How to improve the brain

City photography is one of the most accessible genres of photography because people are more often in the city than in nature. Forms and complex details in urban views are attractive to the human eye, because our brain recognizes and thinks in terms of patterns. However, creating an impressive urban photo can be a daunting task. In this photography lesson, we’ll give you eleven tips to help you improve your urban photography skills.

How to improve the brain

Lines are one of the most important elements of photography, as well as one of the simplest. Lines are of different types – these can be guide lines that define the composition, bringing the viewer’s eye to the main object, and they can also be such barriers separating the photo. Lines affect the emotions and structure of the image. In this lesson on photography, I will talk about the best ways to use lines in photography, including how to put them into practice in my own compositions.

Lightning photography is a very interesting, but at the same time dangerous hobby. Not everyone understands that during a thunderstorm, lightning can strike anytime and anywhere. At the same time, a properly taken lightning snapshot can be very beautiful, especially if taken in an interesting place. In addition, shooting lightning will take you to the new level of photography. The tips below will show you how to take a photo of a lightning photo and save a lot of time and nerves.

How to improve the brain

Although macro photography is more accessible than, for example, night photography of the aurora borealis, and you do not need any exotic locations or super-expensive equipment. Still, it is often difficult to choose the right camera settings for macro photography. If you want to get clear, well-exposed macro shots, then in this photo tutorial we’ll share the settings that allow you to get great macro shots.

Places on our planet where 4 seasons are distinguishable are the best places for photographers. In the past, I preferred all seasons except winter. I always looked forward to the colors of autumn, as well as the lush green tones of spring. But over the past few years I have learned to love winter. Winter is a great time to get beautiful landscape shots. And in this lesson on photography, I will give you useful tips that will help you with this.

Color is one of the most important elements in photographs, it affects the emotions and interest of the viewer to your work. In this photo lesson we will introduce you to the concepts of color. In addition, we will tell you how best to combine colors and use them to get the best photos.

There are four main reasons why your photos are blurry, and all four are important to remember before you take any picture. In this lesson on photography, I will explain how to avoid blurring each type or at least minimize them in your images.

Many novice photographers often wonder how to set up a camera in order to get the best possible results. Despite the fact that there are no established rules for camera settings that work well for all types of shooting, I noticed that there are some settings that I personally use on different cameras and which in some ways can be called universal for all camera brands. These are the “basic” settings that I set by default and do not change them for most scenes and scenes. In addition, there are also certain modes that facilitate or speed up the process of photographing, especially for those who are just starting to take pictures. Let’s look at these general settings in more detail!

One of the most important things to understand in photography, especially if you’re new, is the concept of focusing. If you don’t focus properly, you’ll get blurry photos, even if all the other settings on your camera are correct. Correctly focusing is both easy and difficult, it all depends on your subject, for example, a fixed landscape or a fast-flying bird. In this photo lesson, we’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to properly focus and take clear pictures.

Everyone likes to see good portrait photos, whether they are family, friends or just an interesting, colorful face. But portrait photography can be difficult for an unprepared amateur photographer. In this photography tutorial, we’ll give you some technical tips on setting up your camera to help improve your portrait photos.

Anyone who has ever tried to photograph the starry sky knows that simply turning on the automatic mode will not get a good shot. It goes without saying that shooting in manual modes, but if the settings of your camera are not optimal, you also won’t get a great shot, as quite a few pitfalls are hidden in the camera settings for shooting stars. In this photo tutorial, we’ll give you the best settings to get great photos of the night sky.

Winter is the perfect season to practice photography. But to make great winter shots you have to work at low temperatures, which can negatively affect both you and your photographic equipment. Here are seven tips to help you make beautiful photos in the winter season, as well as protect your photo equipment.

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