White discharge during pregnancy photo


White discharge during pregnancy

Pregnant women are often concerned about the discharge of a different nature. In order to avoid future problems, it is necessary to carefully observe their type. If the discharge is mucous and clear, it is considered normal in pregnant women. Do not delay a visit to the doctor if the discharge is strange and suspicious to you. After all, the discharge speaks about the health status of a woman, because her health and condition directly affects the unborn child.

White discharge during pregnancy photo

A sign of thrush or fungal disease that needs treatment controlled by a gynecologist is cottage cheese and white discharge. Bacterial infection carries a discharge of green or yellow color, accompanied by an unpleasant odor. Also, having found these signs in yourself, you must immediately inform your doctor.

Under what secretions can you stay calm?

In connection with hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy, in the initial stage there are abundant transparent discharge. No need to be frightened, they are considered the norm and appear at that moment when the expectant mother does not even think that she is pregnant.

Abundant discharge is also explained by the fact that during pregnancy a cork is formed on the cervix, the role of which is to protect the fetus in the womb. This tube and provokes vaginal discharge.

Discharges similar to egg white, transparent in color, homogeneous consistency, odorless. There is no need to be afraid of such secretions.

Such discharges do not cause discomfort and are not noticeable at all, while respecting the rules of hygiene, which are not so difficult to observe, just use daily pads that change 4-5 times a day.

Selections that cannot be ignored

While waiting for a child, the immunity of a woman is very weak and has the ability to provide comfortable conditions for the reproduction and habitat of various fungi and bacteria. Therefore, in future mothers, it is not uncommon to experience such a disease as thrush. A sign of thrush are cottage cheese whites of a rather thick consistency.

In no case should you try to treat yourself. A visit to a doctor is simply necessary so that medications that are safe during pregnancy are prescribed. The first three months you need to be very attentive to drugs.

Erosion of the cervix may manifest itself as liquid secretion of ichor. Violation of the vaginal microflora is expressed by film secretions having an unpleasant smell, resembling the smell of spoiled fish.

If the discharge changes white to purulent yellow or green, it means that there is a bacterial infection in the genitals.

With such secretions, it is possible to harm the unborn baby and of course her husband, so urgently need to flee to the gynecologist for treatment.

White discharge during pregnancy photo

In any case, the doctor takes a smear from a pregnant woman, who will determine whether the expectant mother is healthy. The non-elevated leukocyte count and the predominance of rods in the microflora indicate that the smear is normal and the patient is completely healthy.

Discharge in the last months of pregnancy

On closer to such an event as the birth of a baby, a pregnant woman can observe a large amount of discharge, especially in the morning. This is considered normal, and if it does not hurt the stomach and lower back, then there is still a little time to prepare for childbirth.

Discharge of water, such a phenomenon may not be confused with anything. Transparent copious discharge, containing fragments of cork, which also moved away. If this happens, you need to urgently call an ambulance and hospitalize. After all, if the water has diverted, it means that the contractions will begin and the baby will be born very soon.

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