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A feeling of cheerfulness, a desire to accomplish feats and strive for new heights, a great mood – all this and a little more can give us a good sleep (well, a cup of strong coffee or tea in the morning). But sometimes problems with the musculoskeletal system and in general with health make it impossible to have a good rest. And then massage mattresses can come to the rescue.

Massage mattresses: types, characteristics

The implementation of the massage function can produce ordinary mattresses, the production of which was laid a similar effect, and specialized devices that work on electricity.

Mattresses with massage effect

In this group, by design, there are two types of massage mattresses:

  • spring products consisting of multiple independent blocks or based on interconnected springs. Such a mattress often has several zones, different in hardness, which create a massage effect. In addition, a similar task is performed by orthopedic beds. Such products mainly have a massage effect due to the upper layer of the filler, which can have a structured surface, have the function of memorizing the shape of the body or simultaneously differ in both of these qualities;
  • springless, which look like sandwiches, consisting of several layers of different fillers. Most often for the manufacture of such massage devices use latex (expensive version) or improved variations of foam rubber. With the help of special processing, the material acquires a figured relief, necessary for the implementation of the main function – massage. It is easy to bend the product into a compact roll and transport it to its destination.

Both spring and springless mattresses with a massage effect, of course, will help you to rest better, but you should not expect any serious therapeutic effects.

Massage mattresses with electronic control unit

A massage mattress with electronic “filling” is a multifunctional device that can solve many health problems at home. It works on electricity and can often be controlled using the control panel. Such a mattress can be put directly on the floor or use the frame of an ordinary bed, if it fits in size.

Depending on the brand, the product can perform several functions and be equipped with various replaceable components. Some models perform vibratory massage; others have special plates that begin to heat up in a programmed sequence. Individual mattresses have a therapeutic effect with the help of magnetic radiation.

These specialized products should be applied in a specific pattern, taking breaks. By the way, they are distinguished by a rather high cost. You can also buy a universal mattress, which is permissible to use at any time, and its price is quite democratic. The product works on the basis of the classic tingling, tapping, tapping, kneading, and vibration techniques.

It is strictly forbidden to use a mattress with electromagnetic, roller and any other type of coating after taking sedatives or intoxicated.

Indications and contraindications to the use of a massage mattress

If you are not a child or a teenager, whose energy and health are splitting away over the edge, surely different vital factors impose your negative impression on your well-being. Partially neutralize their action will help massage electromattress. So, he is able to:

  • relieve from overwork;
  • remove increased muscle tone;
  • restore the blood flow disturbed in the vessels;
  • improve sleep quality.
  • remove pain in the back, buttocks and lower back;
  • prevent salt deposits in the joints;
  • reduce the appearance of cellulite.

In addition, it is worth acquiring such a useful attribute if:

  • you are an old man;
  • suffer from frequent headaches, osteochondrosis, migraines;
  • lead a sedentary lifestyle;
  • have cellulite at any stage;
  • suffer from sleep disorders;
  • during work often strain your neck and shoulders.

Contraindications to the use of a massage mattress are:

  • a period of one hour before and after eating;
  • oncologic neoplasms;
  • diabetes;
  • dermatological diseases and various injuries on the skin;
  • varicose veins;
  • menstruation period;
  • pregnancy;
  • severe diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • the period determined by the doctor after surgery.

Naturally, all these contraindications relate only to the mattress with the control unit, and not the usual, with only a massage effect.

Before buying a massage mattress with a control unit, experts advise:

  • find out all the pros and cons of the chosen model;
  • consult with your doctor about the admissibility of the use of such a unit;
  • choose a mattress with a coating of natural materials to make the procedure more comfortable;
  • when selecting the stiffness of the coating should pay attention to its compliance with your weight category, so as not to spoil the device ahead of time.

What to look for when choosing a massage mattress

If you decide to purchase a personal electronic "masseuse", pay attention to some important selection criteria.

Healthy Stress Management

Top coat

Most of the massage mattresses on the underside are covered with a rough, fleecy material that does not allow the unit to slide over the surface on which it lies. In addition, the device may have coatings suitable for use in cold or hot seasons. When choosing a massage mattress, you should give preference to a product covered with natural or blended fabric in order to feel full comfort during the procedure. By the way, a breathable material will avoid the appearance of fungus inside the mattress.

Permissible load (weight) on the mattress

Depending on your weight, you should choose a massage mattress of different stiffness. So, if your weight is less than 55 kg, it is better to give preference to a soft model. Otherwise, your bones, figuratively speaking, will beat on a hard surface, causing you to experience severe discomfort. With a body weight of 55 to 90 kilograms, an average hardness model will suit you. But with a more massive weight it is better to give preference to a hard mattress in order to feel the full effect of the massage.

Manufacturer and price

Most often in the market of massage mattresses can be found models of Chinese manufacturers (FitStudio, Planta, etc.). Their price varies on average from 2 500 to 5 000 rubles. Note that mainly such models carry out vibration massage, which does not have a serious therapeutic effect.

And although the cost is very democratic, and the device basically copes with its task, the purchase does not pay off. The reason for this – poor-quality "filling" of mattresses, quickly falling into disrepair. Such models are suitable only for home use, unlike products of German and American manufacturers.

Massage mattresses made in Germany and the USA are distinguished by their versatility, high quality and excellent healing effect. The most popular brands are Casada, Medisana, ZENET, US MEDICA. The cost of their products ranges from 5 to 50 thousand rubles. Naturally, such products are durable, and their price often pays for itself quickly, especially during professional use.


As already mentioned, there are models of a universal nature, which can be used at least every day without risk to health, and there are – with a narrow specialization. The latter should be applied strictly in accordance with the instructions, so as not to worsen the health even more.

How does the classic model

Universal products perform a general tonic massage using rollers, air bags or vibration, as well as their combination. The most effective is a device operating on a roller system. It allows you to influence the longitudinal muscles of the back, thereby producing a correction of the vertebrae. Thus, back pain disappears, nerve pinched is eliminated, which allows to improve the functioning of all organs.

Massage in the form of vibration allows:

  • improve blood circulation;
  • eliminate blood stasis in the vessels;
  • speed up metabolism.

Healthy Stress Management

A massage mattress based on airbags improves blood flow, eliminates lymphatic stasis, and improves the elasticity of the skin.

Special mattress features

Narrowly targeted products are designed to treat certain diseases or imply effects on the body using original techniques.

Healthy Stress Management

So, there are mattresses made on the basis of:

  • plates of tourmaline, which allow to treat diseases of the joints;
  • magnetic emitters performing magnetic therapy;
  • electric heating, which allows thermal effects on diseased areas;
  • ceramic plates that are relevant for hyper- and hypotension, frequent pain in different parts of the body, and

The surface of the product can be flat or studded, and the latter makes the healing effect much stronger. If the mattress has zoning, then this product allows you to pay attention to a specific area of ​​the body. So, deep massage can be done in the neck and shoulders, spine and lower back, buttocks, thighs, calves.

Description of individual models

Some models of massage mattresses are particularly popular with consumers for various reasons. Some attract their price, while others – great quality.

Fitstudio massage mattress

This Chinese-made product is fully computerized and is configured using the control panel. Automatically turns off after 15 minutes of operation. The mattress consists of three sectors that allow you to pay attention:

  • neck and neck area;
  • middle part of the back and lower back;
  • thighs and calves.

Fitstudio massage bed allows you to increase your working capacity, make your sleep more sound, relieve muscle fatigue, and partially relieve chronic fatigue syndrome. The mattress is designed for weight up to 150 kg, works on the basis of a roller system and vibration. The purchase of this model is very pleasant because of its democratic value.

The product is easy to roll into a compact roll, from the inside of it is covered with a rough anti-slip fabric, the upper part is covered with synthetic material. The device has a winter and summer coverage. The weight of the unit is small and is a little over 2 kg. From the end of the mattress is a pocket for the remote.

Among the shortcomings users call:

  • quite weak vibration, which is why the difference between the modes is almost imperceptible;
  • the presence of instructions only on the packaging to the device;
  • the possibility of rocking down users with a weak vestibular apparatus.

Video: FitStudio massage mattress review

Last year I ordered a Fitstudio massage mattress with a remote control in the online store Meleon. Kupilas beautiful advertising. Well, the constant pain in the back and neck played a role. With the store no problems, the parcel was sent on time, the packaging is beautiful. But the mattress itself immediately disappointed. Outwardly, he is very beautiful, well made, comfortable and easy to manage. Types of massage, which allegedly can be done with the help of a massage mattress: spinning, combing, rolling, kneading, tapping, and shiatsu (what it is, remains a mystery to me). Because all types of massage were similar to each other, like twins. And the common name for them is vibration. Although the rolling mode was like rolling on a fighter (the sound of turbines working and shaking, respectively). So, apart from beautiful design, I didn’t find anything special in it, very sorry. Now I don’t risk ordering such things online. Better in the store to check it out. Read more at Otzovik: http: //


http: //

Unfolded, the length of the mattress is 170 cm. With my height, 164 is more than enough. Spread out. The mattress seemed thin, but apparently due to this, it folds so well. And this is not a disadvantage that is impossible to fight. In extreme cases, you can lay the mattress on a bed, sofa or chair. There are special straps for mounting. Included is a remote control with five modes. Massages 4 zones: neck, back, waist, legs. You can massage each zone separately or in a complex. There is also a heating function, it is a pity that it works only for the waist. But so not bad either. Another vibrating massage helps to reduce excess weight and relieve swelling. But do not expect that all cellulite will run away from you in 15 minutes. But somewhere in a month, the result will already be noticeable. I have to work a lot at home at the computer, my back naturally gets tired. Well, and getting yourself to work at home is very difficult. Now do a break for a massage. I motivate myself by the fact that I’ll work for a couple of hours, and then I can lie down. Of course, you won’t take a mattress to the office, but nothing prevents them from enjoying at home.

Massage mattress Medisana

This German-made massage mat can offer consumers five massage programs, each of which has 2 levels of intensity. Switching is performed using the remote control, which can be stored in a pocket on the device itself. The procedure can be performed on the whole body or on one of the 4 zones of your body – from the neck to the lower back, on the lower back, hips, legs.

The device includes a pillow for the head, the weight of the product is

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