Deal with emotions

Objective: to acquaint students with the concept of "emotional self-regulation", to give an idea of ​​the various methods of self-regulation; develop skills to overcome negative emotional states (to the music 1. "At the River" – the sound of a streamlet and the singing of birds, students enter the hall designed on the topic of classes).

1. Organizational moment

Let’s welcome each other. Each of you at the moment, greetings can show a smile, joy.

Our life is filled with various feelings and emotions: we rejoice and feel sad, love and hate, take offense and admire. What to do if our feelings poison our lives? If they destroy relationships with family and friends? Do you want to learn to deal with resentment or fear, anxiety or jealousy? Do you want to learn how to enjoy life and direct the energy of emotions to the realization of your plans?

The modern technical age demands of us and appreciates in us, first of all, the development of the mind, the intellect. Feelings seem to have faded into the background. Still, with feelings uncomfortable!

The emotional person is open, it is easy to hurt, hurt. But how convenient to not feel anything! No emotion – no pain. We get used to close. First, we try not to show anyone emotions. We are proud and strong! Do not cry, do not admire, do not admire, do not sympathize, do not survive and do not grieve.

We cease to rejoice, hope, trust. And suddenly one day we make an unexpected discovery: life has become gray, boring. Gone bright colors, juiciness, goodness of life. Sluggishly surprised: why? And everything is very simple: you can not forbid yourself to experience negative emotions. We are so arranged: either we feel or not. Emotions are the only human treasure!

Summing up some period of their life, neither title, nor position, nor cars or diamonds are remembered by people, but for some reason they remember the brightest emotionally colored life events: a birthday or New Year celebration, when you are still a child, the first September, spring happiness of youth, declaration of love, birth of own children, moments of creative breakthroughs.

If emotional states are not remembered – life seems empty, if there are many of them – bright and full.

We are learning to live in such a way as to be happy, so that people around us respect, to be successful in communication, to develop as a person, to live in harmony with ourselves, other people and the world around us.

God blinded a man of clay, and an unused piece remained with him.

– What else do you blind? – God asked.

– Blind me happiness, – asked the man.

God did not answer, and only put the remaining piece of clay in the palm of a man.

You can sculpt your life as you wish. You can choose whether to complain about problems, stash negative or

work on yourself, solve problems so that your life becomes more harmonious, happier, more successful and lighter.

Man – being emotional, responsive. We are happy, worried, afraid, annoyed, surprised.

With negative emotions and feelings, adrenaline enters the bloodstream, from which the vessels narrow, blood pressure rises, and all the energy processes in the body are activated.

If emotions and feelings are very strong (in case of loss of a loved one), then you need to give the body relaxation – do not hold back tears, otherwise sadness, not expressed by tears, will have a bad effect on health.

Emotions are our way of communicating, interacting and contacting the world and the people around us. How do you manage to cope with your emotions? Do you agree that some emotions should be hidden, suppressed, driven inside, in no case express?

Everyone should be able to manage their emotions and feelings. An effective means of preventing emotional disorders and stress is the use of methods of self-regulation and “self-restoration”. This is a kind of "safety technique" for anyone who wants to stay healthy for many years.

3. Test "Emotional thermometer"

On a game form, try to create an emotional portrait of your yesterday. Put a circle in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Conclusion: People differ dramatically in the stability of moods, in the dependence of moods on the behavior of other people.

To own and manage your feelings, you must know your own emotional device very well.

Deal with emotions

4. Presentation: “Emotions rule me or do I?”

To the question that we have to answer at the end of the lesson:

(Slide 3) Let’s see what are the emotions

(Slide 4) To begin with, pay attention to this face. When do we have this facial expression? (when fun, joyful)

(Slide 6) What is it talking about? (what happiness!)

(Slide 7) And when do we have such a face? (when unhappy, angry, angry)

Pleasure (Slide 14)

Delight (Slide 15)

Game "Guess the emotion"

Assignment: You must guess the encrypted emotion.

Joy (Slide 21)

5. Balloons

What emotions can be called our enemies? (anger, anger, resentment, envy, rage, sadness, contempt).

What emotions can be called our friends? (joy, delight, surprise, calm).

On the balloons in the first row we write positive, in the second row negative emotions. Let’s paint balloons (students record emotions on their balloons).

What kind of emotions more? Negative or positive? Of course negative. They need to fight.

6. Ways to get rid of negative emotions

Before you are two leaves: one is yellow and the other is gray. Write on a black leaflet those emotions that prevent you from communicating (fear, anger, anxiety, rage, resentment, contempt, sadness).

On yellow, those emotions that on the contrary help you communicate (joy, delight, surprise, calm, pleasure). At first, they call first those emotions that disturb them, and then those that help them. We did not accidentally write negative emotions on gray sheets, but positive ones on yellow ones. How can you explain this? Color can affect our emotions and our mood.

And now I propose to break our gray sheets with negative emotions and thus get rid of them.

How else can you overcome your internal enemies?

Overcome negative emotions can music.

Can we say that music affects our mood, our emotions? Of course (if you can sadly turn on cheerful music, if in anger – calm, slow).

You can use various natural methods of self-regulation: laughter, smile, humor; reflections on good, pleasant; muscle relaxation; communication with nature; music, dancing; mental appeal to higher forces.

7. To summarize the lessons

Let’s remember what question we asked ourselves at the beginning of the class?

Emotions rule me or do I? We will answer in unison? I!

How can we manage our emotions, by what means?

The color of clothes, crumpling or tearing paper, with the help of music, with the help of an account for yourself, a mirror (if a bad mood needs to look in the mirror and smile even if you really don’t want and the mood changes too; if you are offended, you need to laugh or not , leave).

You see that there are many techniques that allow us to regulate our psycho-emotional state.

We will evaluate our occupation – we come to the table, we select emoticons.

If you find yourself in a difficult life situation, always remember what you own. You have experience, knowledge, feelings, desires, hope, faith, the ability to love and many more wonderful things. Remember this and do not get lost!

Step over the people, through the sadness!

You smiled, it means everything is in order.

Laugh often, rejoice and let

A smile will be morning exercises!

And no matter the age or appearance,

Hair color is all nonsense.

After all, not growing is measured tenderness

And not in centimeters – kindness.

It’s always easier to destroy than to build.

It is easier to offend than to forgive

And lying is always more convenient than believing

And pushing is much easier than loving!

Get used to being happy!

I sincerely wish you precisely emotional stability!

I thank students for their work, active participation.

Deal with emotions

Health, well-being, happiness, smiles, mood!

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