How to change your relationship with food

Winter is the most difficult and difficult time for birds. Many of them do not fly away to hot countries, they remain to spend the winter at home. At this time, they are experiencing cold, frost, lack of shelter and food. The hardest time of the year is February. As a rule, it is accompanied by strong wind, blizzards and low air temperature. It is man who can help the birds to transfer this time and survive. Parents should not only talk about this to children, but also set an example of helping our smaller brothers. How to help the birds in the winter, everyone should choose for themselves. There are a large number of ways to choose one of which each person is obliged to.

Small, but reliable house – nesting box

This is a small wooden booth that serves as a temporary shelter for birds. It is fastened with a pole to a tree. In such a house, birds will feel cozy and comfortable. You can make nesting boxes yourself, for example, with your dad, elder brother, or in a school classroom lesson. There are also designer birdhouses, which are often ordered for summer houses or a private house.

Food Feeder

The bird feeder is the place where it can warm up, hide from the wind and be fed with food. The main rule – access to the feed should be free. At the same time in the feeder may be several birds. It is very easy to make from scrap materials. The simplest types: feeders from plastic bottles, feeders-nets, feeders from empty juice boxes, milk, plastic packaging from noodles.

How to change your relationship with food

How to make a feeder from plastic bottles

From two plastic bottles that have a different diameter, size and volume, you can make a place for feeding birds. A smaller bottle is the main part into which it is necessary to fill up food, a large one is a roof.

Plastic bottle feeders are short-lived, so they need to be updated every 2-3 months.

There is another way to make a feeding place for birds: a round-sized slot is made in an ordinary bottle, and bird food is poured down to the bottom. For the neck it can be hung on a branch.

How to change your relationship with food

To help the birds in winter is to love nature. Parents should explain this to a child from a very young age. Feeders and birdhouses can be placed in the courtyard of a house, kindergarten, school, parks, squares and even in the forest. The child can independently observe the birds that arrive. “How to help the birds in the winter and why?” – this issue is discussed in kindergartens and schools.

Feeding contents

The maintenance of the feeder is a very serious and crucial moment. It can not be filled with food from the table. Seeds are considered the most suitable feed for birds. Almost all seeds and cereals – the main treat of birds. In the summer and autumn seasons, you can prepare and dry sunflower seeds, watermelon, oats, wheat, corn, millet. In specialized pet stores sold food for birds (it is much more expensive). Birds will also happily fly on bread crumbs.

The fruits of mountain ash, wild rose, currant will be very useful for birds in winter. In order for them to retain their nutritional properties, in the fall they must be well dried, folded in a plastic bag and frozen. Some birds prefer more high-calorie foods, such as fat. It must be cut into small slices and spread out on the trough.

In winter, the feeder should not be filled "to the limit." Birds can not eat the whole amount of feed you offer. Food may freeze or mold. Adults, tell your child that it is better to enclose food in small quantities, but regularly.

Palm feed

Many birds can eat food only from a hard surface. Only poultry can peck off the palm of your hand. But this does not mean that the birds can not feed without a feeder. How to help the birds in the winter? Food or a piece of fresh bacon can be hung from the window or spread out on the balcony. Also, food can be poured on the track in the park or at the entrance. Birds from afar will be able to see a person who can help them.

Environmentalists propose to implement the project "Help the birds in the winter." This reflects the environmental problems of each region. Ecocenters together with the project will help everyone to take care of animals and birds. Not only adults, but also children can take part in this project. Every person should know and be aware that his contribution means a lot to the plant and animal world.

The project raises the question: "How can you help the birds in the winter?" The program offers several stages, each of which deals with various methods of helping wildlife.

If you watch the birds, you can understand that only those adapted to frost will remain to spend the winter. Sparrows, tits, pigeons and magpies are birds that winter in the middle lane.

Wild birds need help always. If you have the opportunity to help them – do not pass by.

Winter view bird food

How do people help birds in winter? With the help of winter feed. This list includes completely different products than millet. They instantly saturate the bird and give it strength. These products include:

  • finely chopped boiled potatoes;
  • mixtures of beetles and worms (sold only in pet stores);
  • high-calorie mixes of nuts and cereals;
  • fruit peeling, pruning, dry fruit;
  • interior fat or lard;
  • any bread crumbs (biscuits, rye, wheat bread);
  • boiled cereals without adding milk (buckwheat, rice, millet, beans, pearl barley, lentils, millet, corn grits).

How to change your relationship with food

How to help the birds in the winter, now everyone is ready to answer. Food! With the help of delicacy the bird will be able to survive all the difficulties of a long and frosty winter.

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