What you need to buy for the birth of a child

Moscow is a large, rich megalopolis, which guarantees its residents social support with benefits that are above average. A sufficiently large layer of Muscovites enjoys preferential conditions and receives material support, especially for families with children.

Regulate all issues related to social support measures in the city by two laws, which came into force in 2005:

  • “On social support for families with children in the City of Moscow”;
  • “On Youth”.

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Federal benefits for children in Moscow

100% of the average earnings for the previous 2 years or at the minimum wage (if the earnings were less).

Officially unemployed allowance is calculated on the basis of $ 628.47 per month. (from February 1, 2019 – $ 655.49) Students – in the amount of scholarships.

1. Maternity leave certificate; 2. Help with the calculation of the amount of earnings from other places of work – if they are.

full list can be found in the corresponding article.

      16 759.09 ₽ for each child (from February 1, 2019 – 17 479.73 rubles);
      128 053.08 ₽ for the transfer of a disabled child to be raised in a family (from February 1, 2019 – 133,559.36 ₽)

    For employed persons 40% of the average earnings for the previous 2 years from January 1, 2019:

        The marginal average daily earnings for the calculation of benefits – 2 150.68 ₽.
        The maximum amount of benefits is $ 26,152.27.
        Dismissed in connection with the liquidation of the organization during the period of maternity leave, the benefit is paid in the amount of 40% of the average earnings.

      For working persons 40% of the minimum wage from January 1, 2019 – 4 512,00 ₽

      For non-working persons, taking into account the indexation on February 1 of each year:

        3 142,33 ₽ – on the first child (from February 1, 2019 – 3 277.45 ₽)
        6,284.65 ₽ – for the second and subsequent children (from February 1, 2019 – 6,554.89 ₽)

      The maximum amount paid by the social security authorities:

        12 569,33 ₽ (from February 1, 2019 – 13 109,81 ₽)

      The statement, in free form, about taking care of a childcare leave up to one and a half years; Application for the accrual of payments; Help that the second parent did not register and does not receive the same allowance;

      A full list of documents can be found in the corresponding article.

      Regional payments to children Muscovites

      Those who are officially registered in the capital can receive various types of social support, ranging from regional payments to other benefits. To use the assistance, it is enough to contact the social security service and submit a special package of documentation.

      Some types of payments can be issued exclusively through the Internet, in the personal account of a citizen. You will need to make an application and send it by e-mail.

      The right to social benefits and payments applies not only to Muscovites, but also to residents of New Moscow.

      The procedure for granting various payments depends on who is engaged in the design of the benefit and what is the basis for receiving it.

      One-time childbirth allowance in 2018

      Some parents do not know that after the birth of the baby, and also during pregnancy, the future mom can get help in the form of a payment of a fixed amount. All benefits paid in connection with pregnancy and childbirth are one-time in nature. By law, citizens with children are entitled to various types of assistance:

      • additional allowance for BiR;
      • lump sum compensation payment in connection with the birth of a child;
      • Luzhkov payments;
      • lump-sum benefit for pregnant women who have registered before the 20th week.

      What you need to buy for the birth of a child

      Payments are provided to citizens regardless of the level of income in the family. If the family has the right to several payments at once, it receives all the required amounts, with the exception of certain categories.

      Additional Maternity Allowance in Moscow

      In addition to these, there are also additional payments on which women of different specialties and statuses can count. The payout amounts are as follows:

      • 7 000 rubles – for 140 days (70 antenatal + 70 postpartum) in the case of normal delivery.
      • 7 800 rubles – for 156 days (70 antenatal + 86 postpartum) for complicated childbirth.
      • 9 700 rubles – for 194 days (84 prenatal + 110 postpartum) for multiple pregnancies and the birth of “twins”.

      Women who have been dismissed due to the liquidation of the company, as well as those moms who have completed a career as an individual entrepreneur, notary, lawyer, can receive funds. In order to receive money, you will need to hand over at the place of work (or to the bodies of social protection of the population) all the required documents:

      • certificate of registration in connection with pregnancy;
      • employment record with the corresponding entry;
      • an extract from the employment service that a woman is officially considered unemployed;
      • SNILS;
      • TIN;
      • bank details for transferring funds;
      • certificate from the military unit of the passage of the military service conscript (for wives of servicemen).

      After the documentation package has been formed, it will remain to send it to the place of destination – to the social security service or to the place of its employment.

      Lump sum compensation payment for reimbursement of expenses in connection with the birth (adoption) of a child

      You should definitely apply for a lump-sum maternity allowance. The amount of the allowance is 5676 for the first child and 14,964 rubles for the second child. If a couple has two children at once, the money is paid for each child. In the case when the baby was born stillborn, parents do not rely. In case of adoption, the procedure for granting benefits is the same.

      For the birth of triplets parents receive a lump sum payment of 50 000 rubles.

      Luzhkov payouts at the birth of a child in Moscow

      A special position is occupied by a lump-sum allowance to a young family at the birth of a child, the so-called “Luzhkov payments”. Since 2004, Muscovites, up to 30 years old, who have given birth to a child may receive additional allowance. This right is given to people who live in Moscow permanently and have Russian citizenship. The list of citizens who can receive benefits includes:

      What you need to buy for the birth of a child

      • persons who have given birth or adopted a child, even if one of them has an official registration in the capital;
      • single mother, if in the column “father” is a dash.

      Assistance is provided taking into account the sequence, including children from previous marriages, but subject to joint residence.

      The benefits depend on the number of children and the subsistence minimum at the date of birth of each child:

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