Feeling tired all the time

Some people freeze even in a warm room, forced to wrap themselves in warm clothes and constantly turn on the heaters.

According to statistics, every third woman is a “merzlichka”, who will feel chills even at quite comfortable for many temperatures. Men face this problem less often due to a more stable thermoregulation system. Why do people freeze all the time and how to deal with such a phenomenon, figured out

Important iron

The feeling that you feel cold all the time appears when there is anemia, or even the level of hemoglobin just started to drop slightly. Blood transport of oxygen deteriorates, tissue nutrition is disturbed, and blood vessels dilate to speed up blood flow and warm up. Because of this, heat transfer increases, the body loses its heat and starts to freeze.

Feeling tired all the time

Some foods help to restore balance. To do this, the diet should include red meat, liver and kidneys, buckwheat, pearl barley and rice cereals, dried fruits, eggs, apples, fish, cheese, cabbage and dill. Daily intake of iron should be 15 mg.

Lack of vitamins

Everyone knows that the lack of vitamins badly affects the state of human health. But few realize that they constantly experience a feeling of cold due to the lack of vitamins A and E. It is these two substances that are responsible for the balance of biochemical processes in the liver that contribute to heat.


Traditionally it is believed that full people are always hot. In fact, fatty deposits, accumulating, squeeze blood vessels and lead to the fact that the blood flow worsens, and then everything happens, as in the case of iron deficiency.

Thyroid problems

The thyroid gland is an extremely important organ whose work is often underestimated. Iron, despite its small size, plays an important role – it distributes energy reserves. If some problems develop, for example, hypothyroidism – it works “half-heartedly” and slows down the metabolism. Then the person begins to feel that he is freezing from the inside. Understand that it is in the thyroid gland, you can, paying attention to the legs – they are cold at any time of the day. If you think that the matter is in the gland – it is worth examining it and if there are any deviations, it is necessary to treat and correct them.

Pressure and vessels


Feeling tired all the time

Vascular problems also often lead to the fact that a person freezes at any time of the year and even under a warm blanket. First, the vessels can lose the desired tone, because of which the blood begins to "run" more slowly through them. Secondly, spasms can be the cause of freezing: with a sharp compression of blood vessels, problems with blood supply begin. Thirdly, the sensation of cold can cause disturbance of the peripheral capillaries, because of why the blood does not “reach” to the tips of the fingers.

In this case, it is necessary to take a course of vitamins, increase physical activity, add walks in the fresh air, adjust nutrition (add fruits and vegetables, remove refined food).

Cold diabetes

With diabetes, a person can also easily feel the “inner cold”. This disease causes metabolic disorders, as well as serious problems with the cardiovascular system. In such cases, patients usually complain of constantly cold feet, which periodically lose their sensitivity. This should be reported to the endocrinologist, who will select the appropriate treatment.

Dangerous malnutrition

Making a chill at any time of the year can a banal lack of calories. Thus, for example, people who eat little do not receive enough of their standard. So, they seriously lack energy “for heating” and there is no place for the body to replenish its reserves. Therefore, people are often thin and leading a sedentary lifestyle have a low body temperature.

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