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Today I will tell you about my experience regarding lithium batteries that are installed in laptops. I will share information on how to extend battery life and avoid fatal mistakes when using. You will also learn how you can use the seemingly completely faulty battery from a laptop. And now a little background

In 2007, I bought a new Acer laptop with a CGR-B / 6H5 battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh, being completely new, the battery maintained an average of 2 hours of battery life, which is a normal indicator considering the battery capacity and the power consumption of the laptop. And all 4 years old laptop, like many of you have been constantly connected to the charge

In this case, the indicator and the inscriptions in Windows said that the charging process is carried out. But whatever I did, the laptop still didn’t want to work for a second from its batteries, and then, I had nothing left but to disassemble the battery

Deep discharge lithium battery

To disassemble the laptop battery CGR-B / 6H5, you need to put some effort and skill. The fact is that the lithium battery is of a non-separable structure and therefore it was necessary to go “surgical” through. To get to the electronic filling of the battery, it is necessary to heat a thin metal object on the fire, for example, I used an unnecessary knife. Thus, with a hot sharp and thin blade, we gently cut through the seam around the entire battery case. Attention – watch the depth, on which the blade enters, your task is to cut only the body while not touching other internal components.

After I disassembled the battery, the first thing I measured the voltage on lithium cells of frame size 18650, capacity 2200 mAh, voltage

Check battery status – measure capacity

The most effective method for measuring capacitance is to connect a consumer to the source and detect how long the lithium battery will discharge to the minimum allowable voltage. But you can go more simple and affordable method – use special utilities for working with laptop batteries. One of the best programs is BatteryMon. I will not describe in detail the possibilities of this program, you can easily find this information on the manufacturer’s website.

And so reading the information from the battery controller CGR-B / 6H5 laptop BatteryMon, I found out that the capacity of my battery is 100-200

I would also like to note that the capacity status of a lithium battery can be clearly determined, provided that the charger is working properly. The fact is that the lower the battery capacity becomes, the faster the charge will flow – this applies to all lithium batteries.

The second life of a lithium laptop battery

After I knew for sure that the capacity of my battery was completely exhausted, I began to decide what to do next. There were several options: the first is to buy a new one (which is very costly), the second is to replace all the elements with new ones (this is also expensive, plus you need to reflash the controller) and the third option is to use only from the network. I chose the third option, because I still do not use this laptop autonomously, and for autonomy there is a netbook. But in order not to lose the good, I decided to finally disassemble the battery in order to see the condition of each battery.

How to keep your brain sharp

A battery consists of three pairs connected in series, consisting of two lithium batteries connected in parallel. Thus of the six elements with a capacity of 2200

Despite the fact that the assembled battery no longer pulls the laptop, nevertheless, individually or in pairs, the batteries do an excellent job with low-power tasks. Assume the capacity of each element has decreased from 2200 to 700-1000

Accumulators of widespread size 18650, so it will not be difficult to purchase as chargers specifically for such batteries, as well as directly by the consumers themselves – for example, super-bright lanterns that work on one element of 18650

From elements 18650 it is very convenient to make capacious drives that are so necessary for tourists. Personally, I use two parallel-connected lithium cells from an old battery from a laptop to power a GPS navigator, a large hanging LED light, bicycle lighting and

To charge my Li-Ion batteries, I bought a charger for 18650 cells, while I modified the charger by installing two additional slots on the sides to charge my parallel-connected non-separable elements, which are connected to consumers with a stereo jack plug

Laptop lithium battery tips

To avoid many troubles associated with the failure or premature loss of capacity of lithium batteries, it is necessary to remember the following. If you do not want the capacity of your laptop battery to drop to zero, as in my story, you can, if not fully maintain the capacity, then at least keep the maximum possible by following simple rules. If you do not plan to use the laptop offline and you always have it on charge, charge the battery up to 50-60%, remove it from the laptop, put it in a plastic bag and store in a cool dark place. So you keep the capacity as high as possible. At the same time, do not forget every 6 months to connect the battery to the laptop and perform a full cycle – discharge charge, then all the old – charged up to 50-60% battery we put in a dark cool place

Do not allow the lithium batteries to cool down or heat up. Lithium cells are very sensitive to the ambient temperature and if they do not comply with acceptable conditions, they also quickly lose their capacity.

Do not allow the deep discharge of batteries in any case – it will be detrimental to your lithium cells. Do not wait until the laptop turns itself off or signals a low charge, if the level drops to 10-15%, you should already do a full charge

And also under no circumstances allow a short circuit or mechanical damage – this may result in a chemical reaction with the release of flame, which can cause a fire

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