How many people have depression

Eastern horoscope Snake: Zodiac Year Snake; money, career, legend; Snake compatibility horoscope

1929 – earthen

1941 metal

1953 – water

1965 – woody

1977 – fiery

1989 – Earth

2001 – metal

2013 – water

2025 – woody

Horoscope Snake: Legend

The snake is the sixth animal that arrived to the Buddha, received its year of management as a reward and endowing those who were born in her year with her characteristic temper.

In China, in other cultures, there is a mass of annals, myths, and beliefs representing the Serpent as a source of wisdom, enlightenment. The serpent awakens knowledge, leading to the absolute "liberation" of the soul.

According to legend, the Buddha himself stayed for 5 weeks under the wisdom tree of bodhi, meditating. After a lot of tests passed during this time, on the last day all five natural disasters climbed the Buddha – lightning, darkness, cold, wind, rain, trying to break the Buddha in a violent outburst. Then Mukalinda, the king of snakes, crawled out of his possessions, seven times wrapped around the body of Gautama Buddha, protecting him from bad weather. And at that moment, under the serpentine protection, the Buddha reincarnated into the enlightened one, reaching insight.

Krishna is related to Ananta, the serpent of infinity.

Eastern horoscope Snake: character

The snake gives his charges diligence, stubborn strong character, incredible dedication. The goal can be any – noble, love, scientific, mercantile – but it will always be the most important for the Snake in the universe. The snake is ready, one might say, for everything to carry out his plans. Having outlined such a goal, the Serpent will be faithful to her in everything, because her game may not be entirely clear: the Serpent is the master of the imperceptible use of people, their feelings, the general situation for the benefit of the Cause.

The snake has excellent taste, ability to hold. Equip a Serpent is usually immaculately, skillfully able to maintain a secular conversation, diplomatically defuse the situation, preventing conflict. The snake is inherent in the inner core, gloss, it is respected, but beware. However, you cannot call her a social lioness: Snake has a very serious outlook, she is demanding equally to herself, to others, she does not tolerate an idle talk. Snake is characterized by restraint, laconicism, even with relatives. In any communication, she believes true to observe the distance. Snake’s feelings are always strong, but it keeps itself perfectly within the limits. It is difficult for others to guess what is in the heart of this beauty: setbacks, joys, disappointments are all deep.

Snake’s intuition is incredibly developed, the Snake trusts her more than logic, usually not mistaken. Sometimes the abilities and wonders of the Snake intuition manifest themselves on an extrasensory level.

The snake has the clarity of the analytical mind, the gift of persuasion. The Snake acts without fuss, does not get excited, but is able to quickly make the right decisions. She is a valuable worker in an area where organization, attention and high precision are needed: medicine, science and

The snake is strong, stubborn, wise, perspicacious, faithful to its ideals, able, however, to show incredible flexibility. She used to achieve everything desired.

Zodiac Year of the Snake

Capricorn is the Serpent-philosopher. Intellectual, a lot of mind, but he is more abstract than practical.

How many people have depression

Aquarius is an esoteric Serpent, mysterious. Her intuition and insight disturb. With the appropriate education can become a seer, engage in spiritualism.

Fish – Water Snake. Very cool.

Aries – Python. His blows are dangerous, beware.

Taurus – beautiful Viper. She is irresistible in her charm, but will be true.

Gemini – Snake "restless", mobile. Her inconstancy is confusing.

Cancer – Snake-somnambula. Exhaust themselves will not. It would be nice to stir.

Lion – Snake spectacled. This snake is stylish, has a weakness for accessories, enjoys with taste.

Virgo – the ideal of beauty, sophistication. Very clever, insightful. Responsible in everything.

Scales – Snake-hypnotist, beware. Besides, it is too polite, hardly honest.

Scorpio – Snake lecherous. Her partner will always be tested for jealousy.

Sagittarius – Snake decisive. Able to achieve the chosen goal, but the method will not always be good.

Eastern horoscope Snake: money, career

Snakes are inborn careerists in the best sense. The basis of their achievements – high performance, undeniable professionalism. Snakes are sharp wit, have an excellent memory, excellent oratorical data, therefore, if you wish, it is not at all difficult for them to become successful in any direction – from embroidery to politics, business, acting. Snakes choose their business, then rarely leave this path, climbing the career ladder to reach heights. Very appropriate here is their innate flair, insight, diplomacy.

Snakes usually do not have a shortage of money – they know their own worth, they will not work for small amounts. They spend a lot, but much less than they earn. Due to this, the accounts have a solid capital. Snakes are farsighted, their expenses are rational: if large sums are spent on appearance, it is because Snakes are well aware: they are always greeted on clothes, in a business society – especially.

Alexandra Pakhmutova, Charles Darwin, Gustave Flaubert, Greta Garbo, Pablo Picasso, Indira Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Mohammed Ali, Frans Schubert, Giacomo Casanova, Lyudmila Zykina, Mahatma Gandhi, John Kennedy, Henri Matisse, Chris Deere, A. By, Aristotle Onassis.

Snake horoscope compatibility

Good – Rooster, Ox (Bull)

Not bad – Cat (Rabbit), Snake, Dragon

Tense – Rat, Sheep (Goat), Horse

Bad – Boar (Pig), Tiger, Monkey

Compatibility horoscope for snakes more

How many people have depression

In love, Snakes choose their partner themselves. Snakes are intolerable, jealous, even no longer loving.

Snakes are always trying to completely subjugate their partner, to bind children.

The Serpent’s happiness will be brought by the Bull, a gullible and cheerful, he works and has great energy, material and spiritual benefits. Snake is smart enough to be faithful and give the main role to the Bull, which will be the perfect companion.

Excellent relationship with the Rooster, especially in business. The snake is smart, It is easy for her to manipulate the Rooster: the main thing is to gild and embellish the reality. In general, this union is favorable for correcting each other’s shortcomings.

Snake and Dragon complement each other well. The snake is the comrade of the Dragon in the embodiment of his grandest ideas. And the Dragon is proud of its companion.

With the Rat Snake should keep a distance, showing respect.

Monkey’s restless mind disturbs the calmness of the Snake, moreover, it precisely defines the intentions of the Snake. Mutual distrust.

The pig does not trust Snake, feeling its unseemly intentions. However, if the Pig Snake gets caught, it will be paralyzed, captured, turned out by the Snake, confident of impunity.

Tiger in general Snake must be bypassed for seven miles. Tiger is the destroyer of Snake life.

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