Woman’s birthday scenario

No, today I will not tell You banal wishes, But I will take and impose A supercall on you:

Yes, do not hang a rag chest! And cellulite, go-ka forest! And you, work, do not be a cause for stress!

Let there be an arrow of scales On the figure of the one you want, Moreover, you always allow yourself delicious food!

And may the one who has got your heart be with you. Let him always understand you and give your soul a warmth!

Happy Birthday, my dear, I congratulate you! There are many congratulations, They are not counting now:

The sun is radiant, Coffee is in the morning. The man is broad-shouldered, To cook himself.

So that he loved and pleased, He brought money, Kissed and pampered … And idolized!

Woman's birthday scenario

The children are not upset, so that you would be protected, Mom’s heart was warmed up And grew healthy!

As a Goddess, you are beautiful! And you bloom day by day! A lot – a lot of happiness to you, Joy, love, kindness!

Have fun walking through life, Be loved, be gentle! Cry less and laugh more, Forget some adversity!

You are a little older and a little wiser. Friends of smiles and flowers Let your heart warm with sincerity, And the wishes are simple:

It does not matter, right or left. The road wants to run – Be a woman and a queen, Know how to hope and wait.

Forward and up, always and everywhere, Horizon beyond the horizon. Let the winds pass, You believe in yourself in any season.

Let there be bright moments, Where the sea, the sun and sand. And whispers in the ear of compliments Good luck gentle voice!

Good luck, happiness! Happy birthday! Emotions, joy is countless! Let the mood be cool, Let it be in your honor all day:

Let the compliments be said in the morning, A bonus will be given by dinner, And in the evening they will show a concert AND zababakhayut salute!

Happy Birthday And wish in my life that All problems and worriesWe were like a microbe!

And more in the life of laughter, So that the size of an elephant There were joy, success, And love to know in full!

What to wish a beautiful lady — wife, friend, mother-in-law, mother? All the stars of the sky! All the laurels of the world! So that the apartment is full of happiness!

To love never left, To sadness was not enough. Good health, prosperity, To life flowed dear smooth!

Let it be always by the way. Let the house be filled with joy, So that a long time to live happily. Everything that was conceived came true!

Happy birthday, I wish you a super-lady, Husband to be a super-wife, And kids super-mom.

So that you admired you bowed before you, To your gaze, How to achieve rewards.

So that everything in life was super, In the hands was good luck, So that you were a woman, Born for happiness.

Years rush – steamers, Easily escort them! You have become even more beautiful over the years – Never forget!

Smile, be beautiful, After all, today is your holiday! Be such a sweet, kind, With a gentle, angelic soul!

Curlers and make-up, Happiness, mood, And ready entourage, Happy birthday!

Be always slim slender, And do not get better, Be always sexy, Smile more often!

And also good to you, And also patience, Be loved and love, Be you in the mood!

Flashing with diamonds in the ears, And with a crocodile clutch Sweet dear, whose name is – Good luck.

And she will tell you: “Honey, take it all from me. I know your birthday and I congratulate you!

Still take away “Maserati”, With this, Case helped me. Open the trunk carefully, There is a bridegroom for you. “

Balls, flowers, gifts, congratulations! A beautiful woman – beautiful words. We wish you this birthday, So that you are dizzy.

Circled from love and from luck, From happiness and desire just to live. And a spark in the eyes – and how else? You can bewitch everyone with them.

You smile – and the world around brightens. You laugh – in Antarctica the ice melts. And the world around blooms and turns green. You were born – and let you get lucky!

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