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That terrier is not the kind of dog that will search for drugs at airports, catch intruders at the border or detain the criminal along with the police. However, this does not mean that the education of the terrier is not needed.

The most interesting thing is that if the training of that terrier is necessary in order for it to obey, then the education must be mutual – for the animal itself and its owner.

Raising a terrier

An ill-bred animal can turn the life of its owner into hell, and for itself, worsen its own life. The education of the terrier is in the elementary rules and skills:

  • Bred pet must respond to the call of the owner. It doesn’t matter how you call the terrier: with a snarling bass – “Mukhtar, come to me!” Or sugary – “Pusinka, go to your mom!”. The pet should clearly understand and know that you are calling her and come to you.
  • to cope with the need in the places designated by the owner. No comments here.
  • doggie must be adapted in society – socialized. The miniature creature on four legs, calmly referring to people, will not rush away from you on the street at the sight of a company of teenagers or when an neighbor’s child tries to stroke it. Dogs participating in exhibitions should be taught to calmly relate to the fact that strangers will touch it.
  • Raising the ability to communicate with people, teach your pet to a leash. Walking on a leash will not only be the salvation of a four-legged friend from theft, but also can save her life.
  • at the root to stop aggressive attitude towards anyone else. Your raised pet should not throw at other animals and people. And even more so, do not bark or express your discontent with you.
  • show pets inculcates fearlessness to height. Inspecting the baby from the floor is not very convenient, so dwarf pets are put on the table.

Let’s start in order. In your house there is a new tenant – the toy terrier. Raising a puppy is not about wanting to please the baby, but instilling the skills of good, if you will, intelligent behavior.

Consistently, calmly teach a puppy:

  • cleanliness. We are gaining patience and monotonously strictly articulate the puppy for the puddle he has done on the floor. And when the little terrier does things in the right place – we praise him.
  • don’t mess up things. Before the first year of life, the terrier puppy nibbles everything. You should not blame the kid for the first time for a damaged bag or shoes, but simply remove valuable items that you do not want to lose. And to give your pet a chance to nibble, get safe toys for him.
  • status in the house. For sleep – a separate place. If the pet sleeps with you – it is equal to you (the owner) in status. Have patience to not be tempted to take the puppy to bed in the first six months. Then, in the process of training, it will be much easier for a pet to perceive the command “Place” much faster.
  • walk on a leash. Walking on a leash should become a habit. That terrier is an educated dog that can do with a home toilet, but a walk in the fresh air is necessary for a pet.
  • do not bite while playing. Strictly respond to every attempt to bite, but to beat the dog can not in any case. Smoothly finish the game so that the puppy realizes that if he bites, then no entertainment is expected.
  • be alone at home. At first, the baby will whine without you, but if you leave the house at first for twenty minutes, and then gradually increase the time of your absence, the dog will quickly come to terms with the fact that you are not there and will wait patiently.

Raising a toy terrier at home will not be complete if you do not play with it. The irrepressible energy of this breed requires an exit. Find time for outdoor games with a puppy, and after an active pastime soothe your baby.

Education and care for the Russian toy terrier

Raising a Russian toy terrier will not be difficult because of the docile nature of the breed. The dog will gladly accept the rules of behavior in the family established by you.

As for the Russian long-haired toy terrier, the education of this breed includes additional requirements for hygiene and beauty:

  • A well-educated dog should get used to regular combing with a special brush.

The educational process will be complete if not only the pet will learn to fulfill your requirements, and you will learn to understand your four-legged friend. After all, a dog may not do what you ask of it, not because it is trying to annoy you, but because it cannot understand you yet.

How to train that terrier

Proper education and training of the terrier can give you a sociable and loyal companion. Moreover, due to the desire of the pet to seize the attention of its owner, from the toya, you can bring up a brave (to the best of your ability) energetic defender of the guard.

Loudness and sensitivity dogs, even without resorting to special training, will be useful for the protection of the apartment.

If, however, come to grips with the question of how to train and raise that terrier, then it is better to contact a dog training center that works with miniature breeds:

  • professional dog trainer trains and raises a dog by a certain method, but taking into account the individual characteristics of the animal.
  • To develop the qualities of a companion dog, the specialist will add stunt training to the class.
  • The dog handler will point out mistakes in raising, training and correct the behavior of the animal.
  • will help to understand the development of peace teams for your friend.

To understand how the professional training of that terrier happens, look at the VIDEO.

Good sleep advice

How to train a toy terrier at home

As for how to train that terrier at home, it will not be difficult to train a miniature dog to some of the simplest commands. To do this, it is enough to conduct classes with toychik for two to three months.

Training a puppy toy terrier at home spend in the form of a game, adhering to the following rules:

  • the baby is given a command.
  • if successful, praise the puppy.
  • in case of non-fulfillment, we repeat the command and show what exactly we want.

Such simple rules are applicable before the onset of six months of age, and then there comes a period of serious attitude. Now your task is to make toyik not ignore your commands, but execute. To do this, use the well-known method of "carrot and stick". Only in the role of a “stick” can you apply a voice boost (not a shout) or ignoring an animal (leave it alone in the room). And so and so you show your pet discontent.

The basic commands for this and effective methods of training include:

  • ban. The commands “No!” And “Foo!” Are applied as soon as the dog does something impermissible.

Start training team "Fu!" At home, because on the street where there are so many interesting things, the attention of the dog will be dispersed. And she will have time to grab from the ground and swallow some rubbish.

Good sleep advice

In the house we lay on the floor favorite doggie pieces of food. And as soon as she tries to take food from the floor, say “Fu!” To him. He stopped and did not pick up – praise and treat him with a treat, he grabbed and swallowed – punish. When at home toychik gets used to the team and can resist to grabbing the snack, take him outside, taking food with him and continue training in other conditions.

Treats for dog training and promotion:

Use the command “No!” In case of disobedience and aggression, when the dog tries to growl at you or bite your hands. Training is repeated until the terrier stops such behavior.

  • saving the order "to me!" will save the health and life of the dog. Training consists in the following – choose the moment when the animal moves towards you, without raising your voice, say “To me!” And give a small delicacy. Events do not force, this order does not give the dog, if you are not sure of its implementation, because in the future you will seek obedience with any team.
  • the “Sit!” command is created “manually”. We give the team and click on the pet’s croup so that it sits down, praise and treat. For a few trainings in silence at home, toychik will learn what they want from him, and you can proceed to working out this command in other conditions.

Training will require you to repeat and study again. When repeating, watch the state of the dog, as soon as you see the first signs of fatigue from executing commands or loss of interest, allow the animal to rest or go on to learn a new team.

A pleasant and comfortable life with a educated toy terrier in the house, which is possible thanks to education and training, will help the dog to reveal its best breed qualities. At any stage of the training of the toy terrier at home, VIDEO will vividly demonstrate all the subtleties of the training sessions.

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