Color and emotion

It is very personal. I appeal to you. Are we not familiar yet? Those who know me for a long time will confirm, it is great to be friends with me! Emotion! I have something to offer you! Where I am, there is a positive emotion! You have a lot of things, and all your needs are met, you are not chasing the "naked" function. I understood this long ago. You will look, feel, put on what I create, and feel a surge of energy, joy and delight from contemplating your reflection in the mirror! Interest, the admiration of others is now always with you! Style! I am able to create your unique image, only yours, individual: bold, or romantic; sexual, or intellectual and independent. You want to be different. I have what you need! You want to be in the rhythm of time, to be in trend. I select for you the most "delicious" trends from the catwalks and turn the dream into your reality. Color, shape, proportions, combination of textures, everything is new, unexpected, but in any combination you will find a harmony worthy of you. Exquisite architecture in the fabric! My collections are always different, mysterious, but they are united by delicate taste, respect for you … and continuity. Models from different collections always find themselves "friends and allies"! I’m young, creative, and me …. 25 years. I have many faces! I am a designer, a designer, a technologist, and a tailor! I am a true master of my business! I live and create in Russia, in Moscow … FOR YOU. Are you thin, or have luxurious forms? In any way you are my MUSE! And together with my creativity I give you my love and admiration! With me you are always "on the wave" of success, in the center of attention, in demand and desired! Your present and future is beautiful! Love and be loved! Something else? Whisper and I will hear your desires!

Always your EVA collection!

Client days in EVA collection.

We invite you to the Traditional Client days in the online store EVA collection! Five days from Wednesday, March 27 to Sunday, March 31, inclusive, for you the most beautiful and fashionable suggestions for updating your wardrobe by the arrival of the spring season!

New! Super stylish leather coat is available to individual order.

Springtime gives us the most unexpected gifts. So we never know in advance what exactly it will be? But, a real fashionista must be ready for any weather conditions, so world designers have included windbreakers and raincoats in the new spring collections.

Production of exclusive EVA collection models for you individually.

You will have the opportunity to order for yourself the production of exclusive models to your individual size. Your product will be sewed by highly qualified tailors on modern industrial equipment from original materials.

A new, sharply fashionable collection of large size women’s clothing is already on sale: a full range of coats, large dresses, capes, skirts, pants, large blouses, sweaters, tunics, jackets, vests. Unconditional quality, style, rich colors from EVAcollection.

WOMEN’S CLOTHES FIRM SHOP IN DIMITROW HIGHWAY OF THE BIG SIZE IS OPENED FOR YOU from 11 to 21 hours without days off. EVA collection guarantees, along with a bargain, excellent mood and vitality!

The well-known Russian Trademark EVA collection is the design, manufacture and promotion of large size women’s clothing 42 – 70:

– through the retail network of large size women’s clothing stores. FULL assortment and stylistic collections. Unique franchise: TOTAL LOOK for SIZE + or BIG SIZE sizes.

Color and emotion– through multi-brand women’s clothing stores of large sizes. An assortment of seasonal themed capsules.

– wholesale sales of a separate range. Specialized women’s clothing stores of large sizes.

Stylish and modern clothing size 42-70 TM EVAcollection claims a special aesthetics and fashion for authentic and natural. Habitual epithets for overweight women, fashion for obese, large-sized women’s clothing emphasizes the dignity and hides the flaws of women with large sizes of clothes, the collection of clothes for obese women applied to women’s clothing of size 50 and above separates the owners of large forms from the fashion world.

We are "FOR" a bright individuality and harmony of the image of a woman with SPECIAL AESTHETICS. We are not about the physical size of the body, we are about the harmony of the soul, body and mind.

Franchising from TM EVA collection is gaining more and more popularity every day and becomes an exciting, commercially successful business for those entrepreneurs who care about how to make money. The concept of a monobrand EVA collection women’s clothing store of large sizes was based on the unity of a comfortable, sophisticated space with the atmosphere of a fashion boutique and chamber clubness, with well-designed hanging of seasonal collections on stylistic themes and color groups. That expresses our deep respect for the individuality of each woman.

Created inside the BRAND EVA collection, the philosophy of a special approach to creating a wardrobe of large-sized clothing finds a response among hundreds and thousands of women throughout Russia. We have been creating our HISTORY OF LOVE for WOMEN year after year for more than 25 years. And they trust us for many years the most personal and dear – themselves, the creation of a holistic individual life image. A woman is ready to invest the money she earned in herself. And it is not a matter of meeting the basic need of a woman with a “large size of clothing” to dress her “large uniforms”. We create a product with increased consumer value, which carries a positive emotion, energy and a desire to improve ourselves and the world around us. This is the essence of the holistic franchise offer, which will continue to deepen, and will become an exciting game for all involved in it, bringing personal and commercial success.

Partnership with the EBA Company is the excitement of creativity and confidence in commercial success. Join now!

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