, you will feel comfortable in your territory, which will positively affect your meeting.

Ask for her to visit. This is not the best option, if you have to actively ask for it. This can also push the girl away. If she herself does not hint at a similar outcome of events, then the maximum that you can do in this direction is to ask: “Maybe we can buy sushi (cake, chips, some goodies or wine) and watch a movie with you”. If this proposal is not immediately met with enthusiasm – do not press on the girl and do not force her to make excuses for the fact that she is not in a hurry to call you to visit. So, at the moment she has a reason for it, and your attempt to find out this reason by any means will be the height of tactlessness.

Rent a hotel room or apartment for the evening. This option may be the most preferred. If you have the financial opportunity, it is still better to opt for a really good hotel or the most comfortable apartment. The room can be rented, both for one evening and for a day. If we are talking about the second option, make sure that the area in which you choose a place to date, was really successful. Most likely, you will leave your room or apartment in order to walk or dine (have breakfast) in the nearest cafe, so in advance calculate where it can be done. Yes, and the beautiful view from the window has not been canceled – it will add additional advantages to your pastime.

Is sex on the street acceptable or not? Everyone has their own thoughts on this, so you should, first of all, be guided by your own opinion and that of your partner. If both of you are prone to adventures, and the idea that you can be caught by someone during sexual contact “turns you on”, then of course it makes sense to risk. Such an adventure can leave you a memory for life. However, if a girl is not too disposed to such adventures, or you yourself think such behavior is wrong, then it is better not to take such a step – there is a high probability that one of the partners will not only receive no pleasure, but will also experience stress. And in general, it is desirable that the first intimacy of the couple nevertheless takes place in more comfortable conditions.

How to gently refuse

If a girl hints at sex, which you for some reason do not want, then take the trouble to have your refusal sound soft – surely, in a similar situation you would like a similar attitude. You can say that you are very worried, and therefore are not yet ready for sex with her. You can also say that you have not forgotten past love, and it is hard for you to restructure and the like. Do not undermine the self-esteem of the girl, and voice the excuse, which seems to be saying that the problem is no longer in her, but in you.

How to know that you have stress

8 signs that a woman lacks sex

1) She is tormented by insomnia.

How to know that you have stress

2) She looks older than her age (skin “tired” and dull).

3) Often sick with various ailments, and therefore, forced to take medicine.

How to know that you have stress

4) Very nervous, breaks down on others.

5) The skin of the face and body is subject to inflammation.

6) Dispersed, it is difficult for her to focus her attention on one thing for a long time.

7) Not sure about yourself.

8) It may look easily accessible – puts on itself causing things, makes too bright makeup.

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