Where to celebrate the birthday of a girl of 11 years

You are fourteen today, Success, luck let them come. Let the young heart freely Always find shelter for themselves.

Let it not be a study, Let dreams come true. Let fate bring joy, And happiness will be where you are!

Childhood is over – 14 years, Today you are no happier. You meet your birthday, laughing, And at once it is clear to everyone that life is good!

Where to celebrate the birthday of a girl of 11 years

We wish you a happy birthday to congratulate, we want to voice wishes carriage: Live in a positive, dream and dare, Diligently learn, do not fool the fool!

May happiness, luck, love and success. With you always will be, without any interference. And everything that is conceived will come to life, Hopefully with all of you, we wish to come true!

On the day of your 14th birthday, I want to wish you confidence in yourself, support of friends, love of your family, good luck, and happy occasions. I wish you always be on the style of happiness and success, on the wave of positive and cool ideas. Happy birthday, may your 14 be sweet and cheerful, bright and grandiose.

It’s time to get older, and it’s time to get a passport. Fourteen is a lot, You have the right to decide, You want to be, how to live better, To quarrel, and to be friends with. But remember that your family, Relatives, acquaintances, friends are always open to You. We all wish you a lot on the day of birth. We wish you success to wish, Give generous gifts!

To you at fourteen I wish, More positive in my life, Let it be what you dream about, Live always without tears, happy!

In school, let everything work out, Let them be faithful friends, On your birthday it will touch Let luck be the ray of you!

It seems only recently born, But it has already been 14 years, As on this Earth appeared Amazing people.

The kindest, funniest, smartest. You always stay that way! To wish for unlimited happiness. From the soul we want today.

Let your relatives respect you, Never let your friends down. Always remember: Your loving whole family adores you.

Happy birthday! I want to wish good luck, positive and always fighting spirit.

Be the happiest of all in the world And fourteen years oldTry from the soulTreat to note!

Never lose heart, Reach the main goals, To believe sincerely in luck And to win in life!

Where to celebrate the birthday of a girl of 11 years

There is so much new in the world, So many interesting things. Being a teenager is great And insanely fun!

Here you are 14 —I would like to wishPosto begin a feast, And walk until the night.

Only at a young age. It is necessary to be attentive. Distance to fly at speed.

Fill life with joy, Meaning, happiness, plans, With laziness, beat fiercely, Aim find the desired one.

Do not lose the harmonyYou are with friends, family.All your dreams come true! Congratulations sincerely!

Today, you are already 14 years old. You are happier and more successful than you. Let it be easy for you to learn, But troubles and problems will go far.

Let relatives and friends be side by side, It’s simply impossible to live without this support! You are dear, as are all the young, Health, miracles! Happy birthday to you!

Fourteen years – the most excellent age, And you will soon be handed a passport to you. Already not a child, but a young teenager, Today the words all sound to you!

We all wish you a happy birthday, In your eyes there will always be joy. We wish you success in school, And keep your loyalty to your friends for a year.

At fourteen years old, We wish: victories, Successes of great AND tastes, only modest ones.

Good friends, Inspirational ideas, Aspirations, victory, and go round the whole world.

To be proud of yourself, To strive for a better life. To smile forever, And troubles – not to touch!

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