How to get away from bad relationships

Sometimes we carelessly treat everything that happens around. This is especially noticeable when it comes to random finds. If, at home or at work in the office, we find any strange object (a needle, a bag of earth, a strand of hair), then most likely we will not pay attention to it. Or be surprised, but soon forget.

How to get away from bad relationships

Naturally, not every found thing needs to be looked at as a witch’s lining. But still a certain danger exists. With the help of a lining a strong magician can “tie” illness or misfortune to any person. We must remember this in order to save ourselves from many troubles.

What does lining mean

Many black magic rituals are associated with casting damage. Certain items are commonly used for this purpose. Some types of plants (fern, aspen, belladonna), animal hair or eggs can act as a conspiracy. The lining is often a thread, a coin or grains of cereals. Plotted can be a variety of evil objects, and, therefore, to unexpected finds must be treated carefully.

It is well known that you don’t need to pick up the money dropped by someone, but many still violate this unwritten law. If you really want to raise bills from the ground or an expensive thing, you should first say "money (jewelry, telephone and

However, it happens that the source of harm hidden by the enemy is directly in your house. Stitching products are the most common magic lining – a used needle can be a source of great disaster. That it is used by black magicians to induce severe illness.

Quite often it happens that damage is induced on a person in a church. No need to think that the power of the holy place will protect you, as strong warlocks are able to overcome this obstacle. If someone in the church looks at you intently and at the same time whispers something unintelligible under his breath, then the best thing is to leave his field of vision in order to break the contact. Also, it is not allowed to lift other people’s crosses from the floor or from the ground., amulets and other church paraphernalia.

The lining in the house can serve as larger things: clothes, groceries, water bottles, alcoholic beverages and much more. The most dangerous is the food with a negative. It was not for nothing that our ancestors advised us not to accept treats from strangers, but to read a prayer before eating. This simple rule has saved many from harm.

Earth and flowers on the grave

Flowers and earth taken from the cemetery can also be used to target damage through the base. They have an incredible power that can cause not only disease, but also death. Cemetery land is unlikely to be planted in someone’s desk drawer or jacket pocket (too noticeable), but it can easily be poured into a flower pot. On the flower, the curse action is far from always reflected, and the person becomes seriously ill. The negative program of the lining provokes the destruction of the human biofield.

How to get away from bad relationships

The imperceptible action of a plotted object sometimes appears over a very long period of time. Read conspiracies cause significant harm not only to human health, but throughout his life. The following signs of damage and the evil eye:

  • Unreasonable anxiety, anxiety;
  • Insomnia, headache;
  • Sharp weight loss, exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • A series of troubles at work;
  • The deterioration of family relations;
  • Financial difficulties.

How to get away from bad relationships

As a pad, black magicians can even use children’s toys. It happened that a negatively programmed object was found in a soft toy, for example, fragments of a broken mirror.

The black sorcerer does not spare anyone. It is equally easy to spoil both an adult and a child.

How does the pad

Imagine a subject that emits radiation. By definition, it should not cause harm while taking the necessary precautions. You do not need to approach it, you cannot take it with your hands, you should also know the rules for disposing of an infected object. And all this in the case when the item itself has already been found.

But if you get a book from Chernobyl in your hands (and where you brought it from, you can’t even guess), then you can hardly find out the reason for your bad state of health. A similar example is characteristic of a plotted subject. The main purpose of the ill-wisher is targeting damage or other negatives aimed at destroying various aspects of human life. In some cases, the lining is used to cause alcohol addiction. The conspired alcohol can lead a person to deep drunkenness.

Lining for destruction and ruin

For the ruin of a competitor and the destruction of his business, black magicians often use a plotted object. Sunflower seeds or cereal seeds that are normal in appearance and planted in an inconspicuous place can lead to material collapse. No need to wait for special profits until you can find the pad and eliminate its action.

Plotted object can be a bunch of hair. It does not attract attention, but it carries a great danger. Sometimes our lives can deteriorate for no apparent reason. If some unpleasant person visited the house, and after a while the owner started having problems, it’s time to start searching for the plotted object.

A gift can also be a lining. If, after receiving it, trouble began, then this is a sufficient reason to think and take the necessary measures. In this way, not only “friends” can harm, but also fairly close relatives.

What to do if you find a lining

You can not take the found pad with your bare hands! Hands should be protected with gloves, and the suspicious thing should be placed in a sealed package, carried away from your home and destroyed with the container.

If an unusual object is found near the house, you cannot carry it to yourself. The best protection from damage and evil is a kindled fire. You do not need to stand by the fire and inhale the stench coming from it. If the object does not flare up, it can be poured with a flammable liquid. And the resulting residues should be swept away on a scoop, put in a bag, carried to a deserted place and buried along with the contents and gloves in which the work was performed.

Having dealt with evil, go home. However, you should not look around or talk to anyone. It is possible that after this bad people will pull to your home. Pay attention to those who will come to you soon. If you doubt your ability lining, then ask for help from a mage to protect against subsequent trouble. When resuming magical attacks (and this happens very rarely), do not panic, but spend a magical defense of your home.

Protection with a bow

After peeling, the onion acquires the ability to absorb the negative. You should take three medium-sized bulbs, clean them and hang them in different parts of the house. The whole ritual is performed in stages:

  • Thick needle with a red thread bulbs pierced from top to bottom
  • The thread is tightened around the bulb in a loop, and then the charm is suspended for seven days.
  • Onions are removed, put on a sheet of paper and sprinkled with salt (one tablespoon per each)
  • The bulbs are wrapped in paper and burned, which helps to neutralize negative energy.

As you can see, protection from curses and damage is not a very difficult task. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments.

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