Why see yourself in a dream pregnant

The basis of life on Earth is water, and when a “life-giving moisture” dreamed in a dream to a sleeping person, this is no accident. Transparent water, devoid of the slightest pollution, symbolizes feelings and emotions, and its appearance in a dream almost always foreshadows something good and kind. Such a dream can be interpreted differently, and much depends on the actions performed by the dreamer, because drinking pure water is one thing, and drowning in it, choking, is completely different.

Why dream of water on Miller’s dream?

According to the psychologist, the dreamed pure water does not foretell anything bad, on the contrary, it is a very good sign sent from above. This promises the dreamer only positive changes in his life. Perhaps a person will soon find a well-paying job or move into a spacious apartment. But if it’s impossible to know where the streams come from, they flood the dwelling, then beware: someone strongly dislikes that the dreamer is successful, healthy and has no problems. It is possible that you will have to enter into a confrontation with those who reckoned with a friend. If a person swims in a dream along the clear water surface, then ahead of him will be a lot of love and pleasant emotional turmoil.

Dream Vanga – clear water

Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga claimed that clear water dreams for a reason. This is a sure sign of future changes in life. Perhaps he will finally get rid of his fears and doubts, and the “spirit of contradiction” will cease to make undesirable adjustments in thought. If a dreamer drinks cold clear water in a dream and does it with pleasure, then soon there will be changes in his life that he has been waiting for. A dwelling filled with clear water to the very ceiling in a dream is a symbol of the fact that good news will soon come to the house, that is, a person will learn good news that can positively affect his future life.

Clean Water in a Dream – Freudian Interpretation

According to the “father of psychoanalysis,” pure water is a symbol of the conception and birth of a child. Streaming clean water is a symbol of ejaculation, and if a person sees in a dream how he pours “life-giving moisture” to someone, it means that he just craves for sexual contact with this subject, even if on a subconscious level. Anyone who admires in a dream his own reflection in pure water is a latent narcissus, and maybe an obvious metrosexual, who devotes too much time, effort and attention to his appearance. Swimming in clean water can be interpreted differently, for example, a woman promises an early pregnancy, and for a man such a dream is just a reminder that he once suffered from childhood nocturnal enuresis or still suffers from it.

Why dream of clear water in the dream book Meneghetti

The great psychologist Antonio Meneghetti argued that clean water is an image that is not so easy to interpret. After all, it all depends on the form in which clean water appears in a dream. If it is a natural reservoir (river, lake, stream), then the dream in which the purest water appears should be associated with birth, since all this symbolizes the female genital organs. Falling into the water and starting to sink in it is not a good sign, because it indicates that a person will soon find himself in an unpleasant situation from which it will be difficult for him to get out. But if he confidently floats, then he will be able to tune the situation “under him” and “get out”, despite the enemies’ machinations and the lack of outside help.

What dreams of clean water in the Ukrainian dream book

Pure water is a symbol of health, goodness, joy and profit. Therefore, such a dream does not promise the sleeper anything bad, which cannot be said about the muddy water. Ukrainians firmly believe that if a pure river is dreamed up, it means that soon “something good” will come to a person, for example, a decent amount of money. Falling waterfall with the purest water splashes – this is exactly the dream for money, and the larger the spray, the larger the bill. But do not rejoice if you dream of a transparent river, in which you will see a sandy bottom, since such dreams are always harbingers of trouble. If, however, I managed to drink a cold spring water in a dream, then all diseases will be avoided.

Why see yourself in a dream pregnant

What dreams of clear water on the dream book Lofa

David Loff has always believed that it does not matter in what form a person sees in a dream clean water, which can be both friend and worst enemy. Here the main thing is to understand what sensations and emotions a person experiences when he sees pure water in a dream. For example, a stormy ocean or stormy sea cause a feeling of anxiety, but a calm river – peace. The associate of Freud is also confident that clean water is a symbol of restoring the energy balance and the birth of a new life, and if the vision is neutral or causes only positive emotions, then nothing bad will happen. Too calm water even in a dream is suggestive: is it a calm before the storm?

Why see yourself in a dream pregnant

What is the dream of pure water in the ancient Persian dream-book of Taflissi?

If the dreamer had a chance to drink pure voditsa from a jug, a ladle or other capacity in night dreams, then this is fortunately. Drinking water directly from the river – to prosperity, and the more a person drinks, the larger the profit will be. A man who has drunk all the water from a river in a dream runs the risk of getting power. For example, he can win the election of the mayor of the city or simply sharply rush up the career ladder. But if the water is clear and unpleasant to taste, then such a dream doesn’t bring anything good, and even worse if it is warm, as this foreshadows trouble. Watering the beds in the garden with clean water, flowers in the garden – to success and wealth, but falling into any body of water is undesirable even in a dream, because it promises worries and empty efforts.

Why see yourself in a dream pregnant

Dream Interpretation: very clear water

In order to correctly interpret such a dream, it is necessary to pay attention to some nuances:

Drink clear water – for internal cleansing. That is, it will be possible to get rid of bad thoughts and mobilize hidden resources.

To see a very clear water – it portends to the patient a speedy recovery, and to a healthy one – success in business.

To walk on the crystal water surface – get rid of worries and solve old problems.

Pour very clear water into any vessel – to improve the material situation.

To admire the reflection of the moon and the stars – soon all the negative will go away, and relatively quiet times will come.

Someone treats the dreamer with crystal clear water – he has to live a long life.

What does it mean: swim, swim in clear water in a dream?

If the water is not only pure but also warm, then such bathing causes a storm of positive emotions, moreover, both in dreams and in reality (according to Miller). Predictor Vanga argued that if a person swims in crystal clear water, then he will be able to regain a good name. But all the other dream books claim that such water procedures clearly indicate a quick amendment of the dreamer’s financial position. But psychoanalysts advise to pay attention to what emotions are bathing people.

A lot of clear water in a dream: sea, river, ocean, lake, waterfall

Calm, with clear waters, the ocean and the man standing on the shore and looking at this splendor – a picture that everyone would like to see in a dream. After all, this vision heralds good news. But if you had to walk along the seashore, ocean or other natural reservoir filled with clear water, this means that you will soon have to go on the road (travel, business trip, etc.). A high waterfall, even with pure water, is a rather alarming sign, because a person who has seen such a dream is really afraid for his life. To go on a cruise by sea – to changes in life, and what they will be – depends on the appearance of the vessel.

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