Consciousness vs subconscious

Metaphorical cards – a real breakthrough in psychology. They work directly with the subconscious so that our brain is unaware of deep work with the problem. It gives out images that, when read correctly, become the keys to the problem.

To understand the situation and solve the problem, one session is sometimes enough. Examples of work in the "Cases" section.

Examples: what can be changed with the help of maps

Poverty program

  • Found what started this program, eliminated the cause.
  • After 4 months, the man returned his business and opened a new business.

For the solution it took 6 sessions.

Customer: man 35 years old. Entrepreneur. He came with the problem of ruin, constant failures in business and inability to earn and hold money.


  • The girl could not determine what she wants to realize herself, to stay in the profession or to start learning a new one.
  • After work, she works on a new interesting project in her profession. And another bonus – the girl stopped smoking.

2 meetings worked with this topic.

Customer: girl 29 years old. Producer.

Imperfect parents

  • The cause of complex relationships is the influence of strangers.

Solved the question for 1 meeting.

Customer: woman 36 years old. Manager. The task is to build a relationship with her daughter. Found out who influenced the relationship of mother and daughter. Separated contexts, removed emotional stress.

Metaphorical cards are an instrument of psychologists.

“- psychologists from 33 countries use”

Metaphorical cards work right away: if classical methods are based on long-term psychoanalysis, memories and experiences of the past, then the cards are working directly with the subconscious. You do not need to go to a psychoanalyst for years to reach your subconscious.

This is a safe and gentle method: a person does not experience events again, does not feel pain and fear. Cards create the effect of a creative workshop, where in 2-3 minutes the subconscious itself gives us answers to different situations. That is why this method is often used in work with children (from the age of 4).

Metaphorical cards help to find answers to important questions.

  • How to improve relationships with yourself, with parents and children.
  • How to optimize your life and feel alive.
  • How to make money and enjoy them.
  • “I can see what happens if? …”

Consciousness vs subconscious

We commit a lot of wrong actions and suffer from the result, because we follow someone else’s attitudes. Maps help to hear exactly yourself.

As a rule, we ourselves know the answers to many questions and already understand what scenario we will behave in this or that situation. Or we think that we love a person, but in reality we are simply dependent on him. Or we can change jobs, but our consciousness stubbornly prevents us from doing so.

Millions of people daily perform actions that make them unhappy — they do not work there, they don’t live with the wrong people, they don’t make their living, and they don’t communicate with them. The secret is that our true desires always lead us on the right path. But we do not know how to hear ourselves, because since childhood we have been living with alien attitudes and “it is necessary”.

  • Maps help remove all locks and other people’s settings that we receive from childhood. And get clear answers straight from our subconscious.
  • With this method you can communicate with your subconscious constantly. Act correctly in the present, influence the future and correct the mistakes of the past.
  • With the help of maps, we find the causes of the situation and can correct them.

The family of metaphorical cards began with the deck “Oh”. Moritz Egetmeyer (publisher of metaphorical cards, psychotherapist) calls the first deck “Oh” – this is what people say when they turn the card over and connect it to the frame with a word. ”

I take the map and, like an elevator from a zone of awareness, plunge into the depths of the unconscious and wander through hidden streets. These invisible streets influence our decisions and choices. We think a lot, choose, weigh the pros and cons and here it is a solution that suits us. Paradox, but all important decisions in life are made spontaneously, suddenly. And this is a great merit of metaphorical cards in 3-5 minutes to discover the reason for what is happening to us.

Deck Oh came out in 1974. And opened the way to 17 decks of metaphorical cards. Metaphorical maps are used by psychologists in 33 countries in America and Western Europe.

The secret to solving the problem: make contact,

The results from the use of cards people feel already in the first months after work. This is the case when it is a pity that they did not do it before.

Here are examples of how metaphorical maps look like:

Personal requests

Let’s imagine that our life is a map of the area. With the latter, everything is simple – people depicted their territory in cave paintings. Gradually, the territory increased, humanity developed and its cards grew with it.

Also in the work on yourself. After each work with a psychologist, our internal map becomes wider. And we have answers and solutions that were not there before.

  • – how to be happy in a relationship;
  • – how to negotiate with children;
  • – what steps to do to be sure
  • – relationship with parents.

When your territory is known to you, you can use its resource. Also, as people know, where it is better to extract minerals, and where there are dangerous wetlands.

The more “blind zones” you open on your map, the stronger and more harmonious you will become.

When I spend groups on psychology, sometimes I suggest that I draw up my map in advance, mark blind and already studied zones on it. Gradually, a person discovers himself and his card more and more.

It is important that the original territories are marked with a different color. So you can look back and see how much a person has changed, how much he has grown during his studies.

With each new developed territory of your personality, you get access to new resources, like gold and minerals.

If you also want to open yourself and your card with me – sign up!

Consciousness vs subconscious

I will be waiting for you. And here is a small task from me: draw your map now: what do you know about yourself, what territories have you already discovered? For example, do you know about your shortcomings and have been able to work through something or have you dealt with relationships? Or maybe your entire card is in question now? Then mark these territories and then we will open them together. There comes an amazing time of research. And I congratulate you on this.

Oksana Muzurova

I am a psychologist, teacher, trainer, arranger.

  • In 2010 Graduated from the University of the Russian Academy of Education in Moscow, specialty – psychology.
  • In 2000 – Russian Pedagogical University. Herzen, specialty – speech therapy.
  • In 1996, Ishim Pedagogical Institute. Ershova, specialty – preschool psychology and pedagogy.

For several years I have been working with metaphorical maps, regularly use them in my practice and successfully teach this to other specialists. I conduct personal consultations. I work with adults and children. The basic approach in my work is L. Thalpis’s Vse Lena Therapy method. I have led the LEU “Educational Center YES” since 2009. In my work with people, I create a space of security and trust.

My path as a psychologist and why should I come to study

I have been working with people for 17 years. When I decided to choose the profession of psychologist, I already had 2 higher educations: pre-school pedagogy and psychology, speech therapy.

In 2010 I graduated from the University of the Russian Academy of Education and received a diploma in psychology. I had to choose a direction in psychology in which I want to work and develop. It turns out that learning has just begun. Thus, the teacher L. Talpis appeared in my life, whose method became the main tool in my work. “Metaphorical associative maps”, “All-Lena therapy” expanded my understanding of psychology and my worldview. For me, this is a deep method, the basics of which are truth and clarity.

I chose this tool for work, because – I experienced its effectiveness on myself. To say that there have been changes means to say nothing. Depth, openness, support, contact that you get on personal therapy are sincere and natural, and life is filled with interest and curiosity.

I studied this method as a psychologist. I am a trainer on “Metaphorical associative cards with elements of All-Lena therapy”. This is always the most interesting story, each time it is a small detective about the real life of a person. I continue to learn and master new methods, synthesize and share it with others.

My knowledge of three related professions helped create a single space for adults and children. I advise adults and carry out group work, develop children and do this in my YES Education Center .- 2012

How do I consult

We were taught to think and communicate with words. Words are the language of the conscious. You can filter them, replace concepts with them, and disguise real experiences. This is a way for our unconscious to isolate themselves from us.

But he has his own language. The language of images. Images work directly with emotions, they are difficult to drown out with words. That is why psychologists pave the way for the unconscious with the help of metaphorical maps.

A map is a metaphor that gently lowers us to an unconscious level. And here we can work with any questions that arise: In the areas of personal life, career, attitudes towards yourself, partner, business.

I’ll tell you how it happens in my practice.

Classical and original methods of psychology complement each other. For 20 years, Leonid Talpis created his own method, “All-Lena Therapy”. Open events of the author, reviews of his clients and students confirm how it helps people. For 4 years I have passed 12 seminars at

Nowadays, according to the “Vsehlenskaya Therapy” method, they work in Australia, Ukraine, Bashkortostan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia.

Why is this method so good? This is a safe and benign method: a person does not survive the event again and does not speak in detail about the problem once again. We do this with the help of metaphorical maps and muscle dough. It is taken from kinesiologists. With this test, we track changes right on the fly. Kinesiology is an applied science that deals with diagnostics and therapy due to changes in muscle tone. The muscle test gives us feedback and shows what changes directly to the consultation.

It happens this way: we ask a question – and we get an answer not from the client’s lips, but from the hands. On the affirmative answer – the muscle is strained, on the negative – the muscle is weakened. The kinesiological test determines our subconscious beliefs and values. We seem to be having a conversation with the human psyche: the muscle reacts to any words, something that strains me – reduces muscle tone. What is fun – increases muscle tone.

How to track the process to the client? This helps the sensations in the body and emotions. They change and the person himself feels and controls.

I own this technology, within 5-10 minutes of communication a person begins to feel his body, how it responds and we solve the problem that a person came from in one or several meetings.

People come to me to solve problems:

  • how to build a business
  • what to do in life
  • how to make money and live with them
  • how to gain freedom while remaining in a relationship
  • how to accept and give love
  • how to accept yourself
  • partner relationship
  • relationship with parents
  • how to make contact with children
  • fears that interfere in life

Consultation lasts from 40 to 60 minutes. There are issues that are solved in one meeting. There are questions that require more time and then there are 3-4 meetings 1-2 times a month.

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