Hereditary bipolar disorder

The correct name for muscle twitching is fasciculation. This phenomenon has several causes, among them both harmless and easily removable, as well as very serious, requiring long-term treatment.

Hereditary bipolar disorder

There is no definite diagnostic scale that describes the severity of fasciculations. Therefore, it is believed that if fastsikulyatsii occur from time to time, especially against the background of psycho-emotional and physical overload, then you should not worry. However, if fastsikulyatsii become permanent, occur daily or at equal intervals of time during the week, then you need a thorough examination by a doctor. In any case, it is necessary to thoroughly understand why a muscle is twitching on the arm.

A little about neuromuscular transmission

In order for any muscle contraction to occur, a “command” of the nervous system is required. The central link of the nerve impulse is the motoneuron (large motor neuron), located in the spinal cord, it all begins.

Hereditary bipolar disorderThe nerve cannot connect with the muscle directly, because it is a different tissue. The end of the muscle and nerve forms a synapse or gap in which the transmission of a nerve impulse takes place with the help of a mediator or a special chemical substance.

The structure of the synapse is complex, there are membranes, protein complexes, ion channels, neurotransmitter production sites and other structures. The main neuro-muscular transmission mediator is acetylcholine. The portion of acetylcholine not used for impulse transmission is destroyed by the enzyme acetylcholinesterase. The formation and utilization of acetylcholine occurs continuously.

Hereditary bipolar disorder

In the absence of a nerve impulse, the membranes of the synaptic cleft are in a state of complete readiness, there are all the necessary substances. The impulse always passes in the same direction – from the nerve to the muscle, and never vice versa. At the synapse, a transmission delay of up to

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