How to help a person with depression

How to instill hope in the patient

Would you like to know how to help your loved one in a situation of illness to cope with anxiety and depression, to believe in your strength and success of treatment? Indeed, a positive attitude and a desire to fight, despite all the difficulties in the treatment process, are the basis for recovery.

Have you ever thought what hope is? First of all, it is a certain image of the future, it is our aspirations, expectations of something better. And in a situation of illness, a person is primarily afraid that he will no longer be the same as before, that his expectations will not be fulfilled. Therefore, one can instill hope in a person in two ways: while there is a chance to restore health and strength, one should speak with a person that his hopes are not canceled, but only postponed. You just have to not hurry, find the strength to first devote some time to getting out of the painful state, and then it will be possible again to make plans and realize the hopes that were. If you see that it is not possible to get out of the disease without a loss, and such as before life definitely will not be, work hard so that the person sees new horizons and forms new expectations. Here will help those values ​​that are so noticeable to any patient: the joy of communication with loved ones, the pleasure of a clear sunny day, interest in a new film or book and

How to help a person with depression

It is no secret that many of the therapeutic measures are often tolerated by a person, can cause discomfort, fear, anxiety, and feeling tired. But the outstanding achievements of modern medicine convincingly prove that any diseases can be successfully fought at all stages of the process. However, in a situation of uncertainty and anxiety in which a person resides, especially with severe chronic illness, it is not easy to accept this and cope with negative experiences. In this case, it is close people who are able to provide psychological support, instill confidence in their abilities and the desire to fight the disease.

How to help a person with depressionThere is an opinion that relatives should maintain external composure in order to psychologically support the patient. But he understands the unnaturalness of this state, and this blocks the free expression of his own emotions. In this sense, it is important to avoid superficial optimism, the insincerity of which a loved one always feels. It is important to be natural, to allow yourself to speak freely with your loved ones about his pains, fears, feelings and to receive your support. This support should be felt as calm, unconditional, self-evident, based on your full faith in his recovery. Be yourself a guide to this faith and desire to fight. It is very important to believe in the strength of a person, because your faith will give faith to your loved one.

It is important that very often the person who asserts that the treatment is meaningless, most of all wants to be persuaded, to return this lost hope to him. In him, as in no other, there is this desire and desire to believe, hope and fight, to which it is necessary to turn, to activate it.

You probably know well what things in life are most appreciated by your relative (family, children, grandchildren, hobbies, hobbies, life goals and plans). Use this resource to give a person faith in the future, plan together upcoming events, create a favorable emotional climate around him. The most important support and foundation on which a person will build his faith in the future and draw strength for the struggle, is now your family and close people.

In general, it is easier for a person to think and talk about everyday worries and affairs than to constantly fear some kind of global threat, and it is precisely on everyday steps to improve health that the patient’s attention must be switched (observing sleep and wakefulness, diet, walking, regular prescriptions doctor, making a list of questions to ask the doctor, doing household chores, hobbies, gardening, etc.).

How to help a person with depression

Try to convince your loved one that the main task now is to have patience and courage, just wait out the hard times for the sake of your health and future life. And also to assure that you will be there all the time, helping together, step by step, to overcome the disease.

The state of anxiety and fear can arise to everything else due to lack of information. Perhaps in this sense a conversation with a doctor, an expert, or a call to our hotline 8-800 100-0191, where experienced psychologists will help you understand the situation, give recommendations on how to interact and communicate with the patient, and provide psychological support.

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