When do I need to get registered for pregnancy?

When is it better to get registered for pregnancy

At what period of pregnancy you need to get registered with a gynecologist – this question is very important. For some, the long-awaited and desired pregnancy, for someone comes very unexpectedly. But in all cases, at the time of the discovery of a particular position, a great responsibility lies with the woman in bearing and giving birth to a healthy, full-fledged child. Of course, the first assistants to us in this are the doctors. And it is to the specialists of female consultation should contact for the management of pregnancy. Many, especially those who have come across this for the first time, are concerned about the question of when, by law, you need to get registered for pregnancy during a maternity clinic. There is no doubt that it is necessary to take shape. Without visiting specialists, you will not receive an exchange card and a birth certificate. Which, in turn, are a kind of pass to the maternity hospital.

And yet, at what time is it better to register with a doctor for observation? The optimal time for registration of a pregnant woman is 8-10 weeks. Prior to this, the probability of abortion – spontaneous miscarriage. To undergo all tests, various medical examinations and eventually find out that everything is in vain – no one wants to.

On the other hand, according to some doctors, the earlier the future mommy will be examined, the more likely it is to save the pregnancy and make a healthy baby. Therefore, if you apply on earlier dates, then you must, of course, be accepted. At a minimum, a doctor is consulted to obtain confirmation of the onset of pregnancy.

The fact that conception was accomplished, first of all, says the absence of menstruation in the usual time frame. Further, usually modern women turn to test strips sensitive to changes in the level of hCG, which increases during fertilization and the development of pregnancy. If the result is positive, then you can walk to the doctor.

And you can wait for the recommended 8 weeks. Pregnancy should be calculated on the first day of the last menstruation. It is quite easy. Of course, if you are a female calendar. No need to remember the date of intercourse.

When do I need to get registered for pregnancy?

You can apply to the law in any antenatal clinic. But it is advisable to register with the one to which you belong at the place of residence. After all, so you get a huge plus – the doctors will be near your home. At the first visit you will need a passport, insurance policy and SNILS.

During your visit, the doctor will examine you and give you directions for various tests. According to the results, a pregnancy management plan will be drawn up. Regular observation of the doctor and reasonable implementation of the recommendation is necessary for the well-being of the future mother and baby.

When do I need to get registered for pregnancy?

And even if you register for up to 12 weeks, you will receive a small bonus in the form of a lump sum in the amount of a little more than 500 rubles. Not capital, of course, but nice. Moreover, you probably would have turned to doctors in order to be calm for their offspring.

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