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We are the creative force of our planet. There are almost 5 billion of us. We shape the frequency of the earth’s mood. When we are satisfied, others are easier. When upset, it’s hard for everyone. The truth is that we are never satisfied for long. Often we are upset. This is recognized by projectors. This is an angry manifesto. Reflectors reflect this. And all in the end somehow not on its own. But what if every Generator still tries to do what he loves? Just try. Suddenly something will turn out. I already try. Maybe you too?

Generators are those people who have a sacral center, a vital center as such. Red Square. If you want to see a truly powerful person at work, you just need to watch the Generator living in accordance with its true nature.

Generators are purely energetic beings, but, unlike Manifestors, they are not designed to take initiative. They are created to respond to different life situations and, therefore, it is important for them to be able to wait, learn patience.

Nikolay Gogol. Bodigraph. The time of birth is established by means of rectification (site

Generator Aura

Open and enveloping, it envelops our planet with its numerical majority – generators of 70% of the entire population of the Earth. If you are a generator, you are created to accept everything, and you lack the ability to discriminate. You are accessible to everything, and only your special design, your inner authority helps to understand what exactly you can invest your energy at this moment. Doing something that brings satisfaction is the key to the generator.

Self-Conscious Generator knows that he doesn’t need to start anything. His very aura attracts those who want to ask. And it attracts exactly what you need. And when the Generator allows this aura to speak without words, he gets the very advantage of meeting with the forces suitable to him without attracting undue attention.

What to do?

This is manifested when the Generator begins to respond to something from the outside (on a specific question, situation, announcement in a newspaper, weather conditions …). The question to which you can moan "Yeah" or "Nea" – can greatly facilitate the life of the "sacred" person.

The technique that can help the Generator to begin to hear its sacred voice is simple: the question is the response. Someone whom you trust, with whom you are comfortable, asks you questions of a very different type: “Do you eat meat? Do you want to? (especially important for vegetarians). Are you comfortable here? Do you want to answer my questions? Do you like your room? Do you want something izmnenit in your life? Don’t you like something? Do you know what this is. ". From the general to the specific. This may last 10 minutes or more.

Responding to different questions with sounds, the Generator begins to relax and discover its sacred voice and understand the wisdom of the body. Its authoritative "aha" and "nea", which sounds differently.

Not every "aha" comes from the sacral, the mind can also "agaknut" in unison with its reflections.

Generator Transformation

It starts with the body. Listen and feel into yourself, this biological form is perfect for life. Let him live. It can be compared in transport, and consciousness – with a passenger who makes a trip in this car. Each of us has our own unique direction in life and our perfect way to go in that direction. Begin to feel what decisions come out of your mind, rather than being born responding to something.

A simple example. We gathered to visit a friend and bought him a box of ice cream. A friend and without it had enough treats, and forgot about ice cream. Then, like Winnie the Pooh, it was “we probably should go” – “well, since you don’t want anything else” – “but do you have something else?” … “Oh, I remembered. We also have ice cream! ” She said, but in the general noise this was not heard. Very soon, when the new ice cream owner himself remembered him and offered to anyone who wants, to my surprise, I did not want to. “Nope!” Said the sacral. “It’s good that I didn’t ask,” I thought with satisfaction. I wanted him in the store then. And now not.

By responding to life, you are more and more relaxed in your body. Conversely, greater relaxation in the body makes it possible to better feel your responses. Begin to observe whether you are sitting comfortably, moving with your speed. Do you need to stretch more or move more actively. It is important for generators to find their own pace and be in a comfortable movement for themselves, without becoming ill with a sedentary lifestyle.

Since childhood, the generator needs to be stimulated, asked, giving it the opportunity to respond: “Do you like it?”, “Do you want to do this?”, “Do you want to do this together?”. Nope Nope, nope. And this is his right. Although parents can strain and upset. And so on until “aha!” Breaks out. This power is inside. No way to meet her without a response. When parents know in advance who their child should become, when she grows up, the world eventually gets another upset slave who pushes money.

The generator at the unloved job is the wrong bee that makes the wrong honey.

The generator is sensitive to conditioning. He can easily and quickly fall under the influence. Because of the open hugging aura that doesn’t know what to say no. And in his false manifestation, he can put his power in the wrong and the wrong way, and this makes him an even more upset and dissatisfied worker.

In working relationships, this blind openness is eliminated at the moment when the necessary tasks are properly approached and given to the Generator so that they are not distracted by other matters.

The true power of the Generator is in the ability to respond to the environment and feel what is inside. When he responds correctly, he becomes the most energetically energetic type.

Everything in this world was made by Generators. Only Generators are able to constantly show their strength, continuing to do something. The life force that the Sacral produces is the most powerful source of energy available to humanity. So strong that it needs to be drained during the day, otherwise the unworked energy will not let you sleep. Full recovery of the body gives a dream in solitude, in its aura. But before that you need to work hard and get tired. As in childhood, when you run and fall without hind legs.

This is the main question of the Generator that worries him the most. His body is designed specifically to understand himself as much as possible, and through himself everything else. And to find out how it is to make your decisions from the response. Therefore, the correct guides play an important role in the development of the Generator.

Sacred response

“Generators need something from which they can push off. A certain step or object in the space of their attention. They are people of interaction.

Here, it seems, it is empty and passive, and then some kind of spark, and now he is completing the twentieth floor of a high-rise building. It is necessary to respect this “passive” expectation and “emptiness” (sometimes it looks like a loss), to treat the Generator as a tuning fork, resonating only with those frequencies that it is tuned to from birth. At the same time, it is not very correct to build conclusions about it on the “empty” state (perhaps this is a common mistake of the parents of the Generator children). Neither he nor you know much about yourself. A sacred response is often a surprise, if everything is fair. ” – Alexander Ostapenko.

Generator and others

Some Generators can be strong working in a group of 3 to 5 people. Because the only motor that drives such a penta is a generating resource, or production capacity, as they say). It’s all about the life force. We did not choose it, it is given to us.

Therefore, Generators are also a powerful conditioning force. They are more than other types suitable for teamwork. But each employee will feel like a slave until this work gives something special, until the Generator starts to enjoy being in a team.

And here the Generator needs directives and a clear program, a guide that can be implemented through precisely asked questions. Otherwise, it may stall and freeze.

If you are a generator and you do not know what to do. You were asked, but you still do not know, accept that there is no solution. Not yet. And wait still, continuing to do what is being done.

But the song is about waiting on the Generator about Generators – from a friend, the brilliant freak (channel 43-23) Billy Novick and the Billy’s Band – “There is happiness”:

Generator and Projector

This is a separate topic.

The generator has incredible power, and it needs to respond. He can live the beauty of his power when he responds. And Projectors are made to see the potential and beauty of the Generator. Projectors can provide a service to the generator by asking questions. They can create relationships, allowing the Generator to respond.

Such relationships can be based on honesty and mutual respect.

  • The generator is actually looking for such a focus, attention, who would get out of it that he WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT ME, what is in it, and is known in motion.
  • This movement triggers a response – voluntary willingness to give its power to something.
  • And the generator endlessly wants to know about yourself. But infinitely does not mean that he is always ready for contact.
  • This is a thrill of communication. Exchange. I generate, you direct. When we coincide – in mood, in response, in general feeling – we can generate successfully, efficiently, satisfied with how things are going.
  • When the projector interferes inappropriately, a bummer effect occurs. Generator Diaphragm, which does not respond to the initiative of the Projector, is compressed, and does not give out strength.
  • The generator would be happy, he himself thinks: "Mmm, such a nice person, but something is hacking me." The most interesting thing is that the Projector feels it, its, as my son says, tum (Theory and Practice of Puzika is described here).

Feel better song

Read more about relationships in the article on Projector.

Frustration – a reminder

Here’s a reminder to you: because of what we can’t get no satisfaction. Frustration is typically a generator state. And it eventually infects all the rest. And generators – the majority, here and think for yourself on the scale of the planet. Earth has a diagnosis of frustration.

Frustration (Latin frustratio – “deception”, “failure”, “vain expectation”, “disorder of plans”) is a mental state that arises in a situation of real or perceived inability to satisfy needs, or, more simply, in a situation of inconsistency of desires with existing opportunities. It could somehow mentally hurt.

Frustration arises in a situation that is perceived by a person as a threat to the satisfaction of any need. It manifests itself in a number of emotional processes, such as frustration, anxiety, irritation, and even despair.

Like disappointment, there is a lack of some expected and desired result, but in a state of frustration, people still struggle to get what they want, even if they don’t know exactly what needs to be done to be happy.

Feel better song

Frustration is the unrequited love for yourself. – Masha Vodolazskaya

“Dissatisfaction is to some extent beneficial, because it shows us that we have a hidden potential that seeks to manifest itself, so that we live in full force.

Moreover, we can say that the magnitude of our dissatisfaction is exactly equal to the size of the unused potential, that is, the Force with which we do not live, Love, which we do not express, Mind, which we do not show. ” – Vincenzo Rossi. "Life in motion."

From frustration to satisfaction

Frustration or frustration is something that representatives of this type inevitably encounter. This is one side of the coin. On the second, “satisfaction” is written – what generators come to, having felt a response and a call for something, step by step that allows their potential to unfold. Both that and another is energy, only in one case it is not spent correctly, and effectively in the other.

What the Generator needs is to do what you love. Love what you do.

Manifestoral Syndrome

This is the biggest disease that every Generator is infected with. I call it the “Manifestor syndrome”: the desire to start doing something, ignoring the natural course of events. This is what destroys more than the longest wait. Because waiting is natural for the Generator, but initiation is not. This applies equally to the Genarator worker, manager, unemployed or free artist. The generator is created to act in response, answering questions and requests from people / lives.

A generator manager needs a control system that he can trust. And someone from the staff can give them the right key to get a response and be able to lead and direct the organization.

The opportunities that come every moment … Something resonates with you, but something does not. And if it resonates, you know for sure that this is yours.

Strategy and Domestic Authority

The Generator can have one of two internal authorities: the Sacral Center or the Solar Plexus. In the first case, the strategy will wait for a response. In the second case, wait for clarity and respond to what has cleared up with time.

Manifold Generators

This is also a generator, with a quick response feature to the response and with the danger of greater manifestation. Read about this type here.

By responding to life, you add satisfaction to a common whole and your personal and more and more open yourself to yourself. It is so simple. Just try to respond.

About the personal experience of the generator can be read here, but about the response here. In addition, here you can find a whole series of notes on the topic.

To cite famous people as an illustration of the type is conventionality. Living their design, they could do something else. Although, judging by some – hardly.

Famous Generators

Nikolai Gogol, Renata Litvinova, Jim Carrey, Edith Piaf, John Lennon, Bruce Willis, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Eddie Murphy, Albert Einstein, Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Want to know what kind of Generator you are, what is your love formula for yourself? That way.

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