Fear of being set on

Before you are scenes from the works of E. Schwartz, A. Griboyedov, E. Asadov, A. Exupery. They are given in abbreviations and with some changes, which allows them to be put on the school stage in a relatively short time.


On the scene of the scenery of the forest. On the stump sits the goblin. Leading either in front of the stage, at the bottom, or along the edges of the stage (it’s better if they are guys, otherwise you’ll have to redo the text a little at the end).

The characters – the girl and the woodworker – not only utter their remarks, but also use pantomime (plastically expressive body movements, gestures, facial expressions.)

On the old aspen in the wilderness of the forest

There lived a goblin, big-eyed and hairy.

(The Goblin can make sounds similar to the cry of monkeys, scratch, etc.)

For the devil, he was still young –

Three hundred years, no more. Not at all evil

Pensive, quiet and unmarried.

Once at the Black Marshes, in a hollow,

He saw a girl above the stream …

(A girl with a basket appears on the stage. She is lost, looks frightened right, then left, then peers into the distance, she can say "ay."

Beautiful, with a full mushroom basket

And in a bright city dress.

(The girl sits down on another stump and cries bitterly.)

THE ONE (aside.)

Looks like lost. How bitterly crying!

And the devil suddenly seemed to mourn!

Well, how to get it out? Here is the challenge!

He jumped off the bitch and, no longer hiding,

Bowed before the girl and said …

Do not Cry. You embarrassed me with beauty.

You are a joy! And I will help you!

The girl started, jumped,

But I listened to the speech and suddenly decided …

GIRL (aside.)

Okay. I will have more time. I’ll run.

And he stretched it in shaggy paws

Bouquet of violets and chrysanthemums.

And so beautiful was their fresh smell,

That the girl’s fear was gone completely.

And the devotee said …

I have never met an eye …

And further, embarrassed already completely,

Quietly kissed her hand.

From moss and straw he wove her hat,

He was affectionate, smiling affably,

And, though he did not have hands, but paws,

But even "fingered" and did not try.

I brought her mushrooms, seeing off through the forest,

In difficult places ahead going

Every twig bending back,

Bypassing every dimple.

Saying goodbye to the logging of the burnt

He looked down sadly, hiding a sigh.

And she suddenly thought …

GIRL (aside).

And it seems, perhaps, not so bad.

And hiding the embarrassment in the bouquet, beautiful

Suddenly I quietly said on the go …

You know, I really like this forest …

I guess I’ll come again tomorrow.

(The girl and the devil together leave the stage.)

Guys, be alarmed! Well, who does not know

That girl with a tender soul

One hundred thousand sins will forgive us sometimes

But inattention does not forgive.

Let’s return to chivalry in good time.

And to the caress that we forgot

To our lovely sometimes from us

Did not begin to run to evil spirits!

(The characters bow out.)


(In abbreviation and with some changes.)

Pavel Afanasyevich Famusov, manager in a government house.

Sofia Pavlovna, his daughter.

Alexey Stepanovich Molchalin, secretary Famusov, who lives in his house.

Alexander Andreevich Chatsky.

Action in Moscow, in the house of Famusov.

(Lisa sleeps in the middle of the room, hanging from a chair or chair. Suddenly she wakes up, gets up, looks around.)

It’s getting light! Oh. How soon the night passed!

Yesterday I asked to sleep – failure.

"We are waiting for a friend." – We need an eye and an eye,

Do not sleep, pokodova not roll with a chair.

Now here’s just a nap,

Oh, the day. To tell them…

(Knocks to Sophia.)

Hey, Sofia Pavlovna, trouble.

Your conversation came overnight;

Are you deaf, Alexey Stepanych?

Madam. – And the fear does not take them!

Everything in the house has risen.

(Sophia from her room.)

Seventh, seventh, ninth …

(Sophia from the room.)

Lisa (moves away from the door of Sophia.)

Oh, damned cupid!

And they hear, do not want to understand

Well, what would shutters take away from them?

I will transfer the clock, at least I know: there will be a race,

Make them play.

(Lisa gets up on a chair, moves the hand. The clock strikes and plays.)

Lisa (standing on a chair.)

After all, what a naughty girl you are.

I could not think of what kind of trouble!

That flute is heard, then like a piano;

For Sophia it would be too early.

No, sir, I … just by chance …

Here is something by chance, note for you.

(Approaches Liza, flirts.)

Oh, potion! Balovnitsa!

You are a rogue! To face you, these faces ?!

Famusov (hugging Lisa.)

Modest, but nothing else

Fear of being set on

Leprosy and wind on the mind.

Let the anemones themselves,

Come to your senses, you are old men …

Well, who will come, where are we?

Who will come here?

Sophia is sleeping?

Read the whole night.

See some whim wound up!

Everything in French, out loud, reads locked up.

Tell me that it is not good to spoil her eyes.

And in reading the good is not great:

She has no sleep from French books,

And it hurts me to sleep from the Russians.

What will rise. Will report

Excuse me to go; wake up, afraid.

It’s time, sir, you know, you are not a child:

In girls, morning sleep is so thin,

You creak a little door, you whisper a little,

(Steals from the room on tiptoe.)

Gone. Oh! From the gentlemen,

They have trouble themselves for every hour

Pass us more than all sorrows

And lordly anger, and lordly love!

(Lisa, Sophia with a candle, followed by Molchalin.)

What, Liza, attacked you?

Of course, you part hard.

Before the light shut up, and everything seems to be small.

Ah, really dawn!

Valit people on the streets for a long time,

And in the house knocking, walking, sweeping and cleaning.

Happy hours are not watching.

Go; the whole day still tolerate boredom.

You are my stupid judgment

Do not ever complain …

I repeated: there will be no love in this proc.

Like all of Moscow, your father is:

I would like to son in law with the stars and with the ranks

And the money to live, so that he could give bauli.

For example, Colonel Skalozub:

And the golden bag, and marks in the generals.

I do not care for him, that in the water.

And Alexander Andreich Chatsky ?!

He is so sensitive and cheerful and sharp!

I remember, he is poor, as you parted!

The hunt has traveled on him;

Oh! If someone loves someone,

Why is the mind to search and ride so far?

Who I love is not like this:

Molchalin for others is ready to forget himself,

The enemy of insolence is always shy, timid …

I kiss the night with whom you can spend it!

He will take a hand, to the heart squeezes,

From the depths of the soul sigh

Not a word of free

And so the whole night passes.

A hand with a hand, and does not take my eyes off.

You laugh Is it possible? What is the reason given

Do I have a laugh like that?

I wanted this laugh foolish

You could cheer a few.

(Sophia, Lisa, servant.)

To you, Alexander Andreich Chatsky!

(Chatsky, Sophia, Lisa.)

Chatsky (almost runs in.)

A little light – already on his feet!

And I’m at your feet!

Fear of being set on

Well, kiss it! Did not wait? Speak

Well, glad? Not? Look at my face.

Surprised? But only? Here is the reception!

As if the week had not passed!

As if yesterday together

We are not urine each other tired!

I am forty-five hours long, without squinting my eyes,

Milest more than seven hundred swept, – the wind, the storm!

And for the feats of reward!

Ah, Chatsky, I am very glad to see you.

Let that be so.

Blessed is he who believes: warmth to him in the world!

At seventeen you bloomed lovely

Inimitable, and you know it.

Are you in love? Please give me an answer!

Without a thought, fullness embarrassing.

Sophia (loud, with annoyance and resentment.)

Yes, even someone confuse

Questions are quick and curious look!

(Leaves, Chatsky – behind her.)

Sofia Pavlovna! Wait a minute

Well, here’s your fun!

But no, now it’s no laughing matter. (Leaves.)

Chatsky (in thought.)

Is it possible that Molchalin was elected to her ?!

I’ll be back here at night, late

I will stay here and I will not close my eyes

Until the morning. Already grief to drink,

It’s better right away!

(On the stage

Lisa (knocking on Molchalin.)

Listen, sir. Allow me to wake up.

The young lady calls you, the young lady calls you.

(Chatsky behind the column, Lisa, Molchalin is yawning and stretching, Sophia is hiding on the other side of the stage.)

You, sir, stone, sir, ice!

Oh, Lizanka! Are you from yourself?

Hunting to be you only on the premise?

And to you, the brides-seekers,

Do not bask and do not yawn.

Sweet and cute, who will not eat up

And not dospit before the wedding.

What wedding? With whom?

Hope much ahead

Without a wedding, we spend time.

I do not see anything in Sofia Pavlovna

Enviable. May God bless her life richly

I loved Chatsky once,

I will fall out of love with him.

My little angel, I would like to half

Feel the same to her

How I feel about you;

No, no matter how hard I say to myself

I prepare myself to be gentle,

And we see – and a sheet.

Sophia (aside.)

Chatsky (aside.)

And you are not ashamed?

I was bequeathed by my father:

First, to please all people without exception –

Boss, where you happen to live,

To the boss with whom I will serve,

His servant who cleans the dress

To the janitor, the janitor, to avoid evil,

Dog janitor, to be affectionate.

Say, sir, you have a huge care!

And lover I take the form

For the sake of the daughter of such a person.

Let’s go, quite interpreted.

Let’s go love to share our deplorable steal.

Let me hug you from the heart of fullness!

Why is she not you ?!

(Molchalin wants to go, Sophia does not allow.)

Go further! I heard a lot!

I myself am ashamed of the walls!

How! Sofia Pavlovna …

Not a word, for God’s sake,

Be silent! I will decide everything!

Molchalin (rises to his knees, Sophia pushes him away.)

Oh, remember! Do not be angry, take a look …

Fear of being set on

Do not chew, stand up

I do not want an answer, I know your answer,

So that I never heard of you again!

As you order.

She herself is pleased that she learned everything at night:

There are no reproving witnesses in the eyes,

How davithe, when I fainted,

Here Chatsky was …

CHATSKY (rushes between them.)

He is here, a pretender!

Here is finally a solution to the riddle!

Here I am donated to someone!

Sophia (all in tears.)

Don’t go on, I blame myself around

But who would think,

That he was so cunning!

Knock! Noise! Oh my god! The whole house runs here!

(Lisa and Sophia leave in a hurry. The noise subsides.)

Here I am no longer a rider!

I’m running, I don’t look back, I’ll go searching the world

Where the offended heart has a corner.

Carriage me! Carriage!


(In abbreviation and with some changes.)

Lancelot, the knight errant.

(Lancelot, Cat. Spacious kitchen. Cat sleeping on the couch.)

Lancelot (enters, looks around, calls.)

Sir master! Mistress mistress! No one … The house is empty, the doors are open. Well, I’m an honest person. (Sits.) Let’s wait. Mr. Cat, your masters will be back soon? You are silent?

And why, let me find out?

When you are warm and gentle, it is wiser to doze and shut up.

Well, where are your masters?

They face tremendous grief. I rest my soul when they leave the yard.

Speak, Cat, what happened? And what if I save your masters. It happened to me. What’s your name?

I thought you were a cat.

Yes, I am a cat, but people are sometimes so inattentive. My hosts are still surprised that I have never lined up. They say: what is it you, Masha? Sweet people, poor people …

Who are your masters?

Mr. Archivist Charlemagne and his only daughter Elsa, who has such soft paws. She is in danger, and, therefore, all of us.

It has been 400 years since the Dragon settled in our city. Every year he chooses a girl for himself, and we, without meowing, give her to the Dragon. He takes her to the cave, and we never see her again. Meow! And so he chose our Elsa.

(Lancelot, Cat, Elsa, Charlemagne, footman.)

Enter Elsa and Charlemagne.

Hello, good lord and beautiful young lady!

Hello Young man.

Your house looked at me so affably, and the gate was open, and the light was on in the kitchen, and I entered without an invitation. Sorry.

No need to ask for forgiveness. Our doors are open to all.

Sit down please. You can have a good rest here. We have a very quiet city. Nothing ever happens here.

Never. Last week, however, there was a very strong wind. One house nearly blew the roof off. But this is not such a big event.

My name is Lancelot.

Mr. Lancelot, I’m sorry. I ask you: not a word about it.

Because there’s nothing you can do.

Yes. Tomorrow, as soon as the Dragon takes her away, I, too, will die.

I want to help you.

How can you help us?

I will call the Dragon to fight!

No no! He will kill you, and it will poison the last hours of my life.

I will call the Dragon to fight!

(Behind the stage noise, crashing.)

Easy to speak of.

To you, Mr. Dragon. (Leaves.)

(Lancelot, Charlemagne, Elsa, Cat, Dragon.)

Great guys! Elsa, hello baby! And you have a guest? Who is it?

This is a wanderer, passerby.

Good. Wanderer! What are you not looking at me? What are you staring at the door?

I’m waiting for the Dragon to come in.

You?! And I was told that you have three heads, claws, huge growth!

Today I simply, without ranks. Elsa, give me your foot. Cheat … Minx … What a warm foot! Muzzle above. Smile! (Lancelot.) What are you, a passerby?

Well done! Admire! And why did you come?

What business? Well, talk! Maybe I will help you. Why did you come here?

To kill you!

No no! He is joking! Do you want me to give you my hand again, Mr. Dragon?

I challenge you to a fight! Do you hear, dragon?

(The dragon is silent, turning red.)

I call you to fight for the third time! Hear ?!

We will fight tomorrow morning. (Leaves. A terrible roar is heard in the distance. Everyone surrounds Lancelot.)

(Lancelot, Charlemagne, Elsa, Cat.)

Why did you start this?

We will pray for you, valiant knight!

I love all of you, my friends! I will defeat the Dragon! And after all the long worries and torments we will all be happy, very happy!


Scenes from a fairy tale

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

(The curtain is closed. At the prospect of a leading storyteller.)

Once upon a time there was a little prince. He lived on a planet that was a little bigger than himself, and he really missed a friend. Once he decided to wander with migratory birds.

Asteroids 325, 326, 327, 328, 329 and 330 were the closest to the planet of Little Prince. So he decided to visit them first: you must find something to do and learn something.

On the first asteroid lived the king.

(The curtain opens. On the throne sits the king.

Suddenly a little prince appears in front of him.)

Ah, here is the subject! Come, I want to consider you!

Little Prince (aside.)

How did he recognize me? After all, he sees me for the first time!

He did not know that kings look at the world in a very simple way: for them all people are subjects

(The little prince looks around, wondering where he should sit, but the king’s mantle takes up too much space; suddenly he yawns.)

Etiquette does not allow yawning in the presence of the monarch. I forbid you to yawn!

I accidentally … I was on the road for a long time and did not sleep at all.

Well, then, I command you to yawn. For many years I have not seen anyone yawn. I’m curious about it. So yawn! That is my order.

But I’m shy … I can no longer … Can I sit down?

King (picking up one half of his mantle.)

Little Prince (sits down.)

Your majesty, may I ask you?

Your majesty … where is your kingdom?

King (waving his arms.)

Everywhere? And this is all yours? (Shows away.)

And the stars obey you?

Well, of course! The stars obey me instantly. I do not tolerate disobedience.

I would like to have a look at the sunset. Please do mercy, command the sun to roll …

If I order some general to flutter a butterfly from a flower to a flower, or compose a tragedy, or turn around a sea gull and the general will not execute the order, who will be to blame – is he or I?

You, your majesty.

Exactly. From each one must ask what he can give. Power must first be reasonable.

What about the sunset?

It will be your sunset. I will demand that the sun go down, but first I will wait for favorable conditions, for this is the wisdom of the ruler.

And when will the conditions be favorable?

Today it will be at seven o’clock forty minutes in the evening. And then you will see how exactly my command will be fulfilled.

But I have to go.

Stay! I will appoint you minister.

Little Prince (looks around.)

But there is no one here to judge!

Then judge yourself. This is the hardest. It is much harder to judge yourself than others. If you can judge yourself correctly, then you are truly wise.

I can judge myself anywhere. For this I have no reason to stay with you. And if it pleases your majesty that your commands be carried out without question, you can give prudent orders. For example, command me to go on the road without delaying a minute … It seems to me that the conditions for this are most favorable.

I order: go on the road. I appoint you as ambassador.

(The little prince swings his cloak, comes to the fore. The curtain elapses.)

Strange people, these adults. (Leaves.)

An ambitious man lived on the second planet.

(A curtain opens. A fashionably dressed ambitious scene appears. A little prince appears.)

Oh, here comes the admirer!

Vain people imagine that everyone admires them.

Good day. What is your funny hat!

This is to bow out when they greet me. Unfortunately, no one looks in here.

Clap your hands!

(The little prince claps his hands. The ambitious man lifts his hat and bows.)

Little Prince (aside.)

Here is more fun than the old king.

Are you really my enthusiastic admirer?

And how is it to read?

To read is to admit that on this planet I am more beautiful, more elegant, more and more intelligent.

Why, there is no one else on your planet!

Well, give me pleasure, still admire me!

I admire, but what joy do you have from it?

I’ll fly further! (He flutters his cloak. The curtain closes.) These are strange adults. (Leaves.)

On the next planet there was a drunkard. The little prince stayed with him for a short time, but after that he became very unhappy.

(The curtain opens. On the stage at the table, laden with bottles, sits a drunkard. Little Prince appears before him.)

What are you doing?

Drunkard (hanging his head.)

I want to forget that I am ashamed.

Why are you ashamed?

It is a shame to drink. (He drops his head on the table.)

Strange people, these adults. (Leaves.)

The next planet was very entertaining. She was the least. It only fit that lantern and lamplighter.

(A lamplighter who turns on and then turns off the lamp. It can be a lamp or a part of the stage lighting. The Little Prince appears. He is watching the lamplighter.)

The little prince could not understand what the tiny planet lost in the sky, where there are neither houses, nor inhabitants, need a lantern and lamplighter, could not be understood.

(The lamplighter extinguishes the lamp.)

Good day! Why did you put out the flashlight now?

Such an arrangement. Good day!

And what is this persuasion?

Lamplighter (includes a flashlight.)

Extinguish the lantern. Good evening!

Why did you turn it on again?

And there is nothing to understand. Persuasion is persuasion. Good day! (He puts out the lantern, wipes the sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief.) I have a heavy craft. Once it made sense. I put out the lantern in the morning, and in the evening I lit it again. I had a day to rest, and a night to sleep.

And then the persuasion changed?

The agreement did not change. That’s the trouble! My planet rotates faster and faster each year, but the persuasion remains the same.

And how now?

Yes, that’s it. The planet makes a complete revolution in one minute, and I do not have a second respite. Every minute I turn off the flashlight and light it again.

That’s funny! So you have a day lasting just one minute!

Nothing here is funny! We have been talking to you for a whole month!

Well yes. Thirty minutes. Thirty days. Good evening! (Lights a flashlight.)

Little Prince (aside.)

Maybe this man is ridiculous. But he is not as ridiculous as a king, an ambitious person and a drunkard. His work still has a point. When he lights his lantern – as if another star or flower is born. And when he extinguishes the lantern – as if a star or a flower fall asleep. Great job! This is really useful because beautiful. This man is true to his word. That would be friends with someone! But his planet is very tiny. There is no room for two. (To the lamplighter.) Goodbye!

The little prince visited many planets, including the Earth. (The curtain opens. On the stage, the participants of the performance.) The Earth – the planet is not simple. It has one hundred and eleven kings, seven thousand geographers, nine hundred thousand businessmen, seven and a half million drunkards, three hundred and eleven million ambitious people, four hundred and sixty-two thousand lamplighters – a total of about two billion adults.

About what happened to the Little Prince on planet Earth, you will learn by reading the amazing tale of Antoine de Saint-Exupery (all together) "Little Prince"!

(Bowing, holding hands. The curtain is closing.)

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