How do emotional relationships end

Every girl dreams that a good young man rushes into her little camera and acts as evil (popular wisdom).

How do emotional relationships end

The article is not about those sex slaves who fell into such slavery under duress, but about slave girls who accepted this role voluntarily during the formation of BDSM relationships.

Confession sex love

People do not understand that to be free is to live according to your true nature. The true nature of some people requires them to be full slaves of other personalities. This is their freedom. This idea is too complex to be comprehended by the little brains of a simple man in the street.

How do emotional relationships end

This moment makes me feel uncomfortable. I have to recall the same loving glance of the “slave” on my “mistress”, Avu Taurel, an outstanding Swedish “house” now practicing in New York. Shackled sexy slave silently stood in the room, waiting for orders, in the pose of the secretary, while I interviewed her mistress, who forgot to let her go. When Ava noticed the presence slaves online and sent her away, she sulked. “She wants me to humiliate her all the time. This is so annoying, ”Ava explained to me. Girl slave should not look into the mouth of the hostess constantly.

How terribly annoying the beloved master (owner) is! But, strictly speaking, how can someone who constantly obeys not bother? You may want a sex slave to satisfy your whims for free, only in your fantasies, but not in real life.

How do emotional relationships end

Sex slave in marriage

This can be seen in the relationship of another couple:

– “We have a sadomasochistic marriage,” the online slave Alicia told me by telephone before our meeting. “Since we are both prominent specialists, as well as an interracial couple, we must be very careful with those whom we can trust.” We have several friends in the sadomasochistic community, but we did not join it. You will not see us performing in community support groups. As a specialist, it can hurt me even more than Alan.

Alicia is a licensed marriage and sex counselor. Will you feel comfortable at a meeting with your consultant, if you find out that in private life she is a free slave who sometimes stands on all fours, shackled — an hour or more — and her husband uses her graceful back as a stand for a glass with wine or ashtrays while reading a newspaper or watching television news? Or even puts his feet on it.

“When I am his sexual slave, I can’t draw the line between pain and pleasure. I am the body, and nothing more. ” These words were uttered by the “slave” girl when she described her relationship with her “master” husband. The phrase “I am the body, and nothing more” causes images of passionate, wild, painful genitals, sex, when the sheets do not have time to cool and dry – animal passion, animal sex. Later in an interview with an online slave will say that they "went beyond sexual intercourse." How can one be “a body, and nothing more,” abandoning the primary joy of intercourse?

It seems that people who are engaged in sadomasochism in shackles and handcuffs are no longer a pre-game, depriving themselves of the pleasure of sexuality and transfer it to pain. They changed the very concept of "sex", destroying or greatly reducing the role of genital contact. Intercourse for most heterosexuals is the highest (although, naturally, not the only) expression of sexual feelings, because sexual intercourse satisfies both emotional and physical needs during contact. I am a sex slave and I want to feel a member in me just as my man wants to be inside of me. Couples stuck in sadomasochism seem to have a need for another contact — the touch of a whip, cane, or clamp to the skin. Somehow, the torture tool psychologically becomes a continuation of the one who holds it in his hands. Girls playing the role of sexual slaves have repeatedly described the whip as a phallic symbol. Sometimes a slave can look at him, think about him, but touching is taboo! This is a cruel punishment.

Sadomasochistic relations are two people plus their inventory (shackles, handcuffs, whips, etc.). Their equipment means much more to them than for simple pairs of sex toys, videos or their favorite underwear. “Subjects” often speak warmly of “his (or her) special whip (handcuffs, belt, canes, massage brush)”. Alicia, like most “sex slaves with whom I spoke, says that such relationships bring more emotional experiences than others.

– It fills our lives, she says. – We can not exist without it.

In the picture to the left you can see the classic postures of subordination of a sexual slave, which she accepts herself or on the orders of the master.

Sex slave must be obedient and courteous. For her, there are special rules of etiquette. For example, she should be able to perform a special curtsy – knicksen.

A typical couple, a girl sex slave and her master, using sadomasochism as a form of pre-game, will not describe themselves as “having sadomasochistic relations”. Amateurs claim that they come out of those roles that they play during sexual fun, as soon as the game comes to an end. He or she may submit to sex, but this will not affect the equality of relationships in everyday life. The ease with which a couple can try on and out of the role of a sex slave online and its owner depends on how often they do it and how far they go, and whether they change roles. If you look at the “slave-master” level, the roles become reality for these people. The “master” or “mistress” may declare his respect for the “slave” or “slave” and consider her (his) equal, but this is not such equality as the others understand him.

– “I’m not sure that Alicia became my sex slave just because she is a girl,” Alan says. He wipes the grease off his fingers with a napkin and glances at the roast standing in the basket in front of him. “I have never ordered such a meal,” he notes, among other things. “My best friend Roger is a highly developed person, like me.” This is a wonderful person. I think one day Roger will agree that he is a truly submissive man. Maybe this will not happen until he meets with the right woman who can become his mistress in every sense of the word. – Alan smiles smugly. “I bet you’re surprised at what I said, aren’t you?” I bet you thought that I only think girls can become sex slaves and have to wear shackles.

Sex slavery, slaves in shackles, chained slave girls. These phrases make women from historical novels represent their beaded corsages, plucked from their heaving breasts by powerful men who satisfy these proud beauties as they could not imagine, and, naturally, against their will. Alcoves and harems where beautiful captives are kept in chains. In our fantasies, sex slave submits to the body, but not the soul, and her rebelliousness eventually forces the owner to kneel.

Men sex slaves

Unusual phrase. However, in reality, there are more men living in voluntary slavery than slave girls. However, despite this, male sexual subordination remains the secret of our culture. Nearly twenty years ago, journalist Nancy Fridi made public the fact that two thirds of the men she interviewed for Men In Love magazine told about fantasies in which a woman leads sex and looks at them as slaves. Many other studies have revealed the desire of men to get rid of sexual power, at least – to get rid at least from time to time. We remain faithful to the image of male domination over girls and believe that sadomasochism will always be the “History O” or the story of Alicia, the modern emancipated working woman, and in private life being a sex slave girl online submissive to her man.

Sadomasochistic social clubs and dating services open the doors to girls, but restrict access to men, as there are ten men who want to obey and sometimes more to a woman who wants to dominate. According to Nancy Ave Miller, the founder of People Sharing Power, with branches in several cities across the country (including Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston and Honolulu), for every girl who wants to “train” men, there are up to hundreds of men.

In a master-slave relationship, the driving forces of power and subordination go to the extent that sex itself is no longer needed. In fact, they often replace him with games of domination and submission. Sadomasochistic acts as an “erotic game with power, not sex”. Miller states that sex with her husband is not often. The same applies to Alicia and Alan.

– I am a healer, a teacher, says Alan. – I am very spiritual. I consider myself a developed person and ready to help others develop.

– Do you consider yourself the spiritual leader of Alicia? – I ask him.

– Perhaps, – he answers. – This is a good formulation, if you look from the point of view of sex slavery, which you occupy. I do not understand spiritual leadership as some form of authoritarianism, but I see that you understand it that way. Do you understand what I mean?

He repeatedly repeats this question throughout our conversation about sex slaves online. It seems that it is “you understand what I mean?” For him is a way to put accents. I clearly see how every morning, before leaving for work, he checks whether household appliances are turned off, to be sure twice. It is unlikely that he is forced to repeat this phrase because he thinks that I am more stupid than others. But in any case, it annoys me. He’s like a dripping faucet that you want to spin. To withstand this pressure constantly, you have to think like him. Look at things like a sex slave.

As he speaks, my gaze slips off of him. I stare at the reddened, shackled wrists of the sexy slave Alicia, who become visible when she picks up a cheeseburger and the sleeves of her white blouse are bullying. She follows my gaze and our eyes meet. She smiles sardonically.

– Perhaps you think it has to do with sex. Or not?

Erotic sadomasochism is the exchange of power functions by mutual agreement between two people, which can be practiced in many forms and in different degrees of intensity. Named after the notorious Marquis de Sade, a French erotic writer who became famous for his cruel treatment of women, a sadist causes pain and humiliation. A masochist (on behalf of the Austrian novelist Leopold von Sacher-Masoch) suffers pain and humiliation. Both receive from this process a certain degree of sexual satisfaction.

Why does Alan speak so contemptuously of the assumption that what they are doing is “sex related”?

Sadomasochistic relationship can begin with vanilla sex ”: two people are excited and saturated, embodying the natural scenario of power and humility. At the same time costumes are often used, a kind of uniform. Binding, shackling and shackling, “spanking”, verbal and physical humiliation, blocking some sensory sensations, flagellation – all this (and another) can be part of lovemaking with a newly made sex slave. Look nice. Do all the more. For some couples who practice a gentleman’s relationship — a slave girl, such as Nancy Miller and Barry, Alan and Alicia, punishment — or the sharing of power functions — becomes more and more complex over time. The games last longer and end up much less often with a sexual outcome. “Dramatization” becomes an end in itself.

“True” sadomazohists believe that what they do is more interesting than sex (by which they mean sexual intercourse and orgasm). Chapter from the book of Susan Beykos. Sexual perversions

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