Bachelor’s degree in career psychology

Marilyn Atkinson (Marilyn Atkinson, February 18, 1943) – Professor of Philosophy.

He is the main author of the trilogy Science and the Art of Coaching. He is an internationally recognized coach and developer, consultant for many organizations, the main trainer of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and a psychologist. Much of Marilyn’s career has been in working with people and organizations who need support and advice in designing and solution-oriented coaching.

Marilyn is a resident of Canada, a resident of Vancouver. She is the founder and president of the International Erickson University, which conducts coaching programs certified by the International Coaching Federation. Throughout her career since 1985, she helped develop the 14 Erickson training centers located around the world, where she taught solution-oriented coaching and consulted.

Marilyn is also known as an NLP trainer and professional coach, leader and author. Her presence charges people with energy and strong personal development resources, she is an innovator who knows how to influence others. More than 30 NLP Institutes in many countries use her exercises and procedures. Her practical, systemic coaching skills and strategies were called the Gold Coaching Standard.

Marilyn Atkinson was born in Vancouver on February 18, 1943. At the age of 13, she wrote a letter to the philosopher Bertrand Russell and received a response that inspired her to continue her education. In November 1965 she completed a sociology course at the University of Saskatchewan and received a bachelor’s degree (with honors) and was awarded a university award. Three years later, she received a master’s degree in the field of clinical psychology. In 1968 she was accepted as a member of the association of psychologists of British Columbia in the field of industrial psychology.

From 1970 to 1980 she continued her studies, studying the method of gestalt training with Fritz Perls, and also received a four-year training at the primary Institute; completed a two-year course in public speaking and presentation development.

1980–1983 completed a course for teachers in neuro-linguistic programming at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and received a certificate as a teacher of NLP.

Coauthor: Rae T. Chois

Outside of religious and political movements, there is one major human development movement in the modern world – coaching.

This book will help you acquire the skills you need to realize your creative abilities, increase personal effectiveness, realize your goals, and help you learn your values ​​in order to move towards the most important things in life.

Link to the book removed from the site at the request of the publisher.

Bachelor's degree in career psychology

Coauthor: Rae T. Choice

The goal of coaching is to help a person discover his inner potential, define his core values ​​and vision of a goal in life. Transformation occurs when people are asked open-ended questions instead of telling them what to do.

Bachelor's degree in career psychology

Marilyn Atkinson – the creator of his own coaching system based on finding a solution – talks about how to create mutual understanding and the right attitude during a conversation, how to master listening skills, how to ask open questions and correctly interpret the reaction of the interlocutor, how to master the art of concentration.

Link to the book removed from the site at the request of the publisher.

To be able to flow means to be fully immersed in your favorite business, concentrating as much as possible and not being distracted by anything.

This is how you can achieve maximum results in any activity. In his new book, the author of the unique personal development system Marilyn Atkinson will teach you to enter the flow state, fix it, remove any barriers to personal growth and self-improvement. Learn to experience sincere gratitude, love, satisfaction, desire for creativity – and you fill every day of your life with meaning!

The goal of this book is to help not only coaching professionals, but also all those who are interested in internal change, achieve internal consistency and self-realization.

Link to the book removed from the site at the request of the publisher.

Coauthor: Rae T. Choice

The goal of coaching is to help a person unleash his inner potential, define his main values ​​and vision of a high goal and learn how to effectively implement any life projects, whether it is mastering a new skill, getting rid of a bad habit, or starting a new business.

Marilyn Atkinson teaches us that everyone already has all the necessary resources to realize their plans. It is only necessary to release these resources correctly. This can be done either with the help of a professional coach or independently. After reading this book, you will learn a lot about how personal improvement methods work in practice.

Link to the book removed from the site at the request of the publisher.

Any changes in life will be made easier if you master the art of transformational metaphors.

A bright and accurate image, a description of the heroic deed, a story about the effective resolution of a vital problem will help the reader to draw an analogy with his own situation and adjust his thinking to find a solution.

Marilyn Atkinson, a psychologist, consultant and creator of a coaching system based on finding a solution, sees storytelling as an important component of supporting key transformation principles that help you better understand yourself and others, and increase your ability to understand personal strategies.

Link to the book removed from the site at the request of the publisher.

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