Yellow body in the left ovary

The human body is a complex system in which many organs function. All of them are arranged in different ways, but the most complex is the reproductive system. Often, people do not even imagine the mechanism of work of this or that organ, so they get scared when they hear the words that they have some kind of yellow body in their ovary. However, there is absolutely no reason to panic. In order to dispel misconceptions about the yellow body, you need to know what it is, how it is formed and why.

Characteristics of the yellow body

The corpus luteum is a completely common occurrence. This is the name of the temporary endocrine gland. It forms when a follicle ruptures after ovulation. Hormones act on the granulosa cells of the follicles and turn them into lutein cells, which later produce progesterone. The manifestation of progesterone means that the body is ready for pregnancy.

Formation of the yellow body

It has 4 stages:

  • Proliferation;
  • Vascularization;
  • Flowering of vital activity;
  • Regression.

In the event of pregnancy, the hormone chorionic gonadotropin controls the function of the corpus luteum.

The main causes of

It is believed that the causes of the cyst of the right and left ovary are:

  • Drugs that stimulate ovulation. They are taken in the treatment of reproductive function and preparation for pregnancy;
  • Acceptance of contraceptives in case of emergency;
  • Imbalance in nutrition;
  • Mono-diets;
  • Harmful working conditions, including heavy loads, which can lead to rupture;
  • Abortions.

Symptoms of cyst of the yellow body of the ovary

Formation of the corpus luteum in the ovary most often accompany any painful symptoms. But in some cases, a cyst can cause pain in the lower abdomen and is a sign of delayed menstrual cycle. This means that the size of the yellow body is likely to be increased and the rate of permissible parameters

Possible consequences

The appearance of the corpus luteum in the ovary may also be accompanied by complications. They can be expressed by some pathologies:

  • Rupture of the corpus luteum may result in an outflow into the abdominal cavity. This usually happens when the dimensions are no longer acceptable;
  • Twisting the legs when a gap occurs;
  • The danger seems to be that the ovary with the corpus luteum may provoke the formation of a malignant tumor. Ovarian cyst is a formation, not a tumor. Only a specialist can determine whether a cyst is benign or benign.

Yellow body in the left ovary

Symptoms accompanying complications:

  • Nausea, vomiting;
  • Cramping pain in the lower abdomen, it constantly hurts with small stops. Especially felt during exercise;
  • The lower abdomen hurts;
  • The retention of gases in the body;
  • Intoxication.

When the yellow body disappears

If the condition of a fully formed placenta is fulfilled, then the corpus luteum in the right and left ovary will disappear after the fertilization process and the onset of pregnancy.

But there are situations when the cystic formation disappears, and not having time to perform its functions. The corpus luteum may not appear at all. If a woman has a good reproductive system, then the formation of the yellow body is considered as the norm. The absence of a cyst is considered a pathology, the treatment of which is necessary in order for a long-awaited pregnancy to occur. Rarely observed in women phenomenon called persistence of the corpus luteum. In this case, the cystic formation does not produce progesterone for a very long time and moves to the atrophy phase. This applies to both the right and left ovary.

Consequences of the case in which the persistence occurs:

  • Lower hormone levels
  • Reducing the tone of the uterus;
  • Prolonged and heavy bleeding.

An ovarian cyst with a corpus luteum or other neoplasms can be the cause when persistence occurs. Also, the cause of its manifestation may be a reduced level of progesterone in the blood and the presence of the follicle for a long time in the ovary. Persistence is a phenomenon that requires timely treatment for the possibility of pregnancy. A properly functioning ovary allows it to come much faster.

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Treatment options

For patients who have a non-developing ovarian cyst of the corpus luteum, regular monitoring and treatment by a gynecologist is recommended. Also requires control by ultrasound, the photo of which the doctor can determine the quality. It is also recommended to carry out color mapping by Doppler during menstruation. Most often, the luteal cyst disappears or undergoes regression, that is, it does not require treatment. Cysts that are constantly formed, have the properties to dissolve, regardless of education in the left or right ovary. However, if there is a rupture of the cyst with the corpus luteum, surgical treatment is necessary. There is a certain norm of cyst size that is considered acceptable. If it is exceeded and sore, treatment is required.

In the case of a rupture of the corpus luteum, painful symptoms accompany the process. How long they can be approximately determined can be determined only by the attending physician, after a small examination. The absence of the corpus luteum in the ovary does not allow pregnancy to occur.


To prevent complications and prevent persistence, you must observe some precautions:

  • Regular visits to the gynecologist;
  • Elimination of heavy physical exertion;
  • Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene;
  • Timely treatment of infectious diseases.

If you have symptoms that indicate the appearance of a corpus luteum in the ovary, this does not mean that you need to go for surgery. In the case when the norm of the size of the yellow body is within the allowable dimensions, the probability that a rupture will occur is very small. But in different cases it happens in different ways, as each woman’s body is unique. If you have a lower abdominal pain, you should consult a doctor for examination, after which you will be diagnosed and the cause of the pain will be identified.

If, however, you have found a corpus luteum in the ovary, it is enough just to be seen by a gynecologist in order to avoid emergency situations. Some doctors recommend going through several procedures that will improve the condition of the reproductive organs. It’s not worth treating yourself with the strength and folk grandmother’s beliefs. You should also not conclude that you have a yellow body, if it just hurts and pulls the stomach.

For prevention, patients should avoid physical exertion and not have a hectic sex life. In case of deterioration, surgery may be required by laparoscopy. Still, it is better not to bring to surgery. During surgery, there may be two final options. The first option is positive, and the second is the opposite. The latter consists in the complete removal of the ovary, in the event of bleeding, regardless of the operation of the right or left ovary.

Women should be examined regularly by a gynecologist, especially when symptoms of a cyst develop.

Does the corpus luteum affect the sex of the child?

Some doctors of ultrasound diagnostics assert that when a pregnancy comes, the sex of the child can be established even on the smallest term. Since a woman has two ovaries, a yellow body can form in any of them. If there is a cyst with a yellow body of the right ovary, then there will be a female gender, if left, then a male one.

According to the photo ultrasound, if it is modern enough, the sex of the child can be set even for a period of 12 weeks. But to trust popular beliefs or not about the formation of the corpus luteum in the ovary, and how it affects the future sex, it is absolutely everyone. In the second trimester ultrasound photo, most often at 16-22 weeks, it is perfectly clear who will be born to you. On this period, the size of the fetus is already large, so the sex difference is clearly visible.

If you are interested in the gender of the unborn child, and you purposely want a boy or a girl, then it would be better to contact the family planning center. Also, the 3D ultrasound service is now popular, where you can even see the cut of the baby’s eyes, where the sex of the long-awaited child will be accurately determined from the photo. And the appearance of the corpus luteum in the right or left ovary will not give an absolute guarantee of who you are born.

The corpus luteum in the ovary is absolutely normal. Panic when it appears is meaningless. Its presence is obligatory in the reproductive activity of organs. But with the appearance of corpus luteum, it is necessary to observe preventive measures in order to avoid situations that require interventions.

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