What you need to do to not get pregnant

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Hello! my name is Yelena. I am 46 years old, the weight at the moment is 76, height is 175. My story is this: In the fall of 2013, I became unplanned when I was 45 years old. Pregnancy was not planned with the husband, but decided to leave. Naturally, as she did not plan, the TTG did not give in advance. As soon as she found out, she urgently passed all tests then, the TSH was normal, but at the highest border. I was urgently prescribed eutirox at a dose of 25 (for some reason, not more). Saw it exactly a month, but the pregnancy was frozen in a month. This I tell, by the way, so that the doctor understands that I took eutirox (for the first time in my life) exactly in 2013, exactly one month at a dose of 25. After that, I stopped drinking it.

A year later, in the fall of 2014. she decided to check for thyroid hormones. Pregnancy, by the way, no longer plan. I went to the doctor because I was worried about the extra weight (about 6-10kg), all the while drowsy. But connected it with hormonal reorganization on age. In short, I decided to check again the hormones and thyroid. Also visited the gynecologist and mammologist.

The gynecologist is fine. The mammologist found small cysts on the breasts. But that’s okay. He said just once a half year to be checked. Only, because of these cysts, he advised me not to take anything against the climate period. No hormones.

But according to my analyzes and thyroid gland ultrasound, ENDOCRINOLOGY diagnosed me with SUBCLINICAL HYPOTHERIOSIS and AIT.

1) Test results 12/09/14: T3 free.

Ultrasound revealed: Ultrasonic signs of diffuse thyroid changes. The location of the thyroid gland is typical. The contours are clear and even. Sizes: right – thickness

What you need to do to not get pregnant

APPOINTMENT OF THE DOCTOR: weekly eutirox 25mg, then 50 mg. And in 2 months to retake the TTG.

2) After taking 2 months of euthyrox as prescribed by a doctor at a dose of 50 mg, my tests are as follows: 15/11/14 TSH

3) continued to drink eutiroks 50mg.

I recently passed the tests myself: 18/02/15 TSH increased again

QUESTION: 1) after the last analysis, eutirox increased its target to 75 mg — control of TSH at a level not higher

HAVE I CORRECTLY DONE, INCREASING DOSE up to 75, followed by a re-take in 2 months of TSH? Or, in case of subclinical hypothyroidism, there is no need to increase the dose, especially since it does not increase from the norm. But here embarrassed the words of Malysheva, that he should be kept within certain limits. My dose of 75 does not bother in the sense of well-being. Very worried about the weight. I want to lose the accumulated kg. I am sitting on proper nutrition now – in small portions + 4-5 times a week, running and walking on the track for an hour. I keep a diary of food and classes – for the week I dropped 1 kg.

What you need to do to not get pregnant

2) Did I understand correctly that AIT is not treated, and it is better not to run the TSH to the growth from the SUB-CLINICAL stage.

3) Urgently, I do not need to do now re-ultrasound of the thyroid? Wait another 2 months, until you switched to a dose of 75 mg, and then immediately make an ultrasound + results of new tests on a new dose?

Thank you in advance. Waiting for an answer. It helps your forum is informative.

Hello! in November 2014 she turned to a gynecologist with complaints of frequent discharge, aching pain in the lower abdomen, and with the question of pregnancy,

here is another smear result from

What can you say about all these results, why is everything increasing in numbers? whether the diagnosis is based on the ELISA. No other physician recommended an infection using the PCR method. I feel good, appetite is good,

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