Body mind soul

Ancient Wisdom has always promoted the harmonious development of man, that is, the development of his body, energy system, his Soul and Spirit, and also Conscience, since it is necessary for further Life in higher structures. At the beginning of its development, a person must study and understand his own world, that is, himself, as a multi-structured system consisting of a primary element (energy manifested in different qualities) and carrying the multi-faceted image of the Universe.

Our Ancestors knew that matter is densely concentrated energy in various manifestations, and that every material object has its own energy density. In turn, a person consists of a set of energies of different density, different waves, different frequencies. That is: the most densely concentrated energy is the human skeleton, less concentrated – the muscular system, blood, nervous system and

According to the Slavic-Aryan Vedic Teaching, any object in the World of Yawi is a combination of energies of various densities, and therefore is the controlling force that holds this structure in one form or another. The ancestors called this controlling force – the Soul, therefore they said: Everything has a soul – at the stone, at the tree, at the lake and

Further, the reader is invited to partially get acquainted with the structure of the white person’s energy system. It differs significantly from the Eastern system, as the Eastern peoples (Chinese, Japanese, Arabs and

Therefore, those Eastern teachings on the chakra system, which are popular in our country, are not able to fully describe the existing energy structure of the white person and, especially, the study and use of these teachings cannot contribute to the harmonious development of the white person.

Both the Slavic and Eastern energy systems are built on the mutual influence of various energy flows, each of which has its own color, sound, spectrum, frequency, and energy center on the human body. This energy center is still Slavic ancient name: Chakra (Chak – Ra), where: Chuck – means rotation in two directions,

The energy structure of each chakra is peculiar, each has a point of filling with energy and a point of expiration, from where energy goes out to certain organs of the human body. Each chakra feeds certain organs, giving them energy. By activating the energy circles, a person can weaken or increase the flow of energy to a specific organ. Also, each chakra has its own color and sound.

For clarity, the eastern system should be explained first.

In ancient times, our Ancestors, traveling to Dravidia (ancient India), trained the local inhabitants of the Ancient Wisdom (Vedas). And for better perception by other peoples of the Ancient Wisdom, the Ancestors used a figurative transfer of information. Also, to clarify the purpose of the chakras, they came up with certain names for these energy centers. In esoteric teachings everywhere you can find just the names of the chakras, and there are no explanations for these names anywhere. Interpretations remained only in the Kh’Arik and Slavic languages.

Chakra distribution scheme in the eastern system:

The 1st Chakra is called Muladhara.

Energy flows for rough physical work pass through it, and energy flows are also collected, which are subsequently transformed into various other types of energy. Location – tailbone. This name comes from the ancient H’Aryan language:

“My” is peace, joy, sound, the beginning of life;

“Lad” – a harmonious state;

“Ha” is a positive force (energy), “tha” is the opposite to it, therefore not “YIN-YANG”, as in Chinese, but in Slavic: “HA-TXA“,

If you add a connection yoga, then it will be: hatha yoga, a purely Russian name.

“Ra” – radiance, the basis of energy.

Literally: a place where a harmonious positive radiance (energy) begins to live. The color of the chakra is red. The sound is the “Do” note.

2nd chakra – SWADHISTAN

“Swa” is Heaven

“Chi” – moon currents, or moons (plural)

“Stan” – a gathering place

Literally: the heavenly deed, where the moon flows in one place. This chakra processes the energies of other vital entities, produces energy exchange between a man and a woman. Located in the genital area. The color of the chakra is orange. The sound is the note “Re”.

3rd Chakra – MANIPURA

“Mani” is like an open space, literally: the energy of the outer space

“Pur” – as it absorbs the radiance, “nur” – this absorption, “ra” – radiance

Literally: absorbing the radiance of the energy of the surrounding space. Through it, man receives the cosmic energy of life. According to the eastern system, the location of this chakra is the solar plexus. The color of the chakra is yellow. The sound is the note “Mi”.

4th Chakra Anahata.

“Ana” is creativity, creation

“Ha” – positive power

“Ta” means the affirmed by the gods: the rune is solid (affirmation) and the rune az (God)

Literally: the positive power of creative creation, approved by the gods. Through this chakra passes creative positive force, approved by the gods (creative energy of creation). The color of the chakra is green. The sound is “Fa”.

5th Chakra – VISHUDHA.

“Vish” is the Higher System (Vishnu)

“Oud” – sensual system

“Ha” – positive power

Literally: the place through which the positive energy of sensory images flows. It is located in the region of the larynx, its upper point is the tip of the nose. The color of the chakra is blue. The sound is “salt”.

6th Chakra – AJNA

Here is an abbreviation consisting of the sounds of individual runes: A, D, F, H, A. Literally: “ajna” means looking into another dimension, state. Through it, a person receives energy without sensual coloration, and this stream of light was used by the person during the energy vision. The color of the chakra is blue. The sound is “A”.

7th Chakra – Sahasrara

“Sa” – motive, radiating

“Ha” – positive power

Literally: the driving, radiating positive force that connects the two auroras. She switches the flow of thinking to work. Through this chakra, a person receives from the Sort, from the Gods, the energy of life and thoughts. The color of the chakra is purple. The sound is “C”.

This system of energy structure is septenary, it is used by all eastern nations. But in the northern part of India there are some temples where the most enlightened Priests use the nine-dimensional (Slavic) system. In addition to the seven main chakras, there are two more: Surma Chakra (solar breathing) and Chandra Chakra (lunar breathing). According to their teachings, these energy centers are responsible for the relationship with the Ancestors.

The Slavic system of energy centers is more expanded than the eastern system. It contains 37 main energy centers: 9 are dominant, and 28 are decisive. Together they create an energy cross. And the main ones are divided into three structures.

the first lower 3 chakras are responsible for the physical development of a person;

middle 3 chakras are responsible for mental development;

the upper 3 chakras are responsible for spiritual development.

Consider the 9 dominant chakras:

1st Source

Chakra is located in the coccyx. Through it, a person receives the vital energy that flows from it. It absorbs all kinds of energy.

Color – black (unexplored, beyond human perception).

In the sound range, this chakra perceives infrasound (ultra-low frequencies). Infrasound can cause a panic fear in a person.

In the Eastern system, this chakra is called Mu-Lad-Ha-Ra, and our Ancestors called it one short and understandable word – the Source. Everything originates in some source.

2nd Age

He is responsible for the Rod, that is, for the birth of life, and also receives the energy of other vital essences, through it male power enters the woman. In addition, this chakra perceives specially directed energy flows (evil eye, curse, etc.). Located in the pubic area.

In the eastern system, this chakra is called: Sva-D-Hi-Stan-A.

3rd belly

In Slavic “life” will be “belly”. The place where life begins. Through this chakra, a person first receives energy in the womb, then the energy of the cosmos from his Star, the Lord. The location is navel.

In the eastern system is called: Money-Pu-Ra.

4th Percy (Chest)

Radiates and absorbs the energy of creativity. Responsible for breathing. The location of the chakra is the center of the chest (solar plexus).

In the eastern system is called: Ana-Ha-Ta.

5th Lada

Located on the right shoulder. Covers armpits, shoulder joint. Receives and radiates the energy of Love, Good, tenderness. In addition, this chakra is responsible for the performance (mechanical perception).

In the eastern system is called: Surma Chakra.

6th Lelya

Located on the left shoulder. Regulates the work of the heart, and also takes the energy of intuition. Provides intuitive knowledge of the world Yavi, intuitive creativity and premonition. Therefore, a person says: “I feel it with my heart”.

In the eastern system is called: Chandra Chakra.

7th Mouth (Mouth)

Covers the throat system. This chakra gives out sound energy, is responsible for the materialization of thought (speech), and also receives and transmits the energy of sensual images.

Color – blue. The sound is “A”.

In the eastern system is called: Vish-Oud-Ha.

8th Chelo

Intellectual chakra, controls the work of the brain, processes images and thoughts. Energy flows without sensual coloring work here. The sensitive system of this chakra is beyond the boundaries of human perception. This chakra is also responsible for energy vision. Location – brow (eyebrow).

Color – natural (purple).

In the eastern system is called: A-D-ZH-AH.

9th Spring

It belongs to the World of Glory and the channel extending from it to the World of Government departs from it. Provides communication with the genus,

It perceives ultrasound (ultra-high frequencies). According to the eastern system: Sy – Hy – C – Fy – Fa.

Man generates energy – from air, water and food. And also he receives energy from the outside – from the Sun and the Earth. The movement of the ascending and descending flows is shown in Fig. 7. This energy interacts with the chakras.

All dominant chakras are divided into:

low energy chakras (World Navi);

medium energy chakras (World of Yawi);

high energy chakras (World of Slavi);

chakras of ultrahigh energies (World of Rules).

The first three chakras take energy from the World of Navi (low energy):

These chakras affect the structural state of the physical shell of a person. Some people work only on these three chakras – these are people who live by primitive instincts (sleep, food, drink and

Creativity in the World of Evacuation is possible in people with harmoniously developed chakras 4, 5, 6. The person for whom these chakras work is called “Mental”.

The following chakras belong to the World of Slavi (high and ultra-high energies) and are responsible for the Spirit:

When a person has all the chakras, including the highest ones, he is “Spiritual”. A person who lives only by the three higher chakras, without developing and using the lower ones, as a rule, becomes a recluse, he is divorced from the World, and this is no longer a harmonious person. The lower energy centers feed the upper ones, so the Slavs always developed harmoniously and used all the centers:

the lower ones provide communication with Nature;

Mental associates with other people;

Spiritual ones give an opportunity to look at the World from the side and realize the structures behind our Clear World.

According to Meshalkin, Velichko “Slavic Health”:

Man has three Realms of consciousness, located vertically:

The realms of consciousness are sometimes called the bubbles of Life, which in turn are located inside the Settled bubble. Each kingdom has its own princess, and each kingdom has its own core of consciousness, or table.

The cores of consciousness are complex and multidimensional concepts. The core of consciousness, which is the table of the Bronze Kingdom, is the heart. His other name is Jarlo, or Percy. The copper kingdom is also called the first crown. Here dwells the heart Force – Yara.

The table of the Silver Kingdom is the belly – the center that controls life processes. Here lives Alive. Alive is considered the Force of life, the Force of the physical body.

The Table of the Golden Kingdom is Chelo – the center of the Smart Force (people familiar with Chinese culture can see here an analogy with the threefold division of man in Chinese medicine into Heaven, Man and Earth, where Heaven corresponds to Spirit – Shen, Man corresponds to soul – chi, Earth corresponds to body – whether).

Each kingdom consists of three energy centers and has its own special structure. The Silver Kingdom includes the Source, the Zarod, and the Stomach.

The source is located in the coccyx area. It draws in the most and radiates the least energy. It corresponds to the black color.

The germ is located in the sacrum area. Its color is red.

The third energy center is at the navel level. This is the Belly, and it corresponds to the orange color.

Source, Zarod and the Belly are connected with the World of Navi and draw Life Force from it. The Silver Kingdom corresponds to the Roots of the World Tree. The source absorbs the Force of the Earth, providing the vital activity of the organic body. The germ takes energy from other living beings, and also absorbs and radiates the power of reproduction.

Through Zarod, the male Force enters the woman, and with it the Gift of Maternity, the Women’s Share (the gift of love for the husband and children), Generic Memory (an intuitive insight into the accumulated experience of Ancestors on the female line about creating and maintaining the atmosphere of Love and Lada in the family).

Female Strength enters a man through Zarod, and with it the Gift of Fatherhood (mutual love for his wife and children, ability and ability to educate and train sons of life wisdom, martial arts, professions; ability to educate his wife and children in the Spirit to bring them along to God).

Belly absorbs Life Force – Live. The silver kingdom is the kingdom of the angry knights. It is ruled by the Virgin of Pain with the help of Tosca and Fear through Justice in the form of Injustice.

If higher energy centers are undeveloped in a person, this is not yet Human (“person” – “mind seeking knowledge”, “age” – “eternity”; “person” means “eternal reason”), but only Live (Resident) .

The Copper Kingdom consists of the following three energy centers. Yarlo (fourth center) is located in the solar plexus area. It corresponds to the golden color. The fifth center is located in the area of ​​the left shoulder joint and axilla. Its name is Lada, and the color is green. The sixth center is located in the region of the right shoulder joint and axilla. It is called Lel, and corresponds to it blue color.

Yarlo, Lada and Lel perceive and radiate the energies of the World of Evi.

Yarlo (heart) accepts and radiates the energy of creative creation, allowing to create objects of the Explicit World. The heart also controls the processes of acquiring and transferring military, industrial, administrative and managerial skills, the ability to creatively organize the living space around you (in the family, the inner environment, etc.).

Lada receives and radiates the energy of Love, Happiness, Goodness.

Lel provides an intuitive knowledge of the World of Reveal and intuitive creativity in it (to put it in modern terms, technical inventions, scientific discoveries).

In the Bronze Kingdom, the Virgin of Grievance rules with Shame in the form of Shamelessness.

If a person has developed these three energy centers, we are still not a Man, but only a Man (People).

Last, the Golden Kingdom includes three energy centers – Throat, Chelo and Rodnik. The throat (seventh energy center) is at the level of the second or third cervical vertebrae, it corresponds to blue color. The eighth energy center – a man, is at the level of the eyebrows. Its color is purple. The last center, located in the region of the crown, is the Spring. It shines with a silvery-white light.

The upper three centers receive and radiate the vital energies of the World of Slavi. Slav – the highest levels of Bright Navi.

The throat provides a person with the perception and transfer of energy of sensual images, it is the center of the arts. Through it, the beautiful of the higher worlds is brought to the World of Revelation.

Chelo perceives and transmits mental images that govern the higher intellectual and spiritual development of Man. Through Chelo carried extrasensory abilities.

The spring perceives and radiates the Power of the Higher spiritual images of the World of Glory and the Spiritual images of the World of Government.

The Golden Kingdom is ruled by a princess – Silent Sophia.

Anyone who has developed spiritual and spiritual abilities, consciously controls the Power of the Golden Kingdom, deserves to be called a Man.

Through the kingdom in the center passes the axis of the sacred Mount Meru for the Slavs, or the spiritual axis in the form of a kind of rope (note, "rope" and "faith" – one-root words!) – Svili.

The seven energy centers, located in the center, are the seven human compositions, the Seven Semions (Fig. 1).

See how the similarity of the Slavic and Indian traditions can be traced: Seven Semions correspond to the seven chakras.

Seven Semionov is a kind of seven steps that can be viewed as stages of personal growth, steps of development, movement of the human Spirit. These steps of ascent are called the Russian ladder. Energy "Solar Cross" man

Nine rotating centers form a cross, which carries a man. This cross is called the "Heart", or "Cross of Life." From the hoary antiquity came to us the expression: “There is no cross for you!”, Incriminating anyone, that he has degraded from the Human level on the Human level.

I must say that the cross is one of the oldest symbols of humanity, which, from prehistoric times, has a cult protective role in almost all the nations of the world. This symbol originated as a sign of the Sun and descended from the image of crossbars – the spokes of the "solar wheel" (two diameters of a circle perpendicular to each other). As V. V. Pokhlebkin writes, “in this form, the cross was known to many pagan nations (Hindus, Assyrians, Chinese, ancient Scandinavians, Germans, Etruscans and Phoenicians) long before the advent of Christianity, which made this sign its ideological symbol, using the widespread it is among many nations and giving it its meaning. " In the ancient non-Slavic tradition, the cross symbolizes the countless number of meanings, phenomena and images in all three Worlds: Navi, Reveal and Rule.

By Shevtsov (Lyubki, Troyanov Path)

In the Russian tradition, the idea of ​​the fine structure of a person is somewhat reminiscent of the classical system of energy centers (chakras) and channels, but there are significant differences.

The physical body of a person is surrounded by an energy envelope (biofield), shaped like a huge chicken egg or an elongated soap bubble. Esoterics call it an aura, and in the people it is the Bubble of Life (it is the Settlement of the Wasteland). The quality and color of a bubble largely determine the condition of a person, and also speak of his physical and spiritual health. The shape of the bubble gives a special force – the shell of the yellow-green glow Sob (hence the words: individual, individual). The human body itself is permeated with energy channels. Some of them are described in oriental acupuncture. Another part of the channels covering all parts of the body is referred to in the Russian tradition as the “strings of the human soul”. Psychological energy (informational) constantly flows through them, like through the channels of rivers. In moments of stress, powerful energy flows can occur in the channels. If any part of the body is not able to withstand such a flow, then in this place there is compression of the strings. Formed "dam", which over time can turn into a "swamp". Such places of stagnant energy are the cause of many diseases. Moreover, the nature of the disease is determined by the information located in this “swamp”.

The concept of the seven compositions of man is present in the Tropez. In Russian mythology there is a corresponding tale about the Seven Simeon. They roughly correspond to the nucleus of consciousness and Stogna.

The nuclei of consciousness are three – Higher, Middle and Lower. The main name of the lower core is the Abdomen, the middle one is the Heart, the upper one is the Silent Sophia. The term Belly means both Life itself and the Power of Life. The Russian Goddess of Life is Alive gives a person so-called "living soul", which provides the vital activity of the physical body. It is the living soul that hides in the heels of fear. There is a feeling soul, but more on that below. The middle core of consciousness is located in the middle of the chest behind the sternum, but it is not a physical organ of the corresponding name. Therefore, it is more correct to call him Seryodka. The name of the goddess of this core of consciousness in the tradition of the path is Sereda. The higher core of consciousness covers the human head.

Zones where the cores are in contact with each other are called stogna. Stogna in Russian meant roads, streets, intersections and squares in cities. For a farmer, stagna is the place where the stack is placed. In other words, it is an earthen ground into which stacks of stazhars are driven in, around which a stack is wound. The space between the burners was called in the life of the interstitial, the so-called Zarod of the stack was put on it. The germ is also called a triple hop hop ("trefoil"). Hence the name takes the bottom stogno or crotch – Stino. Yarlo, onozhe solnek / pchnoe plexus, connects the lower and middle cores (Yarilo – the sun-fiery God of Russia). The throat connects the middle and upper core. There are two stogns on the head at once – this is Chelo and Kolorod around the Spring. A tribal wheel or a generic wheel is a symbol of Rod (four sources inscribed in a circle of sockets on the cardinal points), was considered one of the strongest amulets of Russia!

Four centers in the human body represent four elements: earth – Stegno (analogue of Muladhara), fire – Yarlo (analogue of Manipura), water – Abdomen (center below the navel, place of power; urine – power), air – Throat (analogue of Vishudhi). It should be noted that insincerity is the main disease of the throat. Clogged with unspoken words and unspoiled tears The throat overlaps Vishudha.

In order to properly exercise the seat,

In the Russian tale of the copper, silver and gold kingdom, the sequence of work with the cores of human consciousness is shown. Cleaning should start with the removal of offenses. That is why Baba Yaga sends a kind fellow first to her younger sister, the princess of the Bronze Kingdom. Purified of Obida (heartache), the Bronze Kingdom turns into the kingdom of Peace. Only after that can one proceed to the Silver Kingdom and remove the physical pains. For pain is always a consequence, and the reason is an insult! Cleansing from pain gives peace of rest. But you can not stop there. We need to go further – in the Golden Kingdom. Only mastering wisdom clarifies the mind so much that you become the King,

The science of thinking.

The science of thinking is a very important part of knowledge. It allows you to understand how various destructive programs are formed in our subconscious. For a clear understanding it is necessary to agree on a common terminology. So, let’s begin…

Knowledge fills the entire Universe as a subtle material environment. Information is a form-taking knowledge, it can be exchanged, owned. Consciousness is a separate part of the Knowledge. Consciousness – joint knowledge, manifests itself when a part stands out from a common whole. The selected part retains all the properties of the whole. Consciousness takes shape only when it moves. Life is motion. Matter is a "mind-shifting consciousness."

Abilities of consciousness:

1. Reflection. Image – imprint, impression, in the form of perception of information.

2. Memory. The ability to maintain a perceived image.

3. Run off. The mind is the ability to drift according to the density of knowledge from the greater to the lesser (the fish is looking for where it is deeper, a person is where it is better).

Density is something that can destroy you, like integrity. Image – the density of knowledge in memory. Pain – a signal that the body is destroyed. There is no pain, there is only the knowledge that this action causes pain.

Basic mind mechanisms:

1. Verse – elemental, wordless, that which allows it to exist in conditions of unearthly, inhuman. In it you need to know how to control the movement, not the body.

2. Mind – one-time mind for survival on the planet in the body. In mind, you can communicate with any creature in the universe. Operates Images. Develops with

3. Thinking – applied to life in society. In thinking, the mind uses samples. A sample is a chain of Images or an action algorithm according to which we act in a given situation.

To live draws us Hunting. Levels of the Hunt: in verse – the need, in the mind – desire, in thinking – goal, aspiration.

Jets of thinking:

1. The need to get enough – corresponds to the verse.

2. Warrior, master, good – consistent with the mind.

3. Human behavior – corresponds to thinking.

Merezhka – desktop of Reason, on which are images. Located around the head. With the help of a merezhka we choose a certain image, and only then we proceed to action. Thus, between the intention to do something and the action itself there is always a delay.

Body mind soul

In the verse, consciousness itself is your master, the action itself. The mind is turned on when we face the danger or something new and incomprehensible, for which there is no image in memory,

The image of the world is the main set of the usual ways of solving life tasks, allowing not to think, but not to lose (consists of two parts: World-nature and World-society). The images of things and the simplest interactions form the basis of the Mind – the continent. Culture is treaties about which images should correspond to the names of things or the names of actions. Modern man lives in the Society much more. Moreover, we live and communicate in guises. Appearance is a guise designed to achieve specific goals and using a specific pattern of behavior.

The child is met on earth as God. He begins to learn from a person, to fulfill contracts with people. Life is a chain of contracts. Each contract is the result of your choice. You have now what you chose. You are the master of your destiny and are free to unleash the contract in the opposite direction. Thinking is born when a child first feels injustice. Then he hides and prepares revenge, picking up the necessary tools for this.

There are three main behaviors, the so-called winning looks:

• Righteous – justly demands and justly receives.

• Sneaky – rightly demands, but unfairly denied (mean behavior).

• Despot is a petty tyrant, unjustly demands and receives.

The ladder of thinking is a sequence of accumulation of tools for overcoming the earthly conditions in the face of human society (the operating environment of thinking):

Let’s see how it works. The need to satisfy the hunger of a child once turns into a desire to control the mother,

From the thinking of the Treaty comes the thinking of Properties (emphasis on the last syllable), about which you need to talk specifically. The concept of properties is associated with the separation of people into friends and foes. Ours are those who observe the rules and laws adopted in this society. Among their own acts a tacit agreement on mutual assistance (the signal is the phrase "our beat"). Their levels can be different – the yard team, work team, district, people and

The property was grafted through so-called initiations or initiations. Often this was done quite hard. For example, in the military initiations initiated in every way humiliated and tortured. In our time, this has been preserved as hazing in the army. The goal is to drive a code of conduct into the novice’s head. Its should be recognized immediately – by the appropriate appearance! This is especially important at critical times, for example in war.

In the Russian tradition, there was a whole system of initiations depending on age: in 2-3 years – initiation to the sex (male or female), in 7-8 years – recognition of one’s own, in 12-15 years – adulthood. To pass the dedication, it was necessary to pass the exam. For example, there were given riddles about the world order. The subject had to confirm the knowledge of what was apparent to the entire community to which he belonged. A person living according to the customs of his society (a custom is a social habit) is ordinary or “intelligent.” The one who does not recognize social norms is an outcast, a stranger, a “fool”.

The world of the same evidence in Tropez called Lopot (for his – property, for others – a secret). But the evidence is a human opinion, not a law of nature! It must be understood that what seems obvious to one society may not be so for another. If you consider only your view of the world as the only true one and do not recognize other opinions, you become a fanatic. And fanaticism sooner or later leads to war. Especially scary when people kill each other in the name of God!

There is a very simple way to permanently get rid of violence and wars. To do this, just need to recognize: Our path is not better – it is just another!


Personality in the Trail tradition was considered the part of the mind that governs the behavior, and was divided into two parts: the acting and the experiencing.

The acting personality includes what was called the personality mortal or smerd. Smerdom in Russia called sitting on the ground peasant warrior. Smerd is the part of the personality that plows you, works. But the acting personality also includes what protects you from other people – the external personality. It is a stranger to you, because it is created for the sake of others and consists of shapes or looks.

The experiencing personality also consists of two parts. This is a trace personality (fool) and shadow personality (pitch). The tiny one rules our behavior, while we are sick, the evil spirits that you possess are living there, this is your inner hell. The fool is the warrior who let you down. You put him on a fight, he lost, and from this moment you know: putting him on means to get pain, and you hide him. Where usually in Russian fairy tales lives a fool in a hut? On the stove or even behind the stove. But a fool, somehow, for what is the pain, points the way to pain.

Personality – this is all that in a person can die. Man is a more complex concept than personality. What can die? Body. We believe that pain lives in the body, but turn off your understanding of what pain is, and the body stops feeling pain. Under hypnosis, a person is pierced with needles, and he does not feel pain. The body is not afraid of pain, but it feels it thanks to the personality. A person is afraid of death because of the disgraces who sit in it and shout: "I am afraid of death." Turning off these guises, and the person is no longer afraid of death. But the personality is mortal, it dies.

The soul is the body of the spirit – afraid of heartache. Mental pain is called resentment. And this is a sign that she is physical. This is the body. She will die if you are going to leave for good. If you intend to reincarnate, then the whole complex of what is called the Soul (living soul, feeling soul and thinking soul) will be needed in the following bodies. And nevertheless they die off, because suddenly you are planning to incarnate not in the human body, but in the body of the animal.

Only the spirit is immortal, but the spirit is not afraid, does not feel, does not move, it only dwells, and in us indicates the direction to your ancestral homeland. He is just a kind of compass needle. Spirit is just your ability to ask the question “Who am I? And why did I come? ”He is not at all some super-being in you, which is much smarter and more capable of solving puzzles than you are with your thinking. Thinking thinks better than spirit, because spirit does not think at all.

Personality – this is what prevents to be a man. It covers sensitivity with its "shields"

To control thinking, you need to slow down the speed of jumping from one thought to another. He who has freed himself from the experiencing person thinks slowly and sees all his thoughts as a stream. In Tropez, this state is called scooter. In the Russian tradition, the flow of thoughts was called the river of thinking. Hence the speech, speech. Thinking is expressed in the word.

The trail considered the Game one of the main methods of draining personal structures. In Russian traditional culture, the personality was sometimes called Igrets. A few words about the concept of Searing.

Interest in a different way is called Hunting. The presence of a person’s states, when he wants something besides natural needs, is what binds his Spirit to earthly life (earthly cravings). No conditions will help spiritual growth until the Hunt has been withered. Any attempts to circumvent the Hunt in yourself with the help of prohibitions, self-suggestion, coding and

It is impossible to free oneself from anything by prohibition or by the decision “not to do so”. You can not train to be free. You can free yourself only by letting out everything that you carry in yourself. Training, education, etiquette will be an additional burden. The ban will simply drive the hunt even deeper into your being, so that you simply stop distinguishing yourself from it and will assume that this is your natural nature. In order for the wine to lose its strength, it is necessary not to seal it, but to let it run out. No matter how irrepressibly attracted you to the desired, gradually, as you repeat, satiety sets in, and interest in what was the subject of passion disappears. This is the basic principle of draining.

Personality structures are extremely complex in form. According to their content, they are the sealed, canned energy of desires, desires, passions. But even sealed, they retain the property of controlling human behavior. Folk tradition explains this by the fact that evil spirits, naturally, having their own will, penetrate a person with these “spoils”. During the game Oderzhaniya (evil spirit) is given the opportunity to be realized in a ritual form. All these ways of banishing obsession are rites and can be considered as keys that unlock the basements of our personality. They must meet two requirements: repeated intensive repetition and combination, enumeration of various options, in order not to accidentally leave some kind of cleverly tied branch of the mask untrained. The game fully meets these two requirements.

While playing, we may not achieve Freedom in one life, but we cannot lose while the Soul plays in us. But that’s not the game that really went. As soon as we really begin to relate to life, we have no opportunity to win. You can only win the game. And how to win it, if it is no more, if the game is over, and everything went seriously ?! Life must be lived effortlessly in order to have time to dry out as much “glue” as possible, which binds us to the problems of this world.

Everyone knows the saying: “It’s time for the fun of the hour”. Buffoons explained it so. An hour is an integral part of our time, not an opposition to it. Time consists of hours, it is his current moments. And when it becomes clear, the saying takes on a different look. You came here to accomplish your life, but in order for it to become a true deed, its every moment, every hour must be lived like a game. The lifetime is made up of hours of play.

Our ancestors knew about the healing properties of the game. The game is the time when the gods come to us. Therefore, Russia called from all round dances: “Lel, Polel!”, Which means play and play. And the Gods and the People hurried, afraid to be late for the time …

The West is a program that is formed in a person at the moment of clouding of consciousness, when the spirit leaves the body. This can occur as a result of physical pain, anesthesia, hypnosis, a very strong offense, fear, just loss of consciousness.

There is such an expression “spirit out”, when sharp piercing pain literally throws you out of the body. From pain the soul tries to escape. But "holy place is never empty." As soon as a void has formed in our body, information about the outside world begins to be sucked in (recorded), everything that happens at this time next to us — alien words, feelings, images and

West has a temporary response. Some westerners are 3–5 seconds, some are surgery, for example, it lasts 3 hours. Over the course of 3 hours, information from the outside world is recorded against your will. Moreover, there are Westerners that have arisen even at conception, in the womb, at the time of birth.

If the west makes the copper and silver kingdoms and the soul irrelevant and sick, then other pests strike the third kingdom, Sophia the silent one.

The hall of mind is a sequence of actions that was once adopted as a scheme (pattern).

For example, in some situation, we came to a brilliant result. The mind remembers the algorithm that once led us to victory, and in similar situations it reproduces it again and again, improving it every time. As a result, a person becomes a professional in his business – works on the machine, like a robot! On the one hand, it gives skill, but deprives the creative approach, a person stops thinking. Imagine a turner who sharpens the same bolts every day. But at one point, they bring him a bolt scheme that is very similar to all previous ones, but a little different. If the turner does not pay attention to it and applies the old algorithm, it will lead to a marriage. Life is even harder. Just as it is impossible to enter the same river twice, so any similar situation is always something different from all the others. Trying to drive each situation into the “Procrustean bed” of a certain pattern of thinking means that each time you step on the same rake! In addition, the hall constantly takes our strength. This program is a parasite, it cannot exist without our resources. It is more profitable to approach each specific situation from the position of Reason. At the same time, we lose a little in skill, but we significantly gain in strength.

The mind set is a construction of thinking that hides from us what we once experienced, but do not want to experience more, for example, pain.

In order not to fall into the West in each situation in a similar situation, we invent our thoughts that lead us away from the memories. In other words, a certain piece of memory is inaccessible to our consciousness (partial amnesia). In the Tropea, the pain is often called the "beast", and the Nabrods are the traces of the "beast", which wanders, enchants, creating a complex and intricate network (maze) to hide, so that it cannot be found. Fox often uses this to get away from the hunters.

The inner decision is a decision that you once made in the heat of passion, and continues to work to this day. For example, “here I will die – you will regret” – as a result, you go all your life and toil.

A foreign opinion is an opinion from the side that you follow fanatically. For example, I heard that doing it is useful, and doing it. Moreover, a person does not even want to figure out whether it is really necessary, good or bad. He is guided by the opinion of another person that doing so well.

Debts – parasites of thinking, prevent us from thinking, take our time and vitality. As a result, we can not live a full life. Burden the debt very much.

The crest.

During life, we accumulate a lot of all kinds of insults, pain, inner decisions, opinions of others, mindsets that prevent us from living, create problems and take power. The crest is engaged in cleaning out (burning out) all this rubbish from the soul. Comes from the word

Slavic-Aryan Energy Cross.

Body – the shell of man.

Any matter – it forces to compacted energy with low vibration. Man consists not only of the physical body, but also of soul and spiritual energy-information bodies. Awareness of these energy bodies will give a person the opportunity to go on a faster and better way of development and improvement.

1. body – carnal (flesh) body, flesh. This is the main tool of our soul, it carries out the functions of movement and reproduction. It is the receptacle and the connecting body of subtle bodies, consciousness, soul and spirit. Fully formed and matures by the first year of life. Therefore, the ancestors, adhering to the tradition of Vedic Orthodoxy, conducted an age initiation for children during this period. “Grooming”, the boys completely, and the girls cut off their hair in a certain way, which symbolized Veles’s donation and the fact that henceforth the soul in the body completely arrives in the material world of Reveal. Unconsciously adhering to this custom, until now, almost in all Slavic lands, children are cut short of the field of the first year of life.

2. Heat body – the shell (etheric body) surrounding the living being. It has the shape of a ball surrounding a human body with a multi-layered and complex “spacesuit”. It holds inside the person’s own energy, saves information about the body and what is happening around it. The heat of the body protects against inharmonious energy flows and blocks. Therefore, its integrity is of great importance. When it is broken, this breakdown is often called damage, the evil eye, etc. Clairvoyants fix it as blackouts in its matter. Zarya body is fully formed by three years, so children in Russia only after this period could be brought to crowded meetings.

3. Navier body – the lepton matrix of the Body (astral body). In this body fall into the lower worlds of Navi. It is the conductor of the senses. Everything that we feel, hear, feel is recorded in it. Unpleasant sensations are recorded in it as energy clots, which often lead to diseases. Known people distinguish in it a dark part associated with passions, destructive emotions and psychopathic states, and light, which contributes to our higher feelings, feelings of joy, love, gratitude and grace as such. Fully formed in a person by the age of 7. According to the Slavic Vedic tradition, our ancestors carried out an age dedication to children during this period: to the boys – “Girdling”, to the girls – “Jumming”. This contributed to the fact that the child from this period began to fully control their emotions.

4. The body – body of mind and mind (mental body). It has the form of a silver ball (“club”) located inside the human skull. It begins to be actively structured at the age of seven, and is fully formed by the age of 12-14, which is also marked by appropriate initiations: for girls – “Lelnik”, for boys – “Yarienie”. The body is a tool for materializing and shaping the life path. All our thoughts, even the most insignificant, using the energy of the body, manifest themselves in space and materialize in the form of necessary situations. Moving in the spiritual field, the thought form instantly reaches the object-object, person or Godhead, to which it belongs, thus connecting the silt with them and “attracting” their energy and appearance in our life. So we create our reality, "the world around us." Zarya, naviy and klubyu bodies develop, grow and die you have with the death of a real (physical) body. In this regard, the Slavic Vedic tradition sacredly honors 3, 9, 40 days and 1 year during memorial rituals. On the third day after the death, the heat dies off the body, by the ninth – Navier, by the fortieth – to the club. It is believed that the soul and all its parts completely leave this world after a year.

5. Causal body (causal body) – energy shell, which bears in itself all the karmic experience of the embodiment of the Soul, manifested in the form of character, as well as in the conditions of human life. This shell is constantly connected to the soul and acts as a “blueprint” according to which a new body is built. The causal body is a storehouse of the Soul, a treasury in which all the experience of our life on Earth is collected, the abode of our consciousness, the carrier of our will. It conveys information in the following embodiments. Realizing the energy records that formed on him in past lives, he is responsible for the place of incarnation, for the manifestation of innate talents or diseases, for incarnation in a certain family, with members of which the Soul had connections in past lives, etc.

6. Koloboya body – the body of the intuition and the spiritual mind (buddhic body). It has the shape of a golden light ball (“Kolob”) and is located around the head of a person (the nimbus of the saints). Human consciousness is part of the Almighty consciousness. Therefore, the body determines the course of events or the fate of people for a long time, forcing them to develop in accordance with the formed value system. It gives a person the ability of insight, the ability to penetrate into the essence of things not by reason or logical thinking, but by instant illumination and connection with the object. Kolobo body is a mediator for transmitting information to the body from the highest divine worlds. When the soul is not yet self-aware (not developed), then a person cannot be in contact with his sixth body at all. In this case, it is in embryo in humans and is awaiting its development, which takes place as it grows. People striving for spiritual development and comprehension of higher realities consciously activate their body. They acquire the ability to enter into a telepathic connection with other people and the Higher Forces.

7. Divya body – the soul of man (cateral, atmicheskogo). It has the shape of a human body. In this body resides our spirit, which is inextricably linked with the soul and acts as its foundation. He binds us to the universal Spirit of the Most High. Thanks to him, man feels one with the whole universe. His heart is filled with love for all things woven into a single, comprehensive, living organism of the Creator.

8. Right body – Luminous, Light, Spiritual body of Jiva (sattvic body). It is formed by the spiritual light of the life of all the bodies of the jiva (spirit-soul), is outside of time and space. It provides the jiva with personal qualities – the ability to own the experience of all the lives of one’s body.

9. Jiva (Slice Alive) – an individual, self-luminous particle of the Primordial Light – the Sort of the Most High, the manifestation of the Spirit of the Most High in us. It is the true “I” of each being — its Spirit, the source of life; is out of time and space. Jiva, Causal, Kolobye, Divye and Pravia of the body form a unity – the “Soul-Spirit” of man, which does not disintegrate after death, but passes into the next incarnations in order to continue its evolution and get a new experience in the development of matter.

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