Where to give the child

Which section or circle can I send my child to?

It is known that most athletes, musicians and artists began their careers at a young age no older than 5-6 years. At this age, the child is very susceptible, easy to learn and adapt. Already quite clearly manifest abilities of the child. Psychologists are advised to begin an active search for the talents of the child even earlier – from 4 years.

The correct approach to the development of the child will teach the child to discipline. Regular classes in the future will not be stressful for him. Basic skills acquired in 3-4 years will create a platform for future professional training.

Basic principles for the choice of classes for a 4-year-old child

In order for earlier development to benefit, we must not forget that:

Where to give the child

  • The initial goal is not to make a famous athlete or artist out of a child, but to help him find himself, diversify his leisure time and contribute to the all-round development of the kid.
  • The individuality of each child requires a careful approach to the choice of his classes. It’s not so much a matter of talent, as in the difference between temperaments and characters. At the age of 4, children are so curious that they dance, sing and draw with the same pleasure. But a child, naturally assiduous and balanced, will be more comfortable with drawing, modeling and appliqué than jumping and running in the gym for several hours.
  • At 4 years of age, developmental activities should be associated with a child with a game. Too serious attitude of parents to the successes or failures of a baby can negatively affect his mental state.
  • At an early age, immunity is formed, health is created, both physical and mental. Therefore it is impossible to overload the child too much. This means that it is desirable to choose the center of child development not far from home, in bad weather you can skip a couple of workouts. If the child is unwell, then classes are canceled. Psychologists consider it optimal, visiting sections 2-3 times a week for an hour and 1-2 times a week if classes last longer.
  • At 4 years, it is not always possible to reliably estimate in which field and how talented a child is. Therefore, it is desirable to involve the child in several areas of activity – sports, art, creativity. Having received a push, with time, abilities will unfold in full.

Types of temperaments and their characteristics.

Psychologists are advised to start to look at the child and determine the type of his temperament. The speed of thought processes, stress tolerance, emotional excitability, responsiveness, sociability are all innate qualities that are meaningless and even harmful to fight. They must be properly evaluated and taken into account when choosing activities for the child.

In the scientific world there are 4 basic types of temperament: sanguine and choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic. Most people have a mixed character with a predominance of features of the main type.

Child sanguine distinguished by cheerfulness, activity, positive attitude to life, sociability. He is very inquisitive, enjoys new activities, is open to knowledge, boredom and monotony sickening him. Shy, easy to put up. The weakness of a sanguine person is his restlessness, impatience, it is difficult for him to methodically and persistently achieve his goal. Known to the world sanguine – Dumas father, Mozart, Herzen, Napoleon Bonaparte, Beaumarchais.

Child choleric very active, excitable and energetic. He is fidget, quick-tempered. Shows his emotions violently. Prefers noisy and active games. His main problem is excessive impulsiveness, haste, harshness and impatience.

Famous choleric people – Peter I, Suvorov and Chapaev, Pushkin, Mendeleev, Salvador Dali.

Child phlegmatic – the very calm and discretion. He eats and sleeps well, new masters gradually, but confidently. In the mood outweighs the positive, peaceful and calm. Not satisfied with hysterics over trifles, but knows how to achieve his own. Innovations especially do not like, conservative thinking prevails, often stubborn, slow.

Phlegmatic, successful – scientists Galileo, Darwin, Baer, ​​Kant, Newton, Leeuwenhoek, commander Kutuzov, fabulist Krylov.

Melancholic child possesses an impressionable and emotional nature, subtly feels the world around us, a visionary and an inventor, very observant. It can not be subjected to stress, the baby does not want to compete, does well in a relaxed atmosphere, does not like noise, is wary of new faces, shy and touchy.

Famous melancholic – Nicholas II, Elvis Presley, Yesenin, Gogol, Blok, Lermontov, Tchaikovsky.

Psychological advice – where to give the child in 4 years, choose by temperament!

Little choleric show itself in any mobile sports, team games are especially good for them. Choleric people, like sanguine persons, are artistic and mobile. It helps them to get used to dancing and on stage well. In the future, it will be right to involve him in music and manual laborious work. This will help to learn to concentrate, compensates for excessive mobility.

The little phlegmatic person will be happy to engage in creative work – music, drawing, modeling, and in the future – modeling. In 4 years, you can give it to swim, to attract to cycling. Older children can be offered chess or equestrian sports, such children are happy to attend the circle of young naturalists.

Little melancholic need to attach to the visual and musical art. Active melancholic show well in figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics. From 5-6 years it is good for melancholic to offer swimming. This will have a positive effect on his general emotional state and physical development.

Where to give the child

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Which sport is better?

Everyone solves this question independently. In modern conditions it is important to rely not only on personal preferences, but also to assess their material abilities. Even a 4-year-old child’s sports require some investment. This is the purchase of uniforms, equipment, trips to competitions, proper nutrition and so on.

Swimming – equally well suited to all children. Stabilizes emotional and physical development. The main thing is that the child is not afraid of water. Baby 4 years will not take on professional classes. It’s good to start with a visit to the pool with your parents, if necessary, you can arrange individual lessons with a trainer. At first, the minimum expenses are a bathing suit and payment for visiting the pool. To save you can buy a monthly subscription. It is worth paying attention to the quality of the water in the pool and its temperature to avoid fungi, colds and other troubles.

Gymnastics, acrobatics, sport dancing – suitable for all flexible and artistic children, especially good for sanguine and active melancholic. Coaches invite children from an early age for familiarization, getting used to the atmosphere. Active classes begin with children 5-7 years. This is a costly sport. Beautiful costumes, professional shoes and accessories, competitions and trainings themselves cost from 5 to 50 thousand rubles a month.

Tennis – develops speed, reaction, dexterity, coordination of movements in children. A 4-year-old child can be reduced to the court, to show him the performances of older children. But you can enter the section only from 5-6 years old. The cost of equipment, sneakers, racket, balls, court rent for individual lessons are poured out from 25 to 50 thousand rubles per month and make this sport one of the most expensive. But if the child was capable, it is a worthwhile investment with great prospects.

Team sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, like moving choleric. Allow to throw out excess energy, develop strength, speed, endurance, team spirit. If an active boy willingly runs with the ball at the age of 4, then from the age of 5 he can be brought to the trainer. These sports do not require special investments. The cost of high-quality sports shoes and pay for training on average cost from 2 to 10 thousand rubles a month.

Winter sports (ski, snowboard) good for those regions where there is a snowy stable winter. Classes can be started from 4 years, if the child is sufficiently developed and able to follow the instructions of the coach. Parents should remember that this is quite traumatic sports. The main expenses go to ski overalls, thermal underwear, shoes, helmet, skis, poles, bindings and in general range from 20 to 30 thousand rubles per month.

Figure skating – a beautiful and graceful sport. Contributes to the development of strength, endurance and artistry, teaches to coordinate movements. You can start from 4 years and even earlier. The cost depends on the region of Russia and the ambitions of the parents. if you ride for pleasure, general physical health and development, then no more than 5 thousand rubles a month. The main thing – to buy standing skates, so as not to spoil the child’s legs and protect against injury. If parents want to grow a champion, it will cost much more expensive. Up to 30-50 thousand rubles a month and to infinity for professional skating, individual lessons with a trainer, program setting, music, a suit for a performance, and so on.

Martial Arts (judo, karate, sambo, aikido, boxing, etc.) will help grow a strong, self-confident child. Martial arts is a clash of two opponents, a fight. Therefore, taking into account the sensitivity of the child’s psyche, at the age of 4 it’s too early to acquaint a child with such sports. The section accepts boys and girls from 6 years and older. The cost of such classes is quite democratic – from 2 to 5-7 thousand rubles per month. Professional classes will cost from 5 to 20 thousand per month.

Dancing – the most accessible occupation for filling leisure time, developing a sense of rhythm, artistry, beautiful posture, flexibility, muscle strength. It is beautiful and safe, and relatively inexpensive. The budget version of dancing for “for yourself” will cost from 1 to 3-4 thousand rubles per month. Serious dance classes will cost more, but still within the limits of what is achievable. You can begin to engage in dancing from the age of 3-4.

Or maybe a child has creative abilities?

Every kid loves to create – sculpt, glue, draw with pencils and crayons. The task of parents is to develop his natural abilities. And the goal is not to grow Aivazovsky or Picasso, but to have the child grow up fully developed, cognize the world, be fed with the beautiful. In addition, creative activities contribute to the development of fine motor skills and speech.

Child psychologists warn that at 4 years of age, it’s not the result that is important for the child, but the creative process itself. It must be organized in a game form lasting up to 40 minutes with a break after every 20-minute. Longer at this age it is difficult for a child to concentrate. It’s obviously early to give a 4-year-old crumb to a professional art studio. You can successfully organize creative gatherings at home. If there is no time, then enroll the child in the nearest center of early development or give it to a good kindergarten. Classes with a teacher-tutor will be quite enough.

Many parents seek to introduce their children to music lessons. Whether a child has the ability can only be assessed by a specialist. In principle, at the age of 4 it is already possible to determine whether a child feels a rhythm, whether he has a hearing. But music lessons are hard and hard work. It is better to come to music school in 6-7 years.

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