Emotional intelligence

Mercedes-Benz passenger car range

New A-Class. Like you

Price from 1 760 000 c

Indomitable. New CLA

Emotional intelligence

Price from 2 210 000 c

Sets a new bar.

Price from 2 710 000 c

Price from 2 140 000 c

Dynamic sportiness and expressive forms

Price from 3 990 000 c

Price from 2 550 000 c

And again delight

Price from 3 430 000 c

Awakens racing enthusiasm

Price from 4 260 000 c

Price from 2 970 000 c

Progressive Technique and Emotional Drive

Price from 7 510 000 c

Excellent driving dynamics, expressive details

Innovations in design and technology.

Price from 3 260 000 c

Beauty and luxury, dynamics and drive.

Price from 3 360 000 c

Price from 4 450 000 c

Sensual mind

Price from 5 160 000 c

Mission Complete. The best or nothing

Price from 6 720 000 c

Perfect in every detail and new standards

Price from 8 700 000 c

When nothing interferes with enjoyment.

Price from 9 550 000 c

Rebellious. Requests a storm.

Price from 2 190 000 c

Delight in its purest form.

Price from 3,550,000 c

Price from 3 230 000 c

Expressive off-road character complemented by AMG’s uncompromising advantage

Price from 4 580 000 c

The combination of power and practicality

Price from 3 790 000 c

For the highest emotions and strong impressions while driving

Price from 5 130 000 c

New design with classic features

Price from 4,050,000 c

Above. Farther. And faster

Not only power, but also intelligence

Price from 4,730,000 c

Price from 5 280 000 c

Spectacular, like a jerk at the start

Price from 6 620 000 c

Powerful SUV already in Russia

Price from 5 590 000 c

Created to take everything – from every moment, from every meter of the road

Price from 10,730,000 c

Price from 6 700 000 c

Emotional intelligence

Authentic movement dynamics due to AMG "genetic code"

Price from 12 480 000 c

Stylish look and noble sportiness

Price from 6 950 000 c

An exceptional car for exceptional people.

Price from 12,370,000 c

Always be one step ahead

Price from 10 260 000 c

Born for speakers

Price from 7 100 000 c

Compact roadster from Mercedes-Benz

Price from 3 100 000 c

Price from 9 200 000 c

Emotional intelligence

The first of its kind. First in class

Price from 2,899,000 c

Over the centuries-old history of the brand, a lot of castling, layoffs, mergers and splits took place in its ranks. The year 1963 was marked by the release of the legendary “600th” Mercedes, which immediately soared to the top of the premium Olympus and made serious competition to the then monopolist Rolls-Royce. The modern “S600” is not the same as 50 years ago – the car is equipped with a very powerful engine, while it is characterized by incredible maneuverability, which is surprising for a sedan with such dimensions.

The German concern is the undisputed leader in the number of created model series. Status expensive models are presented in almost all known categories – from classic business sedans to roadsters and brutal SUVs. On a special account, a family of premium cars of class E with excellent economic performance. To raise the level of environmental cleanliness to European standards, the developers had to abandon the gasoline engine with a supercharger system, replacing it with a CGI direct-injection engine and turbocharging.

Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles

Live a full life.

Price from 3,029,000 c

New look of a universal car

Price from 1 890 000 c

Reliability, versatility and cost effectiveness

Price from 1 524 000 c

Professional of his craft

Price from 2 503 000 c

Such as you need.

Price from 3,011,000 c

Any tasks on the shoulder

Price from 1 637 000 c

Our salons Mercedes-Benz

Moscow, Moscow Ring Road 92 km, the outer side, between the Yaroslavl and Ostashkovsky highway; every day from

Moscow, Khimki, Leningradskoye Highway 23 (4 km from Moscow Ring Road); every day from

St. Petersburg, st. Orbeli, 35; every day from

St. Petersburg, Ispolkomskaya ul., d. 15, letter A; every day from

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