How to get uninterrupted sleep

(The lines from different poems are read out, the guys name the need, the teacher gives the guess card with the appropriate name and the student must place it in the appropriate group of needs).

1) “I am lying, sick

I regret myself! ”(Need for medicine) – social

2) “In the hallway, in the classroom, whether

Everywhere the walls were painted,

Rubbed paint, rubbed chalk,

Everyone did what they could ”(In repair) – material

3) It is already worth Egorka

At the blackboard with chalk in hand,

Here is the top five

Egorka has a diary …

(S. Mikhalkov. Uncle Stepa and Egor.) (The need for education) – spiritual

4) “Fly, Fly-Tsokotuha

How to get uninterrupted sleep

A fly in the field went

Fly found a coin.

Mukha went to the bazaar

And I bought a samovar ”(Need for buying dishes) – material

5) Eats a soft-boiled egg for breakfast

Five potato cutlets,

Two glasses of sour milk

And a bowl of semolina –

Porridge is also not harmful!

(S. Mikhalkov. Uncle Styopa and Egor.) (Need for food) – biological

The sentry in the forest is not sleeping.

Above him is lightning,

He looks at the clouds:

Over his gun border

(S. Mikhalkov. Svetlana.) (Need for security) – social

With a yellow stripe (the need for creativity) – spiritual

Used materials and literature:

How to get uninterrupted sleepSocial Studies. Grade 6, ed.

Social science. Guidelines. Grade 6, M., 2004.


Captions for slides:

Social Studies, Grade 6 A man lives in the world. He has everything, everything suits him. He does not dream of anything, does not strive for anything. He just lives and does nothing. This situation looks almost fantastic. Is it possible? Why?

Task 3, page 19 – working notebook If you were an all-powerful wizard, what would you like to have?

Life is a continuous process of satisfying a person’s needs. TEMETERY is a continuous process. NEED is a person’s need for something.

Types of needs. BIOLOGICAL: food, water, air., Heat, sleep

Types of needs. Spiritual: the pursuit of knowledge. creativity, religion The desire for knowledge is directed to human self-improvement.

Types of needs. Material: house, money, clothes, dishes,

Types of needs. Social: communication, labor B are identified only in society, and are individual.

False needs. Unreasonable needs

Needs similar to animals Food, communication, sleep, rest, Air, creativity, study, Water, religion, philosophy Warm, science, work, care for the offspring They differ in how they are satisfied. Man organizes his activity: prepares food, sews clothes , works

Work with Text: Page 35

Work – need or need? For some people, work is only a necessity, for others it is a joy, a way to open up their opportunities, for such people it is a need

GAME “MEET THE NEEDS” I lie, I am sick I regret myself! ”In medicine (social) In the corridor, in a classroom — Everywhere walls were painted, Turley paint, rubbed chalk, Everyone did what they could” In repair (material)

Egorka is already standing at the blackboard with crayon in hand, Here is the first five of Egorka in the diary … In education (spiritual) Fly, Fly-Tsokotuha Gilded belly. The fly went across the field, Fly found the coin. Fly went to the bazaar and bought a samovar "Buying dishes (Material)

Eats soft-boiled eggs for breakfast, Five potato cutlets, Two glasses of yogurt And a plate of semolina – Porridge is also not harmful! Food (Biological) In the distant U outpost, Sentinel in the forest does not sleep. He stands – Above him a lightning, He looks at the clouds: Above his gun the clouds Pass. In Security (Social)

Make like a thunderstorm, And got a goat, A pink goat With a yellow stripe In creativity (Spiritual)

How do needs change? Modernity Primitiveness 2×2 =?

P waste and opportunities. Can a person get everything he dreams about?

GAME YES OR NO Any person cannot satisfy his need once and for all. Social needs are necessary to man in order to survive, they also exist in animals. To take its place in society, it is not enough to satisfy only biological needs.

Arrange the kinds of needs. 1. Air 4. Sleep 7. Study 2. Water 5. Food 8. Communication 3. Family 6. Etiquette 9. Ecology 10. House

“In class I …” “I became aware of …” “I understood that ….” “I want to add ….”

Homework. Answer the question: “How do human needs influence the development of society”

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