Will the pregnancy test show a week before the month

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Can a pregnancy test show the result a week before menstruation

Waiting for death is similar, especially when it comes to pregnancy. Someone is waiting for her with impatience, dreaming of seeing the second strip on the test.

Will the pregnancy test show a week before the month

Someone, on the contrary, is afraid of it like a fire, prays to God, so that the unwanted present “will carry” by.

Whatever the reasons, every woman wants to know the answer right here and now. In this case, the question arises, can a pregnancy test show the result a week before menstruation? Let’s find out the right answer.

Can a pregnancy test show the result a week before menstruation?

With regular menstrual periods, ovulation occurs in the middle of the cycle, about fourteen days before the next “cleaning”. What happens in the body of women during fertilization of the egg?

Let’s start with the fact that the sperm takes time, in order to be the first to finish the egg cell, this path may take more than one day.

Even assuming that they (spermatozoa) already “wait” for the egg in the uterus, having got there in advance, then the fertilized egg will take some time to move into the uterus and to “connect” to it.

Will the pregnancy test show a week before the month

Hormone hCG

Only after that will the human hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, or in abbreviated HCG, begin to be produced, on the identification of which the diagnosis is built. And in the first days the hormone is produced in rather small quantities, which are not enough for the test.

That is, from the moment of ovulation it may take several days before the body begins to produce hCG in the right amount, to which tests react.

This suggests that earlier than 7 days before the onset of menstruation, the result can not be determined. Yes, and seven days before menstruation, you can see the second striped only if the egg was fertilized on the day of ovulation.

About a week before the onset of menstruation, the hypersensitive test, theoretically, will be able to see the presence of a hormone in the body. Then he will show you the result in the form of a weak, pink strip, provided that you are pregnant.

Although, hCG is being produced, in the amount necessary for the test to “feel” it, only on the third, fourth day after the egg is fixed on the uterus.

Therefore, it is best to determine the presence of pregnancy, not earlier than four days before the onset of menstruation.

Hypersensitive Tests

Now let’s talk about the devices (testers) which can determine pregnancy in the early stages.

Among the popular, highly sensitive devices, the most trusted are the following tests:

  • The test for determining pregnancy Kleablu electronic (Clearblue digital);
  • Pregnancy test. Pregnancy test. Online !;
  • Test for determining pregnancy Evitesta (Evitest);

How to determine early pregnancy

Even before a pregnancy is able to determine a test, women can determine if they have a pregnancy.

Will the pregnancy test show a week before the month

Definition of early pregnancy with the following indirect signs:

  • The feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, as if its “fullness,” is due to the fact that an additional blood flow is sent to the uterus, which is necessary for the normal course of the process of embedding the egg into the uterine cavity. Of course, on the eve of the menstrual cycle, women also feel heaviness in the lower abdomen, but it is slightly different, accompanied by pain, discomfort. In the case of pregnancy, the feeling of filling is not associated with painful discomfort.
  • Some women literally from the first day of pregnancy may feel a change in the taste of products, some have a worsening smell, or toxicosis. But these symptoms do not appear in all women.
  • It happens that the first days of pregnancy in women there are mood swings, tearfulness, as they say – eyes on a wet place. This is also an indirect sign of pregnancy.
  • Not always, but it happens that women change their taste tastes, pulls on “salty”, or on the sweet, I want to eat something that I had not used before.
  • Another of the sure signs is increased appetite. Although the fetus is still small, the body is already beginning to care for the baby, and forces him to eat for two. Sometimes bouts of hunger can wake you up in the middle of the night and demand an extraordinary meal.
  • The next sign is frequent urination. If you began to run on a little often, and not much urine comes out, it means that there is a high probability that you are pregnant. True, if you can eliminate the fact that you could chill your urinogenital system. Although, in case of cold, urination will be painful, and in case of pregnancy there are no painful sensations.
  • Some women in the first days of pregnancy noticed signs of unusual tiredness, lethargy. Sometimes there are symptoms of ODS, that is, a slight fever, runny nose, body aches. This is due to the fact that the body consciously muffles a woman’s immunity, allowing the embryo to consolidate on the uterus and preventing its rejection.
  • “Poured chest.” Every woman has a breast swelling before menstruation. However, if you felt that your chest began to swell much earlier than usual. She is more sensitive to touch, pains have appeared – this is another indirect sign indicating the presence of pregnancy.

Can a pregnancy test show the result a week before menstruation, the result

Too difficult is given us the waiting time, uncertainty, we are in a hurry to find out the answer to all our questions. Be patient, even if you do not have any of the above indirect signs – it does not mean anything.

Do what you love, distract your attention from this problem, because what has already happened does not depend on you. If there is a pregnancy, you will know about it first, just a week later.

Well, in the case when there is no pregnancy, you will also know with the advent of the monthly cycle. If pregnancy was not desirable, you will breathe with relief, henceforth you will be more careful.

And in the case of an expected pregnancy, you will have a great opportunity to continue joint efforts with your loved one to create a new life. Do not despair, smile, be optimistic, you will definitely get the coveted two strips!

Good luck with your pleasant, deep, joint efforts!

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