Woman gave birth to 5 children

Hannah Donahoe responsibly approached pregnancy planning and regularly took pills. However, this did not prevent her from having five babies, including one triplet.

Woman gave birth to 5 children

Hannah’s first pregnancy fell at 18 years. She was a student, lived with a boyfriend in a rented room and soon did not intend to become a mother. However, fate decreed otherwise, and despite the regular reception of OK, she became pregnant. It was decided to leave the child, however unexpected, so Megan was born, now a girl is 10 years old.

To prevent such surprises from happening again, Hannah went to the doctor and asked her to write out other pills that would fulfill her function. But after 2 months of intake, she found out that she was pregnant again.

“I just could not believe that it happened again. When I saw these two strips on the test, I just almost went crazy. I could not understand how we would cope with two children, and what I would tell my relatives and friends — how could this happen if I take pills? ”

Fortunately, the family supported the woman and her second daughter, Charlie, was born. Today she is 8 years old. Hannah decided that she no longer needed to trust the pills and installed a contraceptive implant for herself. For seven years he worked regularly, and then caused a woman health problems. She had to go back to OK. At that time, Hannah broke up with her daughters’ father and did not plan to start a new relationship in the near future.

Last spring, Hannah went to a party and met her longtime acquaintance Ben there. Feelings flared between them, and the couple spent the night together. Just one night, after which Hannah became pregnant again.

When the future mother went to the ultrasound, another surprise awaited her.

“I was lying, and the doctor drove a scanner over my stomach. “This is one heartbeat,” she said. – And here is the second. It seemed to me that I misheard. How is it possible that there were as many as two babies? “And here is the third heartbeat,” the doctor suddenly said. I thought she was joking. Still shocked, I looked at the screen and saw three twinkling dots on it. I could not believe it. I did not plan on becoming pregnant even with one child, and here there are three, “

Surprisingly, it later turned out that all 3 fetuses were conceived from different eggs. A single ovule could be attributed to randomness when it was taken, but, apparently, the woman’s ovaries worked super efficiently.

Woman gave birth to 5 children

Hannah told Ben about everything. The man did not shy away from responsibility, and together they decided to give birth. While the children grew and developed in the womb, mom and dad went on dates and got used to new roles.

Hannah brought the pregnancy to 32 weeks, then it was decided to make a cesarean section. Two girls and one boy were born premature, but completely healthy. Mother with Ella Rose, Casey, and Lester were discharged from the hospital after 18 days.

Woman gave birth to 5 children

Now the large family lives in the eight: mom and dad, triplets together, two children of Hannah from past relationships and daughter Ben from a previous marriage.

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