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Short description: (concept, introduction to the profession, the essence of the profession, general characteristics, main features, information about the profession) A bricklayer is a construction worker who performs masonry or repair of stone structures from artificial and natural building materials. Bricklayers are building high-rise buildings, residential buildings, industrial complexes, hydraulic structures and bridges.

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History of the profession: (the emergence of a profession, the history of the development of the profession) The craft of a bricklayer is one of the oldest. Stone buildings have existed since primitive times. The ancient world left us a lot of unique, majestic buildings, the secrets of the construction of which have not yet been learned. Subtleties of professional skill are often handed down from generation to generation. The most beautiful cities of the world: Venice, Paris, St. Petersburg – all this is the work of masons. …

The social importance of the profession in society: (the value of the profession, the importance of the profession, the need for the profession, the demand for the profession) Due to the active growth of large cities, which has been going on for more than one century, the profession of a bricklayer is unusually in demand in the labor market. The changed technical means of erecting buildings, the appearance of monolithic frames, accelerating the pace of construction, did not force out the hand-made masonry. Today, people strive to give both large residential and public buildings and their own houses a unique look, so they always need the services of masons and are ready to pay for them adequately.

How can I get more energy

Mass character and uniqueness of the profession: (requirements for the profession, prospects) The degree of difficulty of a mason’s work is determined by the level of his qualifications. The tasks of simple workers often include the hardest work — preparation and delivery of mortar, laying bricks, etc. The necessary operations are carried out by bricklayers with the help of hand tools. The team of bricklayers is guided by a qualified craftsman who does not carry out auxiliary work. There is also a specialization of the bricklayer-installer – he carries out not only brickwork, but also the installation of reinforced concrete floors, roofs, prefabricated structures. Depending on the skill level of a bricklayer his wages are determined, but even low-skilled labor is highly paid and always in steady demand.

Risks of the profession: (pros and cons of the profession, features of the profession, the difficulties of the profession) Mastering the skill of a bricklayer is not so easy. A number of qualities are necessary for successful work: a good eye, dexterity and consistency of the hands, developed muscular sensations in order to carry out a smooth laying. The bricklayer must skillfully distribute attention in order to prevent a marriage at work or an accident. This is not so easy, considering that a mason is forced to make movements of the same type for a long time. For the construction of complex structures, such as arches, columns or vaults, it is necessary to strictly follow the architectural design, to be able to understand its technical and artistic aspects. Since bricklayers most often work in teams, you need to be able to work in a team and subordinate your actions to the lead bricklayer.

Where to get a profession: (teaching a profession) Labor as a bricklayer does not require special education, often the necessary skills are acquired directly in the process of work under the guidance of more experienced specialists. But for the successful development of the profession requires special education, which can be obtained in construction colleges and technical schools.

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