Perspectives of a Psychiatrist
Habits, which at first seem harmless, draw people deeper and deeper. This is smoking,
The best treatment for schizophrenia
In our society there is a steady negative stereotype of the psychiatrist. Such an
Consciousness vs subconscious
Metaphorical cards – a real breakthrough in psychology. They work directly with the subconscious
What is criminal psychology
Cinema on attentiveness A drop of adrenaline, a tangle of intricate riddles, suspense, understatement,
Examples of psychology surveys
The material reflects the work on environmental projects with younger students Preview: A modern
What is aggressive communication
Surely every person at least once in his life faced with aggression in one
Correct thinking
Annotation – a brief description of a scientific article in terms of its purpose,
Size of human brain
functional diagnostics cabinet ultrasound cabinet You can register for an appointment or receive information
Life as a metaphor
Oh, spring endlessly and without edge – Endlessly and without edge dream! I recognize
Trait Perspective Psychology
Special test for teens! Preview: Special test for teens! 1. Do you often experience
Mentally ill wife
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Definition of eating disorders
Added by: MOST COMMON DISEASES OF THE ORGANS OF VISION • Conjunctivitis. Allergic conjunctivitis
I feel so tired
Here is a weird question I occasionally receive in my mail. Well, if many
Alcohol and the brain
Chapkovskaya Kira Sugar makes children hyperactive, alcohol warms, and caffeine dehydrates. Often heard it?
How to break away with love
One day in the middle of a hot August day I received a letter