When is Dima Bilan’s birthday

Life is like a film

If your life is like a film, Scroll a little back to us! You were then just a girl, Gentle-tender, like a spring garden.

Because even now you are young, as once, And the enthusiasm and kindness – This is what you are rich with!

In this wonderful anniversary evening We see how the husband is in love with you. He is with your clear eyes, As once, intoxicated again. Because even now You are more beautiful than all of us combined. Unearthly beauty is what you are rich with.

And to your children and grandchildren You have been and will be your best friend, Because you understand them. Better than all the people, that there is around!

Because even now, you are wiser than all of us together. And a wide soul — This is what you are rich with.

There is no bad weather

When is Dima Bilan's birthday

Nature has no bad weather, there is no bad age either. The more respectable years you have lived through, The more beautiful you are, the more beautiful there is!

Let the wrinkles of the net go to bed, Do not read newspapers without glasses, But more and more tales and stories You can tell your grandchildren for the night!

Again shoots something in the lower back, And my knees ache in the morning, More often, insomnia knocks on the door, I still will not surrender to the doctors!

The eyebrow is sable, the eyes are playful, The blush of tender shek is no more beautiful. You warm everyone with your smile, You’re still not many years old!

The daisies will hide, the buttercups will wilt, But the love for you will not fade away in us! We wish you all the best, Fifty years later, call us again!

On the motive of the song "five minutes" from k / f "Carnival Night". Anniversary 50 years

We will sing a song for you about fifty, Let them talk about this song for a long time, Let it fly around the world, We sing this song for you, This song about fifty!

Chorus: fifty, fifty, Jubilee will come soon, fifty, fifty, you health, happiness – sea, fifty, fifty, Understand if strictly, In these years – fiftyYou can do a lot, fifty, fifty, Jubilee will come soon, you health, happiness – the sea!

At fifty people decide sometimes, That for happiness is the very year, And it happens that the minuteAll sorrows are very cool Kills once and for all!

Chorus: The anniversary comes, With a new life, with a new happiness! Let all the sadness pass, And the weary face does not have power! Let everything sing around, And bloom in facial smiles, After all, the Jubilee, To sing and have fun! tired face is not powerful, With a new life, with a new happiness!

Verka Serduchka (anniversary)

And I just frozeWhen I wiped my eyes with tearsI came to congratulate you And amuse people People celebrate your birthday Happy girlWings around the holidayHere you came rushing for And stayed for a long time OK, now everyone is well Oh, I’m going out! We’ll be singing and drinking till morning today, And then all together Chita-Drita dance I congratulate you and wish you many long years, And Valyuha is coming to you, such lipstick is the color you walk so!

On the motive of the song "Sailor" (O. Gazmanov). Anniversary

Today you have gathered all your friends for an anniversary, Congratulations and gifts you get from guests! You give all the flowers, you fashionably dressed up, You are the beauty queen tonight! Pr .: We wish from guests 100 rubles and a hundred friends, And in life that it should be Everything is okay ! You can do everything: build and plant flowers, Just you will lick your fingers, how you cook, (name), you! We set you up as an example to our children, for example, And even our beloved mayor personally is proud of you! and a hundred friends, And in life so that it wasIt wasn’t okay!

When is Dima Bilan's birthday

On the motive of the song "What to say" (Gypsy). Anniversary

The fashion changes daily. We cannot sing about it. People love our people. They will always be there. Waiting for the sparkling date. Hearts of guests are lost. We walk around Jana’s jubilees. Let us have all the fun. Well: what do you say? nobilityWish to know what will happen. If you give me a beauty, we will tell you everything that does not melt, You will have a full cup of your home, and love will be through the edges. And in the service, wait for your spouse. .Priev: Well, that said Nu so that skazatUstroeny lyudiZhelayut know znatZhelayut wish to know that pretty much budet.Vizhu men such Yai around krutiznapervy is director Bankai second …. the deputy from the Kremlin, there will be many fans of different destinies decided everything like this … You will stop only on the fifth, and you will take the King’s husband in the husband’s singing. To the princess Yana, we praise you today love, abundance, joy Thy companion forever has been

On the motive of the song "Let run clumsily…"

Why we have fun, we don’t skimp on the words Why many guests don’t wonder in vain, it became clear to everyone What a great jubilee today. By playing: Let them play on spoons, And our friendly choir will sing, It would be nice anniversaries every year. in your work – glorious victories. But do not be shy, and in response, try to live up to a hundred years without sorrow. With a jubilee. Our baldeit and soul is younger, Next to him the team sings, We wish you all the happiness. .

On the motive of the song "Time to go" from k / f "Only old men go to battle"

We are celebrating a birthday, celebrating, and wishes for you are very different: Living for a long time, for a long time, not getting old, We just want to look younger And this song is a funny song: CHORUS: It’s time for everyone to have a meal the way! And on this glorious, glorious, bright day Thank you all at all, not at all lazy. And drink a glass of wine, But not so that the head does not hurt! Chorus And not hiding our feelings, We are pleased with all the success of your house which timeAnd become a holiday for usAll your days are born I! Chorus Happy birthday! Today is your holiday, Today is your birthday. And all day is all for you: Gifts, congratulations! The guys came, the girls came, Congratulate you on love. Smile in response, we are more cheerful. We all also love each other. all are glad horribly. They are invited by you, Of course, not in vain. The guys came, the girls came, Congratulations sound to everyone Yes, and of course you drink today Of course, everyone wants your health!

The song on the tune “I stand on the side of the station”

Friends and relatives are sitting, Sparkling wine is flowing, And there is a long way behind it. Words of greeting are heard, Where are you, cherished years? What has been done cannot be returned. (2 times) As a sign of our attention, Accept wishes. For the joy of all, live for many years. Let your years be like a blizzard. All will be grayed out, And youth will be warmed by the light! (2 times) You wish you happiness, success, unchanged, Great luck to you many times. Good health to you, Hope and personal happiness, Let youth not leave you! (2 times) Let hardships be forgotten, And all wishes will come true. And let there be no grief. Love, if you like, Live the way you want, And always be cheerful! (2 times) Everyone (chant): Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Happy anniversary!

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