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BOOK I. General Provisions

Sniper training (full course)

1. General Provisions.

but. In order to become a sniper, you need to know and be able to practice the basic principles of tagging, which include aiming, position for shooting, pull the trigger, setting the sight, taking into account weather factors and bringing the weapon to normal combat.

The purpose of studying these principles is to develop sustainable and correct rifle skills and consolidate them at the level of instinctive actions. Shooting sniper training is a continuation of the basic training of the shooter. She teaches a sniper how to hit a target from the first shot at various, mostly long ranges.

b. The tagging basics taught by a sniper range from those taught to an ordinary soldier to those needed to perform sniper tasks. To train at the expert level, the sniper must be equipped with the best weapons and the best ammunition. He is also armed with additional knowledge and skills in the field of survival on the battlefield, which allow him to fight with the enemy and get out of it as a winner.

at. Each sniper must periodically re-take the course of the foundations of the mark of shooting, regardless of the rifle experience. Even an experienced sniper from time to time suffers from a lack of correct application of the basics of marksmanship, which is a consequence of working off other skills and abilities. The basics of tagged sniper shooting should be worked out in the sequence given in the following sections.

2. Aiming.

Herbs for Brain Fog

The first skill that a sniper develops is proper aiming. The importance of proper aiming cannot be overstated. Not only because it is one of the basic skills, but also because it provides ways in which the sniper can verify the correctness of the ready for shooting and pressing the trigger. The aiming process includes the following phases: the relationship between the eye and sights, a smooth front sight, the aiming point, the process of breathing and aiming, and exercises to develop a proper aiming.

but. The ratio between the eye and sights.

Herbs for Brain Fog

To understand what is required in the process of aiming, the shooter must know how to use his eye. The variety in the position of the eye in relation to the aiming bar results in a variety of images perceived by the eye. The corresponding location of the eye is called the removal of the pupil. Proper removal of the pupil, allowing minor changes, is approximately

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