What you need to have to grow breasts

Many women and girls are concerned about the volume of the breast, but, unfortunately, we have practically no way to influence its increase or decrease. A diet for breast augmentation includes not only monotonous eating of certain foods on a schedule, but also a restriction on the amount of food intake, as well as massage and exercise. Diet for breast augmentation – what you need to eat to grow breasts? Beautiful female breast is always the object of close attention of men, but, alas, nature gives it very, very selective women. Exhausting diets, deficiency of vitamins, minerals and other necessary substances affect the condition of the skin and chest, and negatively.

It is not surprising that breast augmentation is the desire of all those whom nature did not indulge in pompous, feminine forms. You can often hear that, for example, cabbage, can increase the breast. This is more of a joke than the truth. Breast can be enlarged only if the components contain 2 strong hormones estrogen, progesterone. They are responsible for the formation of the mammary glands. And the final size of a breast depends on their correct ratio. And it is not necessary that they come from outside. In any healthy body has everything you need in order to produce the necessary amount of hormones and form the body of the female type at any age.

What do you need? For a start, it would be really nice to streamline your food. Get rid of fatty and spicy foods, there are less foods containing DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which kills beneficial hormones and inhibits breast development. Eat more high protein foods, seafood foods rich in fiber. These products are the so-called breast augmentation diet.

At the same time, you will need to streamline the hormonal level and prepare a platform for further action. A quality diet, plus a qualitative balance of hormones, create ideal and safe conditions under which your breasts will grow significantly in the next 3 months! To do this, you do not need to perform complex instructions, it is enough to give it 10-15 minutes a day, to follow certain simple rules and in the end you will get an excellent result.

Indicators that affect breast size

There are a number of factors that determine the size of your breasts:

  • Genes. If you inherited the constitution of the body from the mother, and your mother had a breast of the first size, you should not expect that nature will give you a gift in the form of a bust of the fourth or fifth size. Such miracles, if they happen, very rarely.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the mammary glands may increase by one to two sizes.
  • Slimming or weight gain. Despite the fact that after gaining weight or drastic weight loss, the bust loses in size, its shape remains the same.
  • Oral contraceptive use high in hormones. These drugs have one advantage – they increase the size of the breast, while a disadvantage smoothly follows from this advantage: along with the bust, other parts of the body also increase in volume.
  • Surgical intervention. Of course, plastic surgery can increase the size of the breast as much as the woman craves, but it is absolutely necessary to take into account the side effects resulting from the implementation of such a cardinal decision.

Diet for breast growth: a safe technique for bust pomp

A diet for breast augmentation includes not only monotonous eating of certain foods on a schedule, but also a restriction on the amount of food intake, as well as other issues such as massage and rubbing splitting lotions in the chest, which together show a good effect.

What you need to have to grow breasts

Three effective diets to increase breast shape:

Diet for chest number 1. Get in the pharmacy root of the plant, called Althea, and brew in the evening in the ratio: two tablespoons of this herb in two glasses of warm water. Divide the drink into three parts, two of which must be drunk by you during the day (you need to use before a meal), and the third is applied as a compress on the chest (at night). Althea teas are drunk for two months.

Diet for chest number 2. Take the fruit heads of hops and dry cones, mix them, then pour boiling water in the following ratio: a tablespoon of the mixture per 200 ml of water, and leave for six hours. This tincture should be drunk about three times a day until the result is visible.

Diet for chest number 3. The third diet for rapid breast growth is represented by a cocktail, for the preparation of which several tablespoons of fenugreek are taken (sage or oregano can be used instead) and a couple of pinches of licorice root, fennel, cumin and anise. The listed ingredients should be added to a bowl of boiling water and boil for two to three minutes. Next, the broth is cooled, and its flesh is squeezed into a previously prepared container. To make the cocktail taste good, you can add sugar or honey (to taste) to it. Drink one drink – two cups before meals, and stored in the refrigerator for no more than three days.

If you follow the above recommendations, which offers a diet for breast augmentation, in two or three months you will become the owner of a chic bust.

Will be able to increase the chest diet or special nutrition?

There are allegations that you need to eat foods that contain the same phytoestrogens, and supposedly you can expect breast augmentation. This, for example, legumes – lentils, beans, peas, soybeans, a lot of phytoesthenes in cereals. Of course, the question is quite long, but the benefits of such a diet are always there.

Sometimes there are stupid recommendations about the fact that you can enlarge the breast without surgery by eating cabbage, raw dough or yeast. Remember – this method is applicable only for girls whose body is still growing, that is, for teenagers (teenagers). And then with great care, because these products do not increase the breast as such, but in general the volume of the body. The girl is getting fat all, well, and chest, of course, after. Being a fat woman with a big breast is good enough. And for women whose body has been formed long ago, it is generally contraindicated to try to enlarge the breast in this way – you will only gain weight, and mostly on the stomach and hips, and the breast will remain the same.

What then to do?

Is it possible to really increase the breast without surgery? The most important thing is to first decide, and do you really need to enlarge your breasts? Firstly, now there are a lot of special bras, even with silicone, that will lift your chest and make it showy and beautiful. After all, the main thing is to attract, and then work with your head, because you cannot hold a man with one breast. And in general, according to polls of all men’s magazines, the stronger sex is not so much interested in breast size as in a beautiful butt and sharp mind. Men love frivolous girls only for sexual needs, and they choose smart educated wives, often with large amounts of hips and priests (but not fat girls!). Small but elastic beautiful breasts like men much more than the hanging balls, which they evilly compare with the place where the cow gives milk. By the way, to increase the breast for a considerable period of time, to achieve elasticity, elevation of the breast is much easier if you combine cream or hardware breast augmentation method with a special massage and simple but effective exercises that are easily done in the gym and at home.

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