You can knit pregnant

During pregnancy, every woman is faced with a huge number of restrictions. Not surprisingly, future mothers willy-nilly begin to believe in all sorts of superstitions and prejudices, such as you can not cut your hair, and also dye them, pick up things in advance for the future crumbs, do sewing and knitting.

You can knit pregnant

But at the same time, many pregnant women of the fair sex are convinced that such rumors arise from scratch, and continue to do everything that they did before. After all, every pregnant woman wants to look perfect, and why not use the services of a hairdresser. Many expectant mothers want to create something for their future children with their own hands, so why not do knitting.

It is needlework during pregnancy, namely, knitting, we will pay special attention today.

Where did the superstitions about knitting during pregnancy come from?

All rumors and beliefs come from ancient times, when the birth of women was taken by the midwife. The fact is that in those days, many believed that classes related to the thread (knitting, weaving and

But, in essence, such an explanation came up with the midwives themselves, who, out of ignorance in this area, often could not protect the baby from suffocation during childbirth. Therefore, such a superstition, as “during the carrying of the child is forbidden to knit,” there is a simple explanation.

Meanwhile, in some cases, experts still recommend abandoning needlework, but there are more objective reasons for this “taboo”: vision deteriorates, problems with the back and

Knitting in the period of carrying a baby: superstition and reality

The risk of wrapping a baby with a umbilical cord most often scares the expectant mothers. But, as we have said, this opinion came to us from antiquity. At that time, women were forced to do a lot of needlework in order to provide all their relatives with the necessary “wardrobe”. And besides, the process of pregnancy was for many something unusual and incomprehensible, so it was much easier to forbid something than to risk the health of the little man in the womb.

If we consider such a situation today, then each needlewoman makes many loops on a straight thread during knitting, hence the similarity with the umbilical cord and wrapping the baby. But if superstition were true, most children would be born with entanglements.

Modern doctors may impose such a ban for other reasons. The fact is that during needlework women for a long period of time are in a static position, which can lead to stagnation in certain parts of the body or insufficient oxygen supply to the child. To prevent such processes, experts recommend from time to time pregnant women to take short breaks (15-20 minutes) and carry out a simple warm-up.

Also one of the reasons for the handicraft “taboo” is faulty vision. In the old days, women knitted a lot in low light. Indeed, in those days, the only means of lighting was a candle or torch, so it is not surprising that the weaker sex quickly deteriorated their eyesight, and the needlewomen simply physically could not do their work for a long period of time.

Nowadays, modern lighting devices can solve this problem and prevent the development of early blindness. But even in this case, doctors recommend taking breaks and exercising exercises for the eyes. It does not need a lot of time and effort. During an exciting lesson, translate a glance at a corner of a room or window, and then you can return to knitting again.

Very often one can hear from others that it is impossible to prepare children’s things in advance, since such preparations can result in the birth of a dead child. But during pregnancy, every woman wants to cook everything, including the children’s wardrobe, for the birth of the baby.

But there is a simple explanation for this prohibition. The fact is that ultrasound diagnosis does not always accurately determine the sex of the child. There are cases when parents think that they are expecting a girl and, accordingly, are preparing a wardrobe for her in “pink tones”. However, a boy is born, and then moms and dads have a question: where to put the prepared things? But worry about this is not worth it, since children’s clothes can always be sold or peredarit.

But in order to avoid such awkward moments, experts advise parents to knit or buy neutral things that are perfect for both a little son and a beautiful daughter. After the birth of the baby, interesting elements can be attached to them, indicating that they belong to the floor. And the best option would be knitting things for adults. Thus, future mothers will be engaged in favorite business, and the question about the preparation of a children’s wardrobe will disappear by itself.

But the problem of the older generation is quite difficult to eliminate. After all, mothers and grandmothers know better, “what is possible” and “what is not allowed” while carrying a baby. This habit of going out of business is often the reason for the future mother’s refusal of her favorite activity in favor of peace in the family.

You can knit pregnant

Knit or not knit during pregnancy?

So, knit pregnant is not prohibited. It depends only on them, whether they will be engaged in needlework or not. But even if a woman in position decides to give a damn about all sorts of beliefs and wants to do her favorite activity, there is still a person from her environment who, under the guise of care, will teach and point to her. But women in the position simply need positive emotions. And how can they be obtained if someone keeps saying all the time: “It’s impossible, you can hurt your child!” After all, willy-nilly you begin to think about and dwell on a non-existent problem.

You can knit pregnant

A pregnant woman, of course, can defend her point of view, but in return she will receive only resentment and misunderstanding, and negative emotions and quarrels in her position will come to nothing. After all, nine months of pregnancy should be the most light and joyful. The future mother should surround herself only with positive emotions.

Knit or not knit – it’s up to you, because such superstitions do not affect the course of pregnancy and the condition of the baby. But it is important that your occupation does not become a subject of quarrels, and then nothing will spoil the happiest period in life.

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