Different Types of Schizophrenia

Human nature is designed so that each of us will always be attracted by something mysterious, incomprehensible and unexplored, for example, the human psyche and its deviations. And no matter how the scientists of the whole world for many centuries tried to guess what was happening in the human head at the same time, some phenomena still remain unsolved.

Different Types of Schizophrenia

Complex and multifaceted topic

Films about schizophrenia and schizophrenics are one of the most difficult categories. Basically, they can be shot in such genres as thriller, horror or psychological drama. Even after several views of such films, questions and riddles remain that cannot be solved, since all of this is beyond reason.

Despite the complexity of the topic, a large number of films have been made about schizophrenia. Some of them are based on previously written works. Films of this genre have an exciting plot, and to watch them is incredibly interesting. They make you think about the causes and consequences of this disease and teach you to be merciful to the people around us.

Consider films about schizophrenia. The list should start with a psychological thriller with elements of horror Darren Aronofsky "The Black Swan".

Mental disorders in ballet

The film "Black Swan" tells about the example of the ballet theater, which receives the main role in the production of "Swan Lake". After receiving the role of the main character begins to pursue hallucinations. During the preparation for “Swan Lake”, Nina has a new acquaintance who is trying to take away from her the main role in the production. The plot of the film is exciting, to the end of the picture keeps the beholder in suspense. At the end of the film, it turns out that Nina suffered from a mental disorder, which subsequently led the main character to death.

Fighting – the main idea of ​​the film

In the painting "In the hands of God" there are no special effects, fights, chases, music. Life is cruel, gray, full of loss and injustice. The main character is confident that his daughter died in a car accident, because of this he develops schizophrenia. This film leaves a mark in the soul, the main thing what he calls for is to fight.

New world in the minds of the protagonist

Attempts to prove his innocence

The main heroine of the Gothic film is a female psychiatrist. She once enters as a patient in a mental hospital for criminals in which she worked. She is accused of cruel murder. The very same heroine does not remember anything like that, at this time she begins to see the ghost of a girl.

Do not give up!

Films about schizophrenia can also be based on real events. The film "Soloist" tells of a young musician who is diagnosed with schizophrenia, which means that he must end his musical career. By coincidence, the musician becomes homeless, but does not cease to play, despite the fact that due to illness it becomes harder to do: he forgets notes, does not fall into a rhythm, but does not cease to play. This film is very versatile, it shows different categories of people and teaches not to give up, no matter what happens.

What if you can cope with the disease?

Biographical drama, which tells about the Nobel Prize in Economics John Nash. From an early age he begins to develop schizophrenia, which is accompanied by hallucinations. After some time, the protagonist still manages to take the disease under control. And a great contribution to this was made by his wife. The film "Mind Games" should not be missed, as it can teach a lot.

Conspiracy around us

This movie is a classic example of a movie about schizophrenia, and one of the best. The protagonist is a taxi driver who develops schizophrenia: everything around him seems to be a conspiracy, he connects world events with the “shadow government”. But this is the main idea of ​​the movie "conspiracy theory".

Are there horrors about schizophrenia?

But on this list of films can not be considered complete. It is necessary to consider horror movies about schizophrenia:

    The list should be started with the French film by director Alexander Azha the Bloody Harvest. The film is about two female students, Marie and Alex, who are sent to a country house to prepare for exams. At the same time, a psychopathic maniac, who kills Alex’s family, takes her hostage in the area. Marie goes unnoticed and tries to free Alex. There are another series of murders before we realize that the killer is Marie. She has a split personality. Confusing and exciting plot, unexpected ending at the end.

So, we have listed the best films about schizophrenia. They tell us not only about the patients with this severe deviation, but also about the fact that we need to learn to love the world around us, help each other, appreciate and take care of what we have now, and not give up, no matter what happens in life.

Documentary films about schizophrenia

But the most interesting type of motion pictures is a documentary. Schizophrenia in such films is perceived as a real disease of a real person. Documentary films of this genre are shot in large numbers, but, as mentioned above, usually in such tapes there are few scientific conclusions and many guesses. Among the most popular are:

2. "Pulse: Why does schizophrenia occur?". This film from a series of documentaries about schizophrenia tells about the symptoms of schizophrenia, examination, the course of this disease, treatment, specialists involved in treatment. Leading psychiatrists give their recommendations from a scientific point of view, share scientific discoveries in this area, talk about drugs and patient care. The most important thing about this movie is: people with a mental disorder tell how they struggle with schizophrenia, what helps them, what they feel. Good advice is given to the relatives of the sick about what is important to do for the sick person, what care should be, how to set up a loved one for recovery, what words to support. Documentary films about schizophrenia provide answers to almost all questions about this disorder.


All of the above films are able to interest almost anyone. Therefore, they should not be abandoned.

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