Why see yourself pregnant in a dream

The attitude towards pigs is ambiguous. They are considered unscrupulous animals, and even forbidden to eat for religious reasons. At the same time plump pigs symbolize wealth and hoarding. Understanding what pigs dream of, one also has to face two interpretations.

Why see yourself pregnant in a dream

Dream Interpretation: to see pigs in a dream

Dream Miller interprets the lean animal as a misunderstanding with domestic and misunderstanding in the work team. Fat piggy – good financial position. Hear grunting – to unpleasant news.

You will be able to persuade luck if you have dreamed of a pure pig – such an interpretation is contained in the dream book Vanga. Dirty sow – to various tests.

According to the 21st century dream book, a pig serves as a warning to a man. He can be groundlessly accused of committing an unseemly act. Also, the plot warns of the possibility of fraud or robbery.

If a pig attacks, it is a danger sign. It is necessary to gather all the strength to repel ill-wishers, and less to trust in strangers.

Enemies have gotten very close, and are preparing to strike – that’s what the pig bit at the modern dream book. It is worth thinking about which side he can follow, and take precautions.

A family dream book dictates that to run away from a pig in a dream means in reality it is worth less to tell others about your secrets. Even the closest people out of simplicity can blame trusted secrets.

The dream interpretation of Dmitriy and Nadezhda Zima indicates that if a pig bites his hand, it is worthwhile to avoid quarrels in reality. Perhaps all attempts to bring the sleeper out of balance are intentional provocations.

Esoteric dream Eugene Tsvetkova advises to pay attention to the number of pigs. One sow means wealth.

But a herd of pigs warns of bad reputation.

According to Medea’s dream book, pigs in a pen are interpreted as moral dreamer’s faults. The dream warns of the need to engage in self-education.

The dream interpretation of Veles treats cute cheerful pigs as a successful course of affairs, a visit of guests.

If you dream of pigs in the house, you can not worry about health.

Russian dream book considers pigs a symbol of wealth, as well as swagger and carelessness. A dirty pig in a dream means unkind talk of sleep, a net income. If the sow undermines the roots of a tree – in reality some incompetent or lazy person will harm.

Dream Tarot gives the definition of pigs as life tests, through which is destined to pass.

What dreams of a pig woman

When a pig dreamed of a married woman who is a mother, she should spend more time with children. Otherwise – listen to the words of those who are weaker.

A good sign is a pig unmarried girl. Soon there will be a tempting marriage proposal.

Pig pregnant woman promises the birth of a son. He will be healthy and not take much trouble.

The interpretation of sleep by the sight of a pig

The wild pig is a warning sign. Enemies will try to harm.

If a live pig in a dream behaves aggressively, the health and position of the sleeper in society is at stake. Someone is preparing revenge for the offense inflicted earlier.

The black pig calls for diligence in dealing with people. It is especially dangerous to be frank with unfamiliar personalities.

An unnaturally white pig can mean poor health. Pink sow is a wonderful symbol. Cherished dreams are close to fulfillment.

A well-fed net pig symbolizes change for the better. Projects will be very profitable.

It is especially good if a fat pig has caused positive emotions in a sleeper. There will be luck in everything.

If a fat pig is nasty, it is advisable to reconsider its attitude to life. Landmarks will benefit.

Dreams of pigs in the mud mean difficulties in the financial sphere. Someone is parasitic and abuses the kindness of the sleeper.

Peaceful huge pig means the rise. In affairs and at home everything is excellent.

If big pigs in a dream behave aggressively or try to stain the sleeper, businessmen should beware of the machinations of competitors. For the rest, the dream indicates short-sightedness.

The dreamed pregnant pig means it’s time to actively increase revenues. Next time such a good moment may not come soon.

The birth pig is also related to the material sphere. The state of finances is improving.

When a pig farrowed, a dream means abundance. Also joyful efforts are coming.

Significant income in the near future, that’s what dreams of a pig with small pigs. Happy family pigs – fortunately in reality.

Actively running pigs, contented and well-fed, foreshadow a favorable period. It will be possible to embody bold ideas in reality. One running pig also means having to work hard. But also it is necessary to remember rationality, and take rest breaks.

For promising businessmen can see a lot of pigs. However, it is required to make thorough inquiries about possible partners, among them may be optional merchants.

A sick pig in a dream symbolizes difficulties. First of all, they will touch the monetary sphere.

An unfavorable symbol is a dying pig. Nayavu followed by trouble.

Dead pigs for entrepreneurs can mean severe complications. Perhaps even bankruptcy. Dead pigs for working dreamers can mean a change of activity. Women should expect deception and difficult situations.

However, the unfavorable values ​​of the dream are true only if the dead pig has become one without violent action. Or if it is numb for unknown reasons.

A slaughtered pig means danger warning. But for businessmen, on the contrary, is a positive omen.

A slaughtered pig in a dream by someone else can serve as a symbol of the loss due to its own rozoeystva. Only oneself is to blame for damages.

The dreamed pig in the blood means that it will take a lot of effort to protect its own financial interests, although at first the forces of ill-wishers seemed insignificant. This story has a neutral meaning – a visit from relatives.

An abundance foreshadows the pig carcass. There will be no problems with finances.

When dreaming of a pig without a head, it is a symbol of a favorable period. It can even be described as prosperous.

Why see yourself pregnant in a dream

The head of a pig indicates the need to think out an action plan to improve life. After that, you can safely proceed to change.

But sliced ​​raw pig meat is a bad sign. Najava sleeping is at risk of getting sick.

Treatment of sleep by action with a pig

The plot to feed pigs is ambiguously deciphered. This is a meeting with enemies, and care to ensure a comfortable future.

Wash the pig – to easily overcome obstacles.

Catching a pig is a good sign. Soon to be met with an influential man. Later his support will be very important.

Running after the pig and successfully grabbing it is a plot that characterizes the sleeper as an enterprising person. This is a valuable ability to use all the chances provided.

Kill the pig, and feel satisfied, thankfully. If in a dream there is a repentance, in reality it is necessary to be sad.

Independently to cut a pig – to problems at work. They can lead to both demotion and profit, depending on the emotions experienced.

Without a shudder, butchering a pig is a tendency toward clear planning. It helps to achieve all your goals.

Pigs and other animals in a dream

Dreamed cows and pigs are a wonderful sign. Wealth will only increase.

If a pig and a dog are dreaming, the plot is also positive. Even if difficulties arise, friends are ready to provide full support.

For farmers, chickens and pigs in a dream are not only part of everyday reality. This symbolizes a strong economy. Other dreamers plot predicts pleasant surprises and minor worries.

A pig and a rat that appeared at the same time have a negative effect. This is a sign that a dishonest person is preparing a deception.

It is seen that many dream books interpret quite ambiguously what pigs dream about. The main advice in interpreting the twofold plots is to rely on your own feelings. The less fear and aversion, the more favorable is what he sees. Pleasant dreams!

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