What you need to have the baby gained weight in the womb

The main wealth of Russia

The main wealth of Russia – these are people.

Russia needs a billion people

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    Population of Russia for 2016 with the Crimea

According to RosStat, the population of Russia as of January 1, 2017 was 146.80 million people. Of these, 2.34 million people live in Crimean Federal District.

Western trap. How is the population of the Earth being destroyed

  • Harmful food
  • Transnational corporations rule the world
  • GMO – genetic weapons
  • Fast Food – Obesity Epidemic
  • Destruction of family values
    • Abortion – Legalized Murder
    • Sexual revolution
    • Juvenile justice
    • Sodomy
    • Chiping – Electronic Slavery
    • Transhumanism – the road to hell
    • Bad habits
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      • Alcohol
      • Drugs
      • Ecology
        • Global warming myth
        • Population of Russia in 2010

          According to the All-Russian population census, conducted in 2010, population Of the Russian Federation amounted to 142.9 million people.

          Russian Federation takes eighth in the world in terms of population after China (1335 million people), India (1210 million people), USA (309 million people), Indonesia (238 million people), Brazil (191 million people), Pakistan (165 million people) and Bangladesh (147 million person).

          Compared to the 2002 census, the population decreased by 2.3 million people, including in urban areas – by 1.1 million people, in rural areas – by 1.2 million people. The ratio of urban and rural residents in 2010 was 74% and 26% respectively.

          All-Russian census

          2010 All-Russian Population Census

          Age and sex composition

          • According to the 2010 census number of women exceeds the number of men by 10.8 million people. In 2002, this excess was 10.0 million people. There were 1,163 women per 1,000 men in 2010, and 1147 women in 2002.
          • According to the 2010 All-Russian Population Census average age inhabitants of the country was 39 years old (in 2002 – 37.7 years).

          Marital status, fertility

          • Number of married couples amounted to 33 million (in 2002 – 34 million). Of the total number of married couples, 4.4 million (13%) were in unregistered marriage (in 2002 – 3.3 million, or 9.7%).
          • The average number of births women’s children decreased per 1,000 women from 1513 in 2002 to 1469 in 2010. In urban areas, the figure was 1,328 children (1,350 in 2002), and 1,876 in the village (1993: 1993). ).

          The level of education of the population

          • At the 2010 census, 110.6 million people aged 15 years or more, have education the main general and higher, accounting for 91% of this age group. Compared to 2002, the number of persons with the specified level of education increased by 1.2 million (1.1%).
          • Of the total number of persons with higher professional education bachelor degree 1.1 million people (4.3%) have a specialist, 25.1 million people (93%) and 0.6 million people a master’s degree (2.3%).

          Results of the 2010 All-Russian Census

          Demographic policy

          Demographic policy The Russian Federation is aimed at increasing the life expectancy of the population, reducing the mortality rate, increasing the birth rate, regulating internal and external migration, preserving and strengthening the health of the population and improving on this basis the demographic situation in the country.

          Following approval In September 2001, the Government of the Concept of Russia’s demographic development in this area carried out a number of targeted measures:

          • Twice the lump-sum allowance was raised in connection with the birth of a child;
          • The subprogramme “Providing housing for young families” of the Federal Target Program “Dwelling” for 2002-2010 was approved;
          • The resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation “On the approval of the rules of medical examination on the state of intoxication of the person who drives the vehicle and the registration of its results” is being implemented;
          • Amendments to laws regulating migration processes;
          • Regional concepts and programs of measures are being developed to improve the situation in the field of fertility, mortality, etc.

          Taken in the 2000s demographic programs work. The population of the country, for the first time since 1991, has stabilized. And the birth rate has leveled off with the death rate.

          Need to create favorable economic conditions in the country, affordable housing, good education and free high-quality medicine, and everything will be fine with the birth rate.

          [Vladimir Putin] We need active, consistent work in all areas – and to reduce mortality, and to stimulate the birth rate. In fact, we need to restart our policy of demographic development.

          Despite some progress, there are still many problems arising in the implementation of programs. If the task is to increase population, then it is obvious that people who have at least 3-4 children themselves and who understand the problems of large families and young people need to implement demographic and youth programs. Otherwise, with such directors of departments in the country in general will no longer give birth.

          Family of the year

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            Russia’s demographic policy (2011) [Watch video online]

            How is the population of the Earth being destroyed

            Western trap

            Today in Russia We are trying to impose various forms of madness, which have long been considered the norm in Western countries. But our country remains great precisely because we cannot accept the obvious evil as the norm. We cannot call sin a righteousness, even if sin is allowed by law. Those who do this in our country, either agents, or traitors, or forgot to remove the “green glasses” bought in the 90s at a sale somewhere on the outskirts of Finland.

            Transnational corporations rule the world

            They are walking, crushing under the state and the country. They destroy all life on the planet and fill it with poison.

          • They force people commit suicides and throw them out of their homes in entire villages and villages.
          • They force bleating in front of cameras and lying to justify their cowardice and the insignificance of the most senior officials of different states.

          There are no barriers for them in the form of state borders and territories.

          • Where they went – poisoned land. Only billions of dollars in profits will be received by a handful of bad people, for whom the life of all living things is empty words, the main thing: money and global power.
          • They are known and silent all interested – who is out of fear, who is hoping to snatch a couple of cents. And those who run into them want to stop them until they destroy all life.

          The world is ruled by supercorporation (2011) [Watch video online]

          GMO – genetic weapons

          The World According to Monsanto (2008) [Documentary]

          Released: 2008 A country: France Producer: Marie-Monique Robin Genre: Population reduction Duration: 1h 50min

          Film Marie-Monique Robin – exposing all supporters of GMOs, biotechnologies and globalization. Lies, fraud, smuggling, threats, genocide – this is a small set, which today comes from the Rockefeller family in the crazy hope of world food control, and therefore over everyone living on our planet.

          In film It tells about Monsanto transnational corporation and its technologies related to GMOs and not only. The production of GMOs is associated with the “insertion” of another’s gene into the DNA of other plants or animals in order to change the properties or parameters of the latter. What happens at the same time, as well as how large-scale distribution of transgenic plants in the world occurs and what role is played by well-known politicians, scientists, advertising agencies, and

          Food is power! We use it to change people’s behavior. Some will call it a bribe. We do not care, we do not intend to apologize. ”

          Caterina Bertini (Catherine Bertini), Executive Director of the UN World Food Program

          Interesting videos how to download for free?

          World according to Monsanto (2008) [Watch Video Online]

          Fast Food – Obesity Epidemic

          Situation in the world

          • 2.1 billion people in the world are obese. According to research, there are 2.1 billion people in the world who are overweight or obese. More than half of them live in ten countries of the world: the USA, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, Pakistan and Indonesia;

          The situation in Russia

          • Russia already has the 4th place in the rating on obesity. Studies have shown, that now, in Russia, already more than 50% of the country’s working-age population is overweight, and another 30% is obesity.

          Obesity [high body weight] – one of the most common problems of mankind. As a rule, the cause of obesity is unhealthy diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

          Prevalence of obesity so large that it has become a non-infectious epidemic. Scientists are sounding the alarm, because it is known that excess weight leads to the development of many serious diseases.

          Double Portion – a film about the dangers of fast food (2004) [Documentary]

          Released: 2004 A country: USA Producer: Morgan Sparlock Cast: Morgan Sparlock Genre: Population reduction Duration: 1 h 40 min

          Cognitive film on the topic of “benefits” of fast food chains. The protagonist Morgan is obliged to eat exclusively in such institutions, McDonald’s – among them.

          Interesting videos how to download for free?

          Morgan will participate in the experiment, thirty days, moreover, during this period of time he will not go in for sports, but will undergo medical examinations in order to visually show how fast food affects the human body and what it can lead to.

          Surface float very interesting facts that corporations are trying by all means to hide from the consumer. As a result, Morgan gained 12 kg, his cholesterol jumped to the skies, his liver began to ache, headaches, depression, sexual desire disappeared.

          Double portion – a film about the dangers of fast food (2004) [Watch video online]

          Harmful food

          [Nikita Krichevsky] One after another, the West is inventing reasons for the introduction of regular sanctions and restrictions against Russia. Russia can effectively respond to the West by limiting or eliminating the foreign (primarily American) presence in the ownership structure of Russian companies.

          I mean Firstly "Pepsico" (this is a network of dairy enterprises, in their time they bought "Wimm Bill Dann" from the previous owners), this and "Coca Cola"and "Procter and gamble"This is definitely a consumer area, such as "Mcdonalds". We do not need foreign fast food, in 25 years the domestic fast food industry has developed tremendously, and in such institutions foreigners sell in Russia, for example, not meat products, but substitutes with dyes and flavors. It is not a secret for everyone long ago, but it is not clear why the authorities are still not responding.

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            Viruses and Bacteria

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            Inclination to suicide

            War of the West against the future of Russia – children. Parents be vigilant.

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            Article 151 of the Criminal Code Involving a minor in the systematic use (drinking) of alcoholic and alcohol-containing products, intoxicating substances, into vagrancy or begging, perpetrated by a person who has reached eighteen years of age years, or arrest for a term of three to six months, or imprisonment for up to four years.

          • Criminal CodeArticle 151
          • [

            [Vladimir Petrov] A fair measure of suppression of the lists will be the establishment of a fine for the owner of the dwelling, as well as for all participants of these parties.

            Juvenile prostitution

            [Alexander Pushkin] Take care of your honor from an early age.

            [Alexander Khaminsky] Diana Shurygina expressed pre-prepared stamps. If there is a review of the case, and Diana will appoint an examination, I am sure that the results will not be in her favor. Because in what we saw on television, from the point of view of clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, there is a misleading listener and viewer. This is absolutely unique. Besides, That evening, the house had a large number of eyewitnesses, who later acted as witnesses. They claim that a blow to the face that the court qualified as beatings by a young man was actually struck by the girl’s father when he came to take her from the party. The investigation has not appointed two necessary expertise in this case. The first is a psychological-psychiatric examination, both of the victim and the alleged perpetrator. The second is a forensic psychiatric examination, including a psycho-physiological examination, in other words, a lie detector. Sergey Semenov it became possible to file a lawsuit to prosecute a girl under Article 306 for knowingly false denunciation and the reporting of inaccurate information.

            For knowingly false denunciation about rape, the punishment in most cases is appointed conditionally and exists as an alternative to punishment in the form of a fine. Thus, the criminal law itself created the conditions for false accusations. This led to the possibility of provisions for mercenary purposes.

            False rape as a method of blackmail

            In the West, you can already put any man for sex. Russia is still learning to plant.

            131 articles imprisoned for prostitution. According to various estimates, from 40 to 90% of statements based only on the testimony of girls are false. The main reasons for the statements are: the thirst to earn, to attract attention, to put pressure on the guy, to hide adultery, or to somehow explain a sudden pregnancy. This of course does not mean that there are no real rapes, but at the moment the law requires serious improvement. Now anyone can get under 131 articles. Moreover, the presumption of innocence does not apply to this article, and forensic psychiatric examination and lie detector are not used.

            Rape prevention

            If you become a witness real rape, do not pass by. Do your best to help the victim and stop the abuse. If you are not sure that you can stop the abuser on your own, call for help or inform the police.

            Abortion – Legalized Murder

            Let him see the sun (1998) [Documentary]

            Released: 1998 A country: Russia Producer: Tatyana Salikova Cast: D. Smirnov, V. Zotov, A. Berestov Genre: Population reduction Duration: 28min

            Under the guise of respecting human rights the child is torn to pieces, burned alive with concentrated brine, dismembered into parts with a steel loop-shaped knife. Innocent children are burned like garbage and thrown into the sewer. And all this at the request of the parents. Rave? Nightmare? Not. This is called abortion.

            Freedom to kill your children now called the “right” of a child to be born desired. And family planning refers to physical deliverance from children. Did we ourselves decide to implement Hitler’s failed plan, the main postulate of the theory of which says: “There are many ways, systematic and painless, to make unwanted races die out. The biological fecundity of the region should be suppressed by the promotion of debauchery, abortion, contraception. “?

            Plot of the film will not leave anyone indifferent. Cruel, from the medical point of view, the film will help reach out to young hearts, prevent them from inhuman acts of infanticide. Through the entire film, the imagined monologue of the unborn baby in the womb passes as a red thread, as it grows and develops, as it waits for birth and acquaintance with the world, with dad and mom.

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            What you need to have the baby gained weight in the womb

            Let him see the sun (1998) [Watch video online]

            Juvenile justice and family destruction

            Juvenile justice – it is a technology of legalized removal from the family of any child under the pretext of protecting his interests. At the same time, the family does not have to be asocial or where something really threatens the child.

            The reason for the deprivation of parental rights may be the following facts:

          • Non-attendance of children’s dairy cuisine(often milk contains antibiotics and GMO products).
          • The child was not immunized in time.(vaccinations are direct harm to humans).
          • Housing in disrepair(and who in the house breaks nothing?).
          • The apartment needs repair(any room requires repair from time to time).
          • The apartment is being renovated(how to make repairs?).
          • Pets in the house (most get pets just for children).
          • Amoral behavior(under this item you can fit any person).
          • Untimely passage of doctors in the children’s clinic (there is no need to show the child to the doctor if he is not sick).
          • Toys are scattered on the floor and garbage (this happens in every home).
          • Lack of toys in sufficient quantities (one must be a billionaire).
          • The child is playing with objects. instead of toys (this is a restriction of constitutional rights).
          • The child does homework: washes dishes, sweeps and washes floors, washes and

            This is not a hoax. Are you familiar with the above circumstances? In fact, under this framework, you can fit any family.

            [Vladimir Mikhalevich] The woman of [Evgenia Chudnovets], who has a three-year-old child, is just a professional degradation just to take and put in jail. People don’t understand what they are doing. This is partly a problem in the system: if the investigator opened a case, and then closed it for lack of corpus delicti, there will be questions about it. [Konstantin Bendas] For the prevention or absence of crimes in their area, a law enforcement officer will not receive an award. And for the initiation of proceedings, bringing to trial and landing – yes. In article 242 what is clearly pornography and distribution, and what is not. As you can see, the understanding of the article did not reach all regions.

            [Pavel Lapshov] In this case, first of all, it is necessary to resolve the issue of the real responsibility of law enforcement agencies for mistakes, negligence and abuse of power. When a woman in Orel called the authorities and reported the beatings, a police officer answered her: When they are killed, then call. Killed They started a case of negligence. She was kicked out of the bodies, and that was it.

            [Lyudmila Ryabichenko] When correcting the situation with the destruction of the family and the epidemic of social orphanhood, it is not at all necessary to invent a new one – the state already has successful experience that you just need to remember. In Russia, not so long ago there were dairy kitchens for children up to one year, where parents were given free yogurt and cottage cheese for their kids; in difficult times, children were given free milk at special points; in the registry offices when registering a child, it was a tradition to give parents a bag with things for an infant; there was a minimum fee in kindergarten, and free meals at school. The police had children’s rooms, employees who tried to help both the child and the family; district inspectors knew each such family in their area and tried to keep it in the orbit of healthy life. For those parents who suffered from alcohol, there was compulsory treatment and employment, and if they stumbled, no one immediately snatched the children from their hands to transfer to other people, and sent them to the orphanage, where they lived temporarily, firmly knowing that they have their own parents who will return to them sometime. At the same time, parents remained in touch with a society that did not completely destroy them, but gave a chance that many of them used. Of course, all this is possible. only with the actually existing social character of the state, which is de jure contained in our Constitution, but the actual absence of such strategies does not mean at all that they are impossible – only political will is needed.

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            Baby boxes guns of the West

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            Surrogacy – it is the use of women as a means of producing children for the rich. At the same time, the idea of ​​surrogate motherhood is clothed in tolerance. The child is considered as a living product. for sale, doctors track the quality of the “goods”, and if a “marriage” is found, the customer can terminate the contract.

            Chiping. Electronic concentration camp

            Information Technology – it is only a tool that can be directed both to the good and to the detriment. Making a technological breakthrough, it is important to remember this and introduce technologies that benefit the humanity, and not to implement everything without thinking about the consequences. Widespread biometric identification, chipization of the population, transhumanism – served as a useful technology, but in fact are extremely dangerous and will be used to harm. Attempts to introduce technologies aimed at dehumanization should be strictly suppressed in the bud. Need to focus on nature-like technologies, the same transhumanism, so actively imposed by the West, can be replaced by a study of the regeneration mechanism for the human body. It is one thing to label drugs for tracking logistics and quite another chipization of the population, in which the chip can act as a transmitter and have some effect on a person.

          • [

            Transhumanism – the road to hell

          • [

            Bad habits

            Smoking, alcohol and drugs – These are bad habits that affect not only the health of the immediate consumer, but also the quality of life of the people around him. Smokers do not care about the health of their loved ones, and alcoholics and drug addicts can be simply socially dangerous due to reduced control over their actions, loss of a sense of responsibility. A person who wants lead a healthy lifestyle, caring for their well-being and the well-being of their loved ones and others around them, should give up bad habits. Stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol and never resort to drugs as a means of solving problems.

            Smoking. Tobacco. Nicotine addiction

            Smoking is a drug addiction.. Nicotine enters the brain 10–20 seconds after the first puff at the same rate as an intravenous drug. There it connects to receptors and causes a release of pleasure hormones. However, gradually the level of hormones decreases and the person reaches for a new cigarette.

            Smoking slowly but surely destroys the entire human body. People who smoke, often bald, blind and lose their hearing. Their teeth are quickly destroyed and cancer is much more common. Smoking causes chronic inflammatory diseases of the lungs. Smokers often develop stomach ulcers, psoriasis, stroke and myocardial infarction.

            Every year in the world from smoking, up to 1.5 million people die. Smoking weakens the immune system, leads to premature disability. Such a product of burning tobacco as carbon monoxide, penetrating into the blood vessels, reduces the ability of red blood cells to provide cells of the body with oxygen, which stimulates the progress of diseases of the circulatory system, can lead to the formation of blood clots and poor circulation in the vessels of the lower extremities. Over time, intermittent claudication and other problems with joints and blood vessels develop. Constant tobacco consumption does not have the best effect on a person’s appearance: nails and teeth turn yellow, hair becomes thinner, brittle, and lose its healthy shine.

            Conveyor of death. Nicotine (2010) [Documentary]

            Released: 2010 A country: Russia, TV channel Russia Genre: Health Producer: Andrey Kiyanitsa Cast: Elena Selezneva Duration: 44 min

            This movie about the causes, hazards and consequences of smoking tobacco.

            Tobacco – This is a terrible weapon with which you can destroy entire nations. The film reveals the cause of addiction to nicotine, its effect on the placenta and the fetus of the child in smoking future mothers. Given the true assessment of the policy of transnational tobacco companies.

            The main conclusion of the film finally voiced from the TV screen: it is necessary to eradicate this evil the only true way in which the civilized world went – a ban on smoking.

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            Conveyor of death. Nicotine (2010) [Watch video online]

            What happens if you quit smoking right now

            After 20 minutes after you smoke the last cigarette, your blood pressure will return to normal. Every hour the body will be freed from harmful effects destructive habits, gradually recovering.

            Interesting videos how to download for free?

            What happens if you stop smoking (2015) [Watch video online]

            Alcohol addiction

            Disastrous effects of alcoholic poison

          • Sober Russia
          • Union of struggle for national sobriety
          • Sobriety
          • Sobriety
          • News sober movements
          • Young sober [in contact]
          • Young sober [on Twitter]
          • Sober decision [on Twitter]
          • Sober decision [in contact]

          Alcohol – psychoactive substance, in fact, a legal drug. According to numerous studies, alcohol suspends the work of white blood cells, which determine and destroy infectious cells and the viruses themselves.

          Alcohol poison depressing effect on the work of the brain and heart activity, causing oxygen starvation in the tissues of the organs, resulting in weakness and increased fatigue. Mood quickly slipping to zero. It becomes easy for a person to become unbalanced, which can provoke inadequate and completely unpredictable actions. Remember that alcohol and a healthy lifestyle are incompatible.

          Alcohol for the human body – poison literally the words. With alcohol poisoning the central nervous system is impaired, vegetative, neurological and mental disorders.

          • Dehydration [thirst, dry mouth, headaches].Alcohol suppresses the production of the hormone vasopressin, which is responsible for the reabsorption of fluid by the kidneys. The lack of vasopressin leads to general dehydration.
          • Impact on brain cells [supersensitivity to sound, light].From the effects of alcohol and acetaldehyde], the most toxic decomposition product of alcohol] is the nervous system becomes hypersensitive.
          • Sleep disturbance [fatigue, lack of vigor].Alcohol prevents the emergence of the so-called phases of “fast sleep”. Therefore, even after the usual 8-9 hours of sleep, a person who went to bed drunk does not get enough sleep.
          • Reducing the number of magnesium ions in the blood [headache].The work of the heart and, as a result, blood circulation in the brain is impaired.
          • Disruption of the stomach and intestines [flatulence, diarrhea].Alcohol causes damage to the walls of the upper intestines and disrupts the vital activity of beneficial microorganisms. As a result, gas formation rises, abdominal pains appear and diarrhea develops.
          • Disturbance of acid-base balance [nausea].The decomposition products of alcohol are mainly acidic: acetaldehyde, acetic acid, lactic acid.
          • Metabolic disorders [weakness].Oxidizing alcohol, the body consumes a lot of vitamins and minerals. As a result, the provision of cells with food is violated. This leads to general weakness.

          Interesting videos how to download for free?

          Soldering Technology (2012) [Documentary]

          Released: 2012 A country: Russia Genre: Health Duration: 2 episodes of 35 minutes each

          In early 2012 released a new anti-alcohol film “Technology soldering.” The film provides interesting data and information about alcohol use. The myth that Russians always drank alcohol is dispelled. It’s a lie. We were the most non-drinking state in the world.

          The film is brief and colorful tells about the main points of the theory of sobriety:

          • The history of sobriety and soldering in Russia, in the Russian Empire, the USSR and modern Russia.
          • The relationship of alcohol consumption and demography.
          • The effect of alcohol on the human body.
          • The falsity of the theory of “cultural drink”.
          • Dispelling many myths related to alcohol.

          Interesting videos how to download for free?

          Soldering technology (2012) [Watch video online]


          The terrible social disease of the century

          Drug addiction is a terrible disease. of our society. For a few weeks hard drugs are able to enslave a person’s will and subdue him, burn him to the ground, turn him into a helpless decrepit wreck, the whole life of which is devoted to finding another dose and fear of another breaking.

          [Labor 2005] Open propaganda of legalization “Easy” drugs should be criminalized. When using marijuana is a slow but irreversible degradation of the individual, there are severe mental disorders, up to dementia. For the revival of the dying euphoria, marijuana is replaced by a “hard” drug. That is, the use of “light” drugs implies a subsequent transition to “hard” drugs.

          Addiction today – an acute social problem, the scale of which is increasing exponentially, covering in the first place young people.

          Drug addiction is a disease., characterized by mental disorder with the strongest burden to narcotic substances. If you do not receive a dose of the drug in a timely manner, the patient experiences severe physical suffering – the so-called breaking. Thus, a drug addict is addicted to drugs.

          If you saw ads on the asphalt about drugs, received a business card with advertising mixes when leaving the metro, or you know the addresses of the spice distribution, we kindly ask you: spend 2 minutes of time, take it off and send a photo of these facts (indicating the region) to the mail: 228 @

          Interesting videos how to download for free?

          You should know the truth about spice (2015) [Watch video online]

          The effects of drugs on the body

          For the formation of drug addiction enough three times try drugs. They are not light or heavy. Each species has serious consequences: mental and physiological. frustration, general degradation or death.

          Climate terrorism

          [Chief White Cloud] Only after the last tree is cut down, Only after the last river is poisoned, Only after the last fish is caught, Only then will you realize that you cannot eat money?

          Oil spills in the World Ocean affect not only the ecology, but also the climate, causing hurricanes, fires, tsunamis and other natural disasters. Oil film It has a double effect: first of all, it absorbs sunlight at high speed and at the same time severely limits evaporation from the water surface

          • [EcoMonitor]Center for Environmental Monitoring ONF
          • [

            Garbage dump landfill

          • ONFInteractive Landfill Map
          • [

            Land and harvest

          • [

            Forest and nature

            For a normal life The number of forest parks in cities should be at least 60%. It’s time to start to strive for it.

            Pure water

            Pure water. It is necessary to search, drill, build canals, clean water.

          • [

            Tobol River

          • [

            Lake Baikal

          • [

            On the need to protect and clean the rivers

          • [

            Global warming

            Among the tools, used in economic and political competition, environmental blackmailers have recently begun to be used more and more often, trying to channel a genuine struggle for the preservation of nature into a favorable political course for certain circles.

            West offers to introduce a tax on the air

            Draft agreements for the upcoming climate summit in Paris posted on the Internet. The document is, frankly, impressive. How do you like the creation of an international climate tribunal (International Tribunal of Climate Justice), designed to identify and punish violators of agreements that should come to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which is the main theme of the summit?

            Greenhouse Theory provides for very specific recipes for the reorganization of the economy in general and industry in particular. Only a few very rich and developed countries can do this. If they succeed in forcing the poor countries to join this project, they will simply not be able to reorganize and will be forced to block all of their industry. Thus, the legend of the greenhouse effect relieves some countries of possible competition for several decades.

            Management of “environmental safety” can be used by globalists as a tool to interfere in the internal affairs of states, which they really want. The proposed system of global control of “environmental safety” is an ideal tool for ousting products from developing countries from the world market on the basis of non-compliance with requirements of excessive environmental standards. If anyone has a desire to declare that health is more expensive, then we recall: what food is made of is much more harmful and affects a much larger number of people.

            “Environmental Safety” – This is a “air tax” in essence. Losing global dollar control over the world, globalists are creating alternative state control mechanisms. So, the “environmental tribunal” is another alternative mechanism of the “new world order”, the desire to introduce a kind of global “energy tax”, and at the same time create a tool to curb the industrial development of other countries.

            Global Warming or Cooling (2012) [Watch Video Online]

            The story of one hoax or global warming (2009) [Documentary]

            In recent years global warming theme – one of the most talked about in the world. The media, activists, environmentalists, and politicians constantly talk about this. Every day newspapers predict an ever more fantastic apocalypse. We are told that plants and cars make the temperature around us higher and higher – carbon dioxide or CO2 is to blame. But is it? Climate panic or, what is commonly called Global Warming, is based on scientific fraud, which is largely dealt with by American meteorological scientists, such as James Hanzen from IPCC NASA, who, as his science colleagues have proven, deliberately falsified or misused statistics for to show an alarming “climate forecast”. There are no computer models of climate on the planet that can predict world weather for the next six days, not to mention the next six decades. This is a demonstrable fact. Global warming appeared on the agenda in 2004 after the war in Iraq, when the Pentagon issued a disturbing report on this topic, and the media meekly and quickly made this the main topic of the day. Artificial emissions, no matter how polluted or toxic on a local scale, currently do not affect the climate in the macro-region of the earth.

            Year of issue: 2009 A country: Russia, Channel One Genre: Ecology Producer: Martin darkin Duration: 53min or 1h 20min.

            It’s time to find out the truth.. The film presents compelling evidence that human guilt in climate change on the planet does not really exist. You will learn who and for what purpose came up with the great myth of man-made global warming. And how I earned it. You will learn how and why. actually changing the climate of the planet. Throughout the history of the earth there have been periods of warming and cooling. When it was much warmer and much colder than today. When most of the planet was covered with tropical forests or huge glaciers. The climate was changing, and he did it without our help. Observation data show that the coldest period of modern history ended in the nineteenth century. It is called the Little Ice Age. The truth is, that man-made global warming is not a scientifically proven theory. However, fears of future catastrophes turned out to be a convenient tool in the hands of politicians. And the struggle to protect nature has become a political tool and source of profit.

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