Anxiety therapist

We will select a specialist that is right for you (it will take no more than 5 minutes)

You need it if you want

Get rid of anxiety and stress

. which often seem causeless and strongly interfere with living

Build relationships

No matter what – romantic, friendly or related

Learn to make the right choice.

It sounds trite, but often we make decisions based on false, neurotic motivations.

Anxiety therapist

Accept yourself

And finally stop worrying about your weight, height or lack of iPhone X

Our therapists

Have experience

Each of them has a higher profile education of a reputable university, and also has experience in advising at least three years.

Received a recommendation

Each therapist provided us with a recommendation from a senior colleague – a well-known and respected member of the professional community.

Passed the interview

We get to know each of the therapists personally, to ensure their professionalism and adequacy.

How it works?

Help in choosing a therapist

Fill out the form and we will find a specialist that is right for you.

Card payment

We will ask you to tie the card – and the money will be withdrawn automatically. Do not worry, you can untie her at any time.

Anxiety therapist

Personal Area

Communication takes place on video chat. And for communication between sessions there is a text one.


If you have any questions (any – from technical to philosophical), please contact us. We all tell.

2850 rubles per session

Isn’t it expensive?

The average cost of such a service in Moscow is from 2 to 10 thousand rubles. So – judge for yourself.

How is the payment?

You bind the card and the money is debited automatically, 12 hours before the session.

Is it safe?

Yes, of course – we use the Yandex Cashier system. And of course, you can untie the card at any time.

Feedback from our customers

Maxim Kalyuzhny financier

The difference between a therapist and books, meditations and other ways of working on himself is that he asks unexpected questions that I have not thought about and which may be the key to solving the problem. I really like the “Clear” online format – no need to go anywhere. Often I wake up five minutes before the session, wash my face and start work.

Evgeniy Luchinin designer

I know for sure that if it were not clear, I would hardly have started working with a psychotherapist, it’s almost impossible to get me to a personal meeting, but an online session is very convenient. I’m just starting my way, but I can already say that I found in a clear therapist with whom I feel comfortable talking

Katya Yarmahov housewife and collector

I have long wanted to start psychotherapy, but it turned out only because of “Clear” and the ability to conduct sessions from any convenient place. It is too early to talk about global results, but in a few sessions we were able to identify the most important areas for further work, and I began to better understand the sources of many emotions that previously seemed inexplicable

Dmitry Pyanov

I really like that in “Clear” all therapists are young. And then I had another therapist – and there was no culture fit with him.

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