Different areas of psychology

March 27 for pupils of the studios of decorative and applied arts of the House of Children’s Art "Kirovsky" a game educational program "Meeting with Professions" was held. The guys had the opportunity to get acquainted with such professions as: interior designer, makeup artist and photographer. The teachers of the House of Creativity prepared for the children interesting information about the history of the profession, its development, learning opportunities and necessary skills, and master classes were held for each profession.

On March 28, a workshop was held on the basis of kindergarten No. 4 of the Kirovsky district, devoted to the city competition of author’s teaching materials “Internal sources for improving educational activities in pre-school educational institutions in the context of the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standards of Education” organized by the municipal center for educational development and held from February 1 to March 6, 2019. The event was moderated by Melkova Vera Alexandrovna, methodologist of MKUDPO "GTSRO".

On March 27, a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners and prize-winners of the 10th city contest “We Are for Eating Nutrition” among students and pupils of municipal educational organizations of Novosibirsk was held in the concert hall of the Palace of Children’s Creativity and Youth ”Junior”. The competition is held to promote healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyles, to increase the effectiveness of the program “Talk about proper nutrition” by enhancing the creative activity of children, developing interaction between parents and children.

March 27 at the site of kindergarten number 70 "City Center for Educational Development" methodical events were held for senior educators, educators of preschool educational organizations within XIII urban methodical week of preschool education workers: a round table “Professional development of teachers of preschool education in modern conditions” and a master class “Teacher’s skill is the key to success in kindergarten work”.

March 27, in the MKDOU d / c number 42 in the framework of XIII urban methodical week of preschool education workers held a round table "Design and planning of educational activities of the OED" for Heads, Deputy Heads for BMD, senior educators, educators of the OED.

On March 26, the City trainee site was held at the Zaeltsovsky Center for the Development of Children and Youth in the framework of the professional community of heads of the Centers for the development of preschool institutions of supplementary education on the theme “Project Approach to Organizing the Educational Process of the Early Development School” The meeting was attended by 13 leaders and teachers of early development centers of the nine houses of the city.

On March 25, school № 64 held a district study of the school self-government asset “We Can’t Hold Us!” Dedicated to the Russian schoolchildren movement. By tradition, the collection was organized by the Altair District Children’s Public Organization (DDT Kirovsky) and the CHANCE Children’s School Organization (Secondary School No. 64). The gathering was attended by 83 people – students and teachers of schools of the Kirov region.

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