When symptoms of pregnancy appear

The onset of pregnancy is such a difficult and happy event in the life of every woman.

When the expectant mother is preparing and eagerly waiting for her baby, she fixes all her feelings. And sometimes, unexpectedly, “the world has changed …”. And so, when mother learns this from colleagues or girlfriends: “Yes, you, honey, are you not pregnant with an hour.”

In this article, we will consider when the first signs of pregnancy appear, how soon they can be waited, how to determine and confirm the occurrence of pregnancy.

1. Psychological changes

So, fertilization has occurred, the egg is moving through the tube and the uterus, looking for a cozy place. Already allocated the first hormones.

The future mother can immediately react to this – manifested irritability, tearfulness, nervous tension. All this is very similar to premenstrual syndrome.

Or as it was with me – a steppe, the desire to be beautiful, make a manicure, hair …

When symptoms of pregnancy appear

2. Changes in well-being

In the first hours, such unpleasant symptoms as excessive appetite, nausea, drooling, dyspeptic disorders (flatulence, bloating, diarrhea …) can appear.

When symptoms of pregnancy appear

A grand reorganization of the body can cause drowsiness, dizziness. The need for an afternoon siesta can also be included in the complex of the first signs.

Vision worsens (blood pressure falls), sense of smell and hearing are aggravated. Highly recommend to monitor blood pressure.

Tastes can change (suddenly the hand does not rise to cook or eat some kind of regular food). Someone pulls on the sweet. someone for salty … Long before the expected delay, I refused to cook beef liver, although this is my favorite dish.

3. Feelings lower abdomen

Often the first signs appear in incomprehensible sensations in the area just above the pubis. Perhaps there is a feeling of tension, poured or pinpoint, slightly pulls, tingles. Feelings are weak, almost pleasant.

If the pregnancy is already confirmed and suddenly there is pain or severe discomfort, immediately consult a doctor!

4. Changes in the mammary glands

Even before the delay, the chest swells, increases in size, changes sensitivity, up to a strong dislike for touch, some pain.

Montgomery glands can appear in larger numbers or increase in size of the pimples on the halo.

Pleasantly pleased with the attention of her husband. Some are “calculated” at work by male colleagues.

During this period, it is worth thinking about buying a quality and comfortable bra for pregnant women.

This feature is quite rare. The phenomenon is absolutely normal.

Scanty, discharge pinkish, transparent. Manifest at the time of attachment of a fertilized egg to the wall of the uterus, 10-12 days after conception.

There is no pain, rather a slight tension in the lower abdomen

It happens so that menstruation, as it were, is preserved during pregnancy, in such cases careful observation by the doctor is required, to exclude the diagnosis – the threat of termination of pregnancy.

Severe vaginal bleeding in any case – a reason to immediately seek medical help.

6. Frequent urination

We turn to one of the most delicate features. Frequent visits to the toilet start to pester the woman very early. Sometimes already in the second week of pregnancy (from fertilization).

The need for frequent urination is caused by hormonal changes. The process itself is painless, in contrast to cystitis, does not cause burning.

7. Temperature increase

Increased body temperature can accompany a woman during the first trimester of pregnancy.

The condition is very similar to the onset of a cold, however, symptoms such as cough, runny nose, sore throat or otitis are absent. Usually kept at 37.0-37.5 ° C.

Those who measure the basal temperature will be the first to notice the onset of pregnancy – there will be no drop in the schedule in the second phase of the cycle. This is subject to the normal two-phase cycle with ovulation.

For the rise in body temperature is responsible homo and progesterone hormone of the yellow body. The corpus luteum provides hormonal support for pregnancy until the placenta is ripe at 10-16 weeks of gestation.

8. Weight gain

The same hormones command the fat depot to put off reserves on the abdomen and hips. This will allow the mother to carry and feed the child, without the risk of exhaustion. Fat deposits on the abdomen additionally warm and protect the fetus from injury.

Plus, perhaps some accumulation of fluid in the body. And the weights arrow stubbornly crawl up.

Proper nutrition and reasonable physical exertion during pregnancy will allow you to keep your figure after childbirth, and often even improve it.

9. Positive pregnancy test

Often the first news is two stripes on the dough.

The test is based on the interaction of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) with a special reagent.

Pharmacies sell tests of different sensitivity from 5 to 25 mIU / ml.

When it comes to the first 2-3 days of delay, a test should be taken with a sensitivity of no more than 10 mIU / ml. Only with such parameters the cherished strip can manifest.

10. Delayed menstruation

The absence of menstruation for two or more weeks is a classic sign of pregnancy.

Here you should go to the gynecologist. In the form of a delay, not only a healthy pregnancy and stress is manifested, but also other pathological states: hormonal disorders, eating disorders, and so on.

11. Enlarged uterus

During a gynecological examination, the doctor reveals such manifestations as an enlarged uterus, a change in its consistency (density), cyanosis (cyanosis) of the external genital organs and the vagina.

These symptoms appear at 5-6 weeks of pregnancy (1-2 weeks delay).


So we considered the first signs of pregnancy and when they appear. I tried to arrange them in chronological order, however, each of us shows this in its own way.

I would like to remind you that none of the above signs is reliable, about this next time. If you suspect you have a pregnancy, it is better to go to the doctor, make sure that everything is in order, and then a week, then at 12, get registered.

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