Consciousness vs. Awareness

Ruslan Zhukovets (1968) is the author of several books on the theory and practice of Sufism, in which the ancient mystical teaching of the Sufis is presented in modern language, and knowledge is given according to the requirements of the time.

Consciousness vs. Awareness

The books contain a lot of practical advice for those who are interested in spiritual practices, and clarifies the issues that everyone seeking God encounters. A lot of space is given to the psychology of modern man, and the problems of the human ego are considered. It describes the potential for possible development, and the way in which a person is able to come to a complete spiritual realization. The books of the spiritual teacher tell about the possibilities of interaction with God and the hidden side of Being, about destiny and destiny, about the Path of the mystics and many other things.

At the age of twenty, he realized the need for something more, something that brings everyday life, and embarked on the path of spiritual quest. Having tried many spiritual practices on himself, he focused on the practice of realizing oneself as the main one. Thanks to the received mystical transmission, which greatly influenced his spiritual path, as well as his own efforts, he came to surrender his will and accept the Will of God.

In the outside world, Ruslan Zhukovets worked as a doctor first in cardio-resuscitation, then worked in private practice, where, in addition to massage and reflexotherapy, he actively investigated the possibilities of body-oriented psychotherapy. The result of this was the invention of the own method of psychotherapy through the work with the muscular tensions of the body, confirmed by the corresponding patent.

For more than ten years Ruslan Zhukovets has been training people in the framework of the Sufi Path. He founded the Sufi school "Upstream".

The book of Ruslan Zhukovets continues to reveal Sufi mystical knowledge, which is adapted to modern realities.

The author shares his experiences of God, talks about life and death, about transformation and spiritual growth, and how not to stay on the chosen path. You will learn what self-fatigue is, about the levels of God’s perception, and how God’s presence manifests itself in a person’s life.

The book will be useful to all who ask these questions and wish to comprehend their own nature and prepare themselves for the acceptance of the Truth.

Techniques for self-control from a professional psychologist.

Ruslan Zhukovets is a psychotherapist who has been practicing for more than fifteen years. Working with patients, he was convinced that each emotion is experienced in its own way by the body. For joy, literally "bursting with chest" (diaphragm opens), for offense – "everything shrinks in my chest" (breathing problems), because of shame I want to "burn out" (burning sensation in my body), and because of fear – "my legs weaken" (diseases of the legs ). And if the emotion remains unmanifested, then it “gets stuck” in the body, and later it turns into diseases and wears out the body.

Ruslan has developed his own method of working with emotions, which is described in detail in this book. You will disassemble each emotion separately and learn how to “tame” it. In addition, you will learn why the joys in our lives are becoming less and less, and understand how to live your positive emotions to the full, and get rid of negative feelings. And, importantly, you will learn how to prevent serious diseases of the body.

The book contains many direct instructions and hints that explain and help the seeker to understand the basics of spiritual work.

Different chapters relate to different levels of being and existence, and their meaning will not open immediately, this is normal. Treat reading this work as an exercise, as a spiritual work.

“The book about the obvious and non-obvious” allows us to understand the processes taking place in our mind and emotional sphere, as well as to learn the laws of their interaction.

The reader will also receive information on how to use the power of his own consciousness to influence emotional and mental patterns, getting rid of them.

The world of dreams is so diverse and incredible that it allows you to build a lot of theories about where dreams come from and what is their source.

Knowledge of oneself, one’s nature and one’s purpose in the world is unattainable without self-inquiry. Spiritual transformation does not happen to those who are not looking for it. This book will talk about the practices that purify, develop, and lead to God. To His Truth, to His Light, to lose oneself and gain the experience of the Eternal, the Loving and the Merciful.

Guided by this book, the seeker can work independently, using for self-awareness of the situation, presented to him by life.

You will learn a little more about how to work with fear and desire, what is meant by spiritual growth and what is the essence of suffering. You will understand how to abandon the pursuit of ideals and take the only existing path – the path of self-knowledge.

The basis of this book is the material of lectures given by the author in 2016. The coverage of the topics presented in it is quite wide, but in each of them a lot of space is given to how the practice of mindfulness helps us solve internal problems and achieve higher spiritual realization.

What is mindfulness? It is a continuous process of tracking current experiences, everything that is happening at the moment. If you have it in your life – great! And if not, then this book will help you find it.

It addresses the key issues of the practice of awareness of yourself, your emotions, thoughts and desires. A lot of attention is paid to the study of the structures of the mind that prevent a person from being in a conscious state.

“In this book, I tried to give answers to many questions concerning the spiritual quest, outlining them according to the situation in which we are.

The method of presentation – in the form of chapters, each of which is devoted to a separate issue, sometimes creates the impression that they can be read in any order. However, many of the questions posed by me are internally interconnected, and often isolated reading of one or two chapters does not give a holistic view of their essence. Therefore, for a better understanding, I would recommend a consistent reading of the chapters in the part that you liked to get all possible benefits from this reading. ” Ruslan Zhukovets

In the first part of this book, the reader will be able to find out what the spiritual search leads to when the seeker is not fully aware or unclearly formulating his own goals. The second part contains instructions and practical tips on mastering the art of awareness, without which a successful spiritual search is impossible.

The book is designed for everyone who is not indifferent to issues of spiritual development.

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